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COVID-19 UK Mutual Aid groups: a list - should women be setting up groups to support other women in the same way that queer groups have been set up

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stumbledin Wed 18-Mar-20 14:35:16

Dido - have you read the article I first listed?

And in fact I wasn't even criticising them for doing that as obviously given the politcs of the paper they would be part of the woke brigade.

I was pointng out, in a sort of gentle way, that queer groups seem to take the initiative, and at that time it appeared that no on was taking the initiative on support for women.

So obviously having made that point initially that's why I later added the link about women's aid putting out a statement.

Also worth noting that pregnant women have been added to vulnerable list.

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DidoLamenting Wed 18-Mar-20 05:22:42

This is quite bizzare. I think more helpful that helping isolated LGBT people would be to help isolated elderly people surely? They're more at risk and more likely to BE isolated

I haven't clicked on the links to all the groups mentioned but of the ones I did none were limited to LGBT or "queer".

They are all linked to a very lefty, anti- Tory parent group but it's not remotely clear to me why the OP has chosen to describe them as "queer groups"

bd67thSaysReinstateLangCleg Tue 17-Mar-20 23:43:25

Now that all Irish women have abortion decriminalised with legalisation either already there or in the pipeline, I think I'll scale back my donations to ASN and start donating to Women's Aid.

stumbledin Tue 17-Mar-20 19:01:09

Women's Aid have put out a statement about women and domestic violence, and self isolation

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hoorayforharoldlloyd Sun 15-Mar-20 05:59:41

In fact, thinking about it now, what can be done? Anyone know a good basic list around domestic abuse safeguarding or should i cobble one from women's aid?

hoorayforharoldlloyd Sun 15-Mar-20 05:56:30

To be honest, most volunteering is done by women and my local group is just starting up with mainly women running it.

Rather than divide out, i think it would be useful to do basic safeguarding for all volunteers, including looking out for abuse and what to do about it. As we get more organised, groups could start allocating women to support women.

That's if you want to be part of an organised group, of course. Mutual aid groups are the ones getting the attention though so it doesn't really make sense to split off at the moment as we are so reliant on volunteer numbers for this to work. My understanding is that if on foot we will be responsible for a couple of roads. Splitting that out to women only will be hard. I can imagine some religious groups doing it but they will already have volunteer numbers and addresses for people.

tryingtoprep Sun 15-Mar-20 01:40:05

I expect volunteers who can drive would be helpful. Women trapped with self isolating abusive partners might need help with transport to get away.

NonnyMouse1337 Sun 15-Mar-20 01:34:40

If you're part of a local women's group or a feminist one - ask if anyone needs help with shopping or would like a chat if they are having to stay at home.
Look around your neighbourhood and if you know any older or less financially stable women, check in on them and see if they need any help.

I think informal things like that are more effective.

stumbledin Sun 15-Mar-20 00:50:39

sad having to self isolate with an abusive partner would be just horrendus. Not even the possibility of getting out of the home.

I wonder if Women's Aid or someone will think about how they could extend their support.

Although I did read that Women's Aid, having started a very sucessful live chat services is now having to beg for money to keep it going.

Its in their International Women's Day press release for anyone interested in digging.

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stumbledin Sun 15-Mar-20 00:45:25

Its about people being told to self isolate, not about whether you are generally an isolated person.

ie volunteering to do someone's shopping for them or whatever. Wlak their dog? Go to the chemist?

They are saying on the news that some might have to self isolate for up to 4 months (not sure why ony caught the tail end of the report).

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StuckBetweenDarknessAndLight Sun 15-Mar-20 00:43:55

Actually I think it would be very beneficial for a group for supporting women. As women are more likely to be victims of DV, being at home with an abusive partner may well make them more vulnerable with no escape due to lock down or self isolation.

DiaDino Sun 15-Mar-20 00:41:01

This is quite bizzare. I think more helpful that helping isolated LGBT people would be to help isolated elderly people surely? They're more at risk and more likely to BE isolated

stumbledin Sun 15-Mar-20 00:36:24

Sorry - this is the press release

List of groups that is being updated

Adding a group to the list

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stumbledin Sun 15-Mar-20 00:33:49

I found this list via a link on facebook

It is quite impressive in terms of numbers.

Towards the end they list some groups that offer mutual aid not based on an area but on a specific issues.

And yes, there is a queer group. But not (as yet) one to support isolated women.

Is this a concern? And if so how should women organise? Through this network or ... ?

Or maybe women are already organising for other women but not want it in the public eye.

(I would like to think so rather than video clips of women panic buying and fighting over toilet rolls sad )

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