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Zach Elliot Paradox Institute

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Qcng Sat 14-Mar-20 13:02:16

Sorry if this is common knowledge and everyone on this forum has know about Zach Elliot since forever, apart from me!

But I've just descovered this American. He 100% debunks all of the TRA arguments like sex is a spectrum etc, sees that woman = female, seems sensitive to the needs of women, has set up a website full of videos challenging gender ideology, and has lots of YouTube/Twitter follows.

Just wanted to share really, but is there something I should know?

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Imnobody4 Sat 14-Mar-20 13:38:05

I agree, this is an interesting site. He's very inclusive of Intersex people and takes advice. I'm impressed.

Stealhsquirrelnutkin Sat 14-Mar-20 13:56:29

Thanks, that was news to me too. I found a twitter link that took me to a youtube video, but youtube said it was "private" and wouldn't allow me to play the video.

So then I did a bit of googling and found the paradox institute website with all the available videos.
Just listened to them all and think they should be on the school curriculum, and in every university where this nonsense is being propagated.

Qcng Sat 14-Mar-20 19:17:11

Yes I agree they should be on the school curriculum.

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