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Spectator calling out the Grauniad

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lightlypoached Tue 10-Mar-20 14:33:20

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Thinkingabout1t Tue 10-Mar-20 15:03:31

On another Feminism thread, there's a TRA in the New York Times calling the Guardian "transphobic"!

Given the number of former Guardian readers who don't buy it any more because of its fawning obedience to the gender-identity movement, I thought that was hilarious.

The "transphobic" jibe was because the poor old Guardian had done one of those ever-so-liberal opinion pieces in which decent influencers force themselves to look at both sides of an issue, once in a blue moon, even when one side is so unquestionably wrong. (If only those beastly feminists would be kind ...)

And now it has enraged the No-debaters by allowing Suzanne Moore to spread her feminist heresy.

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