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Feminism talks

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Chriswt Tue 10-Mar-20 08:56:47


Would any one be able to give me information or a good website for looking out for feminism talks in London.

I’d like to broaden my knowledge and would like to listen to talks on the wider subject of feminism in today’s society but I can only find very specialised talk on a particular aspect or historical event/period.

Any help would be appreciated.



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OhHolyJesus Tue 10-Mar-20 09:20:04

I'd simply hang out here Chris, this is where I find out about upcoming events.

You could follow WPUK on Eventbrite. There's a surrogacy one on Mother's Day.

Chriswt Tue 10-Mar-20 09:41:53

Thanks I’ll do that and keep an eye out on here.

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FlockofGulls Tue 10-Mar-20 10:29:51

There's also WomensGrid

stumbledin Tue 10-Mar-20 14:53:48

I think you will find most talks are on a specific subject as they are put on by campaign or pressure groups.

One thing you could do it go onto eventbrite and use the search option for events in London and the topic feminism / women.

But it would be pot luck as to whether the talks are worthwhile.

If you are on facebook you could do a similar search there.

(I dont particularly support either web site but many groups do use them to organise events.)

And yes, also

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