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Northern Ireland now has a Rape Crisis Centre (and a reminder about SARCs)

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stumbledin Wed 04-Mar-20 23:57:26

Just thought I would share this as it hasn't really made the news. For a number of different reasons NI was the only part of the UK that didn't have a Rape Crisis Centre / Helpline. From their web site:

We are delighted to announce that a Rape Crisis service for Northern Ireland is now operational.

Our service provides an Information & Support Line and One-to-One Support for victims and survivors who are 18 and over and have experienced rape and serious sexual assault in adulthood.

This is a new and much needed service which will grow and develop with time. For more information please visit our website.


Information & Support Line opening times starting this evening:
Every Monday & Thursday, 6pm - 8pm
0800 0246 991


Also thought I would add info about SARCs as this came up in a thread a while ago that maybe not everyone is aware that there are Sexual Assault Referral Centre where you can go if you have been a victim of rape. (This is UK wide.) You should receive medical support and if agreed have physical evidence taken. But importantly you do not have to report to the police.

There's info about the service here:

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Coyoacan Thu 05-Mar-20 00:01:19

Well done

stumbledin Thu 05-Mar-20 13:08:58

I shared this in good faith having seen a post on facebook.

Then someone said it had been set up jointly with a men's group. (I wonder if that was a condition of getting funding.)

So have now found this on their web site, which is good to know:

"We offer you a choice of a male or female Support Worker who can provide you with information and support to help you deal with the impact of what you have been through, while also helping you make informed decisions about your future. "

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Languishingfemale Thu 05-Mar-20 13:18:20

Having worked in a woman only rape crisis service I don't have a problem with establishing joint services for women and men - as long as it's clear from the outset.
What does upset me is the colonisation of women's services by those males with no interest in women's trauma who use them as self validation tools - like the situation in Canada.

Thelnebriati Thu 05-Mar-20 13:33:28

Many Rape Crisis groups offer services to both women and men, the issue is when they only offer mixed sex services.

So practically, how will the NI group work? Is there a workaround to the disclosure law?

stumbledin Thu 05-Mar-20 18:19:54

I think it was because it doesn't clearly state this in the short piece I quoted re opening times.

It just needs a short sentence like the one I found buried away.

Who answers the phone could have a big impact on a woman making a call after being attacked.

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StillWeRise Thu 05-Mar-20 18:32:06

it would be easy to have an automated screening when the call is answered-
you are through to xxxx SARC. If you would prefer to speak to a woman, please press1. If you would prefer to speak to a man please press 2.

OhHolyJesus Thu 05-Mar-20 18:34:50

Good point StillWeRise would need to state biological woman in my view, or biological man.

Fourth Valley in Scotland has a man who identifies as a woman and as a mother, running the place.

StillWeRise Thu 05-Mar-20 19:34:06

you're right of course

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