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Twitter thread worth a read

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Sukibert Wed 26-Feb-20 19:50:37 I've been asked to post this here from another forum. Well worth a read. Thanks

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Violetparis Wed 26-Feb-20 19:54:26

The link doesn't work.

donquixotedelamancha Wed 26-Feb-20 20:03:42

That is a great thread.

donquixotedelamancha Wed 26-Feb-20 20:04:20

If transwomen are women, they bear no obligation to show that trans-inclusive policy changes won’t be harmful to women or anyone.

There’s a reason we’ve been consistently fed that line above all others. If they can sell that one lie, they don’t have to prove anything else.

Violetparis Wed 26-Feb-20 20:08:12

Thanks for sharing.

transdimensional Wed 26-Feb-20 20:10:34

I remember some years ago when I first heard the term "trans woman", I thought it meant female-to-male, rather than male-to-female or, not even that, but male-identifying-as-female (without necessarily any meaningful transition as traditionally understood).

It was a clever move in itself (on the part of the TRA movement) to choose the term "trans woman" because it sounds as though it designates a subset of women, and therefore makes "TWAW" sound tautological rather than controversial / up for debate.

Michelleoftheresistance Wed 26-Feb-20 20:15:27

Nails it.

Gibbonsgibbonsgibbons Wed 26-Feb-20 22:22:09

That’s excellent- it all comes down to the one big lie.

Siameasy Wed 26-Feb-20 22:40:38

I think it’s better to say trans sexual male than trans woman.

Melroses Wed 26-Feb-20 22:44:17

I remember some years ago when I first heard the term "trans woman", I thought it meant female-to-male

Me too - and that is why I thought 'Transwomen are women' made sense and that agreed that they should be able to go to the loo of the sex they were born as...……….little did I imagine...……….

Siameasy Thu 27-Feb-20 09:16:33

I’m inspired to try to use as plain language as possible eg
Mixed sex toilets/prisons etc (get rid of “gender neutral” entirely because gender doesn’t exist)
Transsexual male not TW
Mastectomy not “top surgery” (as we do not call cancer-related breast removal “top surgery”)
Unless my job/personal safety depends on it I won’t use pronouns or say trans woman/man or acknowledge gender

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