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Weinstein guilty

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MrsBertBibby Mon 24-Feb-20 16:47:56

Guardian just had it.


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MrsBertBibby Mon 24-Feb-20 16:48:56

Harvey Weinstein found guilty at rape trial

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MrsBertBibby Mon 24-Feb-20 16:49:27

I can't quite believe it!

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DannyDonut Mon 24-Feb-20 16:49:43

Fuckin’ a

Raffles1981 Mon 24-Feb-20 16:51:03

Bloody hell! I was talking to one of the lads at work about this today and I actually said there was no way he would be found guilty! This is certainly something.

RufustheLanglovingreindeer Mon 24-Feb-20 16:51:40


Mockersisrightasusual Mon 24-Feb-20 16:52:39

Weinstein Guilty-ish.

Not guilty of predatory sexual assault or first degree rape, but guilty of a criminal sexual act in the first degree and rape in the third degree.

tobee Mon 24-Feb-20 16:53:03

Trying to work out what he was found guilty of exactly and what not guilty of.

Airplanes Mon 24-Feb-20 16:54:04

Amazing, I genuinely thought he'd get away with it all

tobee Mon 24-Feb-20 16:54:13

X post with Mockers.

No idea what guilty of rape in third degree is.

tobee Mon 24-Feb-20 16:54:52

Any news of when the sentencing will be?

tobee Mon 24-Feb-20 16:56:36

Somehow reading he was let off "predatory" sexual assault is a bit of a downer.

lolaflores Mon 24-Feb-20 16:57:08

The way things are at the moment I was adjusting my expectations. Despite the evidence, despite his craven act as a crippled man, despite it seeming that in america money gets you off. The jury came through. Totally amazed. Which is mad really that justice in some form is served and we are stunned. Anyway. It's great news

Canadianpancake Mon 24-Feb-20 16:58:34

Third degree rape!? Oh that's ok then, they were only a bit raped because they were either a) underage b) unable to consent do to being under the influence or c) unable to consent for some other reason angry

BentBastard Mon 24-Feb-20 16:59:38

I thought it was a bench trial rather than jury, but might be wrong and confused with something else

jadefinch Mon 24-Feb-20 17:00:22

He was acquitted of the most serious charges

Mockersisrightasusual Mon 24-Feb-20 17:01:00

I think 3rd degree rape is polite rape without the knife or the cable ties.

Oh well, so much for the walkframe.

Budge up, Cosby: New Cell-Mate.

Canadianpancake Mon 24-Feb-20 17:01:13

It seems to me that the charges he was convicted of we're those that apportion some all of the blame to the woman because she 'didn't say no'

chazbl Mon 24-Feb-20 17:01:57

About time, now put him away!

Canadianpancake Mon 24-Feb-20 17:02:42

It's only a bit wrong to rape someone when they didn't have the capacity to say no angry

BatleyTownswomensGuild Mon 24-Feb-20 17:04:28

Let's hope he gets a custodial sentence. Anything less is an insult to the brave women who came forward....

NeurotrashWarrior Mon 24-Feb-20 17:05:16


IntermittentParps Mon 24-Feb-20 17:09:42

A little underwhelming, but at least he hasn't got away with it. That fucking walking frame. Gives me the rage.

Mockersisrightasusual Mon 24-Feb-20 17:17:37

No sentencing today, but the judge has to decide if he's remanded into custody.

Given the stack of charges and the use of Ex-Mossad agents to harrass his accusers, his chances of bail would seem slim.

Dervel Mon 24-Feb-20 17:18:52

I’m still not 100% sure what 3rd degree means, but all the headlines are surely a positive. He must get a custodial sentence right?

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