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Technology, Visions of The Future, and Transgenderism

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Justhadathought Sat 22-Feb-20 10:59:55

Just noticed this Saturday activity - for children and families, at a local centre for creative technology in my city:

What do young people identify as? Through gaming and VR ^experiences, young people these days can become anything: a lonely rider in the wild west, a cyborg with no gender serving burgers to cats, or even a block-made human building impossible worlds. And all that within the same hour! Come with your family to break the boundaries of reality, and explore virtual space together^:

As I see it much of modern transgenderism can be viewed through the lens of a society that is not only focused on individuals, and individual freedoms, but also on futuristic visions about what is possible for human beings. How it might be possible for people to transcend material reality - in an age of hyper technology

The issue for me, with these sorts of virtual reality fantasies is they seem to be going in direct opposition to where we as a planetary system need to be going - which is closer to the earth and its rhythms, and more respectful of nature and our bodies.


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