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Guardian prints letter supporting WPUK

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stumbledin Fri 21-Feb-20 23:45:29

Just that really. A point of interest that they have publised the letter written by academics from UCL

Footnote: Wont be surprised at all if they then print another letter signed by an even greater number of academics saying WPUK are a have groups and trans students are living in fear of them.

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stumbledin Fri 21-Feb-20 23:46:22

sorry silly typo: correction "saying WPUK are a hate group"

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teawamutu Fri 21-Feb-20 23:48:54

WTAF? I mean, yes of course they'll publish another letter condemning the terfs by eleventy billion people who vaguely work in connection with a university academics.

But, just wow. If even the Grauniad admits something's going on...

boatyardblues Sat 22-Feb-20 00:00:31

It’s a great letter too - thank you to all the brave academics who have put their name to it. Speaking truth to power shouldn’t be brave in this day and age, but it is. Well done UCL for hosting the conference too.

Binterested Sat 22-Feb-20 00:02:08

This puts UCL in such a good light compared to the craven rubbish we’ve seen from some of our other academic institutions.

The Guardian though. No way no how. Too little too late and I will never forgive them their betrayal.

wellbehavedwomen Sat 22-Feb-20 00:20:18

Bless UCL. Hopefully this will signal some return to academic integrity.

Thank God some feminist academics have held the line through all this. And thank God they are now getting some solid backing at last.

TheProdigalKittensReturn Sat 22-Feb-20 00:24:36

What, without even an "BTW our official editorial position is that these women should be shunned by society" intro?

The train is turning, friends.

StuckBetweenDarknessAndLight Sat 22-Feb-20 00:35:33

Wow. Things are really starting to turn aren't they? Published without the usual disclaimers and apologies.

GeordieTerf Sat 22-Feb-20 00:42:06

I will not click on Guardian links. They are just as bad as the Daily Mail. In fact, on issues like this, they are even worse than the Daily Mail. angry

HandsOffMyRights Sat 22-Feb-20 00:44:12

Thank you to UCL.

' I know that I’m a woman, a woman with inward strength and plenty of courage.'

lionheart Sat 22-Feb-20 02:02:55

Remember this?

So do others in the sector.

ArriettyJones Sat 22-Feb-20 07:19:41

Fabulous (although I’m sure letters from individuals expressing similar perspectives go straight in the Grauniad bin).

Keep pulling!

Qcng Sat 22-Feb-20 09:22:43

The Guardian do this from time to time, they publish something vaguely supportive of GC views, buried deep in the "Letters" section that none of their readers will ever see.

"WPUK are not a hate group, and expelling their supporters from Labour is batshit" should be a huge leading news item.

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