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Is it okay to have a musical interlude?

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AutumnRose1 Tue 18-Feb-20 22:22:07

I love the song and the lyrics

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Thelnebriati Tue 18-Feb-20 22:30:52

I love a musical interlude, especially recently - all I can hear when politicians speak now is clown car music played on a jangly piano.

AutumnRose1 Tue 18-Feb-20 22:45:01

Inebriati yes, they are singing gobbledygook but at least there’s a tune

All jokes aside, I think that TS song might appeal to even those who really dislike her.

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boatyardblues Tue 18-Feb-20 22:53:02

Taylor Swift is growing on me, big time.

AutumnRose1 Tue 18-Feb-20 23:07:48

I didn’t realise this was about politics when the album came out

Now that I know, it resonates so much

Did she go round the country supporting Hillary? Also love “you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes”

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LangClegsInSpace Tue 18-Feb-20 23:33:51

Sarah Jones - Your Revolution (DJ Vadim Mix) smile

AutumnRose1 Tue 18-Feb-20 23:46:58

Lang thank you, I love that.

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MoleSmokes Wed 19-Feb-20 01:39:57

Love that - "Your Revolution" - LangClegsInSpace !

Such a weird coincidence - I only logged in to Mumsnet to post "Resist" !! smile

"Resist" by Janis Ian

She is. She is. She is.
She is. She is. She is
She is. She is. She is

Too short too fat too skinny
Too tall too plain too pretty
Too hot too wet too sticky
Too... picky
Oh, what an ugly girl.
Oh, what an ugly girl.

Put her in high heels, so she can’t run
Carve out between her legs so she can’t come
Get her a dress, for easy access
Tell everybody that she’s just like all the rest

How long?
How long, how long, how long
How long?
How long, how long, how long

Tell me I’m ugly so I’ll buy your crap
Tell me you want me ‘cause I don’t talk back
Tell me I carry the original sin
Tell me I’m holy when I cover up my skin

Tell me that my body bears a permanent stain
Tell me we can marry if I give up my name
Call me your baby so I never grow up
Tell me you love me when you only want to fu-fu-fu-

Funny how I whisper and you think it’s a roar
You ask me to the table then you seat me on the floor
You want me to be sexy. You want me to be pure.
I cannot be your virgin and I will not be your whore.

Resist resist resist.
Resist resist resist.

It’s a funny kind of thing, when you sing a little song
and you get a couple people to sing along
It’s the power of community.

Authenticity changes your reality
I know it’s hard to believe when they’re yelling in your ear
and it’s the only voice you’re able to hear
But you raise up your fist and you learn to resist
and you say “I will not disappear”

I will not disappear.
I will not disappear
I will not disappear
I will not disappear

Resist resist resist.
Resist resist resist.
Resist, resist, resist.
Resist, resist, resist.
© Rude Girl Publishing, Inc.

Janis Ian at Woodstock 2019

TheBewildernessisWeetabix Wed 19-Feb-20 01:48:23

Taylor Swift was a "good girl" who played music and never shared her opinion on politics until she couldn't stand it any more in 2018.
You won't be surprised to hear that she took a beating for expressing her opinion from the media and from politicians as well.
I just watched the piece on Netflix called Miss Americana.

tooyoungat40 Wed 19-Feb-20 12:10:00

Here's one I find myself humming. In my head I connect it with detransitioners.

RuffleCrow Wed 19-Feb-20 12:17:20

Love the way she's slowly turning into a positive version of a young Courtney Love grin

Great lyrics

RuffleCrow Wed 19-Feb-20 12:24:11

Ooh that Janis Ian song is a blinder! I'm actually crying at the power of her words.

MoleSmokes Wed 19-Feb-20 18:18:09

It sent shivers down my spine at first but I ended up punching the air, RuffleCrow!

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