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Tell Labour why they lost

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Throckmorton Tue 18-Feb-20 17:09:23

What it says on the tin - a survey here to tell Labour what they're doing wrong:

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Whatisthisfuckery Tue 18-Feb-20 17:12:49

Clicky link

Throckmorton Tue 18-Feb-20 17:16:20

Thank you!

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Fallingirl Tue 18-Feb-20 17:45:08

Thanks for this. Felt cathartic grin

FloralBunting Tue 18-Feb-20 18:00:07

Done. I bloody well enjoyed that.

Throckmorton Tue 18-Feb-20 18:13:20

Thanks both for taking the time! It was beautifully cathartic wasn't it!

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DidoLamenting Tue 18-Feb-20 18:21:39

It's labouring under the delusion it lost because of ineffective campaigning. It was the policies and Corbyn- not the delivery of the message.

ThinEndoftheWedge Tue 18-Feb-20 18:25:26

If they really don’t know, then they need to go home...

Throckmorton Tue 18-Feb-20 18:43:21

Indeed! That question about "what one thing could we change to make us electable" - one thing?! In their dreams could one thing fix the issues with Labour!

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Catting Tue 18-Feb-20 18:46:57

Wow! That was a nice, cleansing rant!

agentnully Tue 18-Feb-20 18:51:13

I don't know where to start with this. There's simply too much to write.

Would it be very lazy of me to ask for a bit of help to make my voice heard to the best effect?

Cuntysnark Tue 18-Feb-20 18:51:43

All done.

Cascade220 Tue 18-Feb-20 19:11:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

noblegiraffe Tue 18-Feb-20 19:15:52

Why are they only consulting members and campaigners? People who previously voted for them but didn’t this time would surely be a more valuable source of information.

Qcng Tue 18-Feb-20 19:18:31

Ooh what's the future of legal gender survey?
Is that still open?

Cascade220 Tue 18-Feb-20 19:19:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Throckmorton Tue 18-Feb-20 19:30:21

Honestly agentnully, I don't reckon they'll listen at all, so I went for just getting a few rants down for the record

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DidoLamenting Tue 18-Feb-20 19:30:48

what one thing could we change to make us electable

I said go back to Blairism.

Also said to another question "ditch Corbyn Corbynistas and Momentum.

Michelleoftheresistance Tue 18-Feb-20 19:39:05

Done. It'll be binned on sight of course.

DeRigueurMortis Tue 18-Feb-20 19:48:15

Well that was cathartic grin

No punches pulled here.....

MrsKneller Tue 18-Feb-20 20:06:14

I said, think what little OJ would do, and don’t do it.

Glenthebattleostrich Tue 18-Feb-20 20:24:11

Thanks. I did enjoy that.

Mossyrock Tue 18-Feb-20 20:55:59

Thanks for this. They barely deserve my time but it was cathartic at least!

Gibbonsgibbonsgibbons Tue 18-Feb-20 20:56:26

Bahaha thank you wine

ThePurported Tue 18-Feb-20 21:02:02

Having read the latest call for gulags by one of their MPs, I don't think I'll bother.

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