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The 'Natal female' question

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Thingybob Tue 18-Feb-20 14:42:45

A very good article, written by NHS gender clinicians, has been published on the WPUK site and it's well worth a read.

It's saying everything I have instinctively thought since first becoming aware of trans kids.

If these early presenters – and more importantly their parents, caregivers and educators – had been vigorously instructed in some basic gender / sex deconstruction, it’s worth wondering whether “trans” as a solution to childhood GD would have gained such traction over the years. Have we seen an historic iatrogenesis?

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DuLANGMondeFOREVER Tue 18-Feb-20 15:33:31

This is precisely what my stepdaughter is experiencing. Such a relief to see everything I have suspected laid out in a single piece, authored by experts.

@rogdmum you need to read this!

MrsSnippyPants Tue 18-Feb-20 15:38:23

I posted here

SisterWendyBuckett Tue 18-Feb-20 15:42:35

A fantastic piece which makes such sense. How anyone could disagree with anything in it is beyond me!

And yes, it is a relief to see everything laid out so clearly by experts.

But what a world we now live in where the authors have to remain anonymous.

Thingybob Tue 18-Feb-20 15:43:18

Yes I'll ask for mine to be deleted.

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MrsSnippyPants Tue 18-Feb-20 16:00:56

No thingy, there are no comments on mine I see so I'll get mine deleted.

rogdmum Tue 18-Feb-20 16:14:11

I saw that, DuLANG, it was excellent! It’s a shame it had to be written anonymously <yes, I know that is rich coming from me while I furiously anonymously tweet :grin: >

There’s so much that needs investigated when children/adolescents present at the Tavi- how much of gender dysphoria is a symptom of something else and how much better would outcomes be if clinicians were able to take a holistic view?

LumpySpacedPrincess Tue 18-Feb-20 16:32:32

God that was good to read. My daughter has experienced similar but, I'm hoping, is out the other side. She is a young butch lesbian but this time last year thought she was a boy. She is very possibly autistic and very definitely gay. There is no space left for girls who don't perform their stereotype, none, it's all gone.

DuLANGMondeFOREVER Tue 18-Feb-20 16:39:44

So pleased to hear that your daughter is out the other side Lumpy

Bezalelle Tue 18-Feb-20 17:08:41

girls and young women have long recruited their bodies as ways of expressing misery and self-hatred

This hit me like a ton of bricks. So true.

NeurotrashWarrior Tue 18-Feb-20 18:02:58

Great article!

In a way it would prefer it in, perhaps, the BMJ, simply because so many people are dismissive of WPUK. It's been labelled "bad" and transphobic here and there. SJW dismiss it online.

BMJ could be more neutral and reach more of who we need to reach.

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