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Haringey Police LGBTQ+ history month

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Mockersisrightasusual Sat 15-Feb-20 07:26:48

The Police spent forty years after WW2 hanging around in toilets trying to entrap gay men. They are on a guilt trip.

RubyViolet Sat 15-Feb-20 00:26:11

I am actually so angry at this. The Police have let the women down in my community so much, I live locally to this BPAS centre... l am signing off tonight because l will say something l regret on here.

Languishingfemale Sat 15-Feb-20 00:10:38

Maybe that officer sitting in a chair misrepresenting the law in that clip could have been sent to help? Ensuring that women are able to access legal medical treatment without harassment and abuse is surely a better use of police time.

Divebar Sat 15-Feb-20 00:06:33

I’m guessing they haven’t got the resources - 3 officers is probably all they could spare.

RubyViolet Fri 14-Feb-20 23:59:33

By setting up an exclusion zone.

Divebar Fri 14-Feb-20 23:48:54

Haringey and Islington police couldn’t even stop the protesters in Finsbury Park shouting at women going into the BPAS this week

How do you propose they stop people protesting lawfully from shouting? Gag them? You’d take a bloody dim view if you were on a protest and police tried to stop you from shouting I’d guarantee it.

Languishingfemale Fri 14-Feb-20 23:41:21

And his definition of transgender is???? And the definition of 'full rights?? It's Stonelaw in action - the act means what I want it to mean, not what is legal and accurate. confused

RubyViolet Fri 14-Feb-20 23:39:59

Errrr Seriously. Just what am l paying my council tax for.. Haringey and Islington police couldn’t even stop the protesters in Finsbury Park shouting at women going into the BPAS this week. Priorities! Shame on them.

OneEpisode Fri 14-Feb-20 23:34:18

This 2014 Act he is talking about that apparently gives all transgender people all those rights sounds very far reaching.
I had thought the 2004 GR act gave rights to a GRC under certain circumstances. Which trans people think are too onerous, hence all the campaigning?

LiterallyProblematic Fri 14-Feb-20 22:57:51

Weird how they start day 1 with a T ‘fact’! Some of the other vids are quite good.
Still not sure why they’re doing this, it’s nit like they have fuck all else to do in Haringey!

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LiterallyProblematic Fri 14-Feb-20 22:52:49

Hopefully this link works

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LiterallyProblematic Fri 14-Feb-20 22:51:53

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