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Legal challenge to Labour Party re AWS one step closer?

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stumbledin Fri 14-Feb-20 20:21:33

This was posted today:

Our brilliant barrister, Amanda Jones, has today written this statement on our AWS case:
'We have now put in our application against the Labour Party. We are seeking to challenge the Labour Party’s policy that anybody who identifies as a woman (even to the extent merely of ticking a box to say that they identify as such) can stand as a candidate on an all-women shortlist.

'Since this crowdfunder was initiated in 2018, it appears that the position for women in the Labour Party has deteriorated. Many of you will have already seen the ‘trans pledge’ which all of the candidates for leadership of the Labour Party have now endorsed to one degree or another.

'We will continue to fight for women’s rights and position in the Labour Party to be protected. Single sex spaces, facilities and lists are important for many reasons.

'In terms of the progress of this case: our bundle, including the grounds, has now been served upon the Labour Party and we await their defence.

'I intend to publish, in the next couple of days, the grounds which have now been filed and served with the Court. I will not publish all of the evidence: partly because there is far too much of it and partly because some privacy concerns arise.

'I do, however, want the AWS crowdfunder donors, as well as the public at large, to see what it is that we are challenging. I want to demonstrate why we say that the Labour Party is acting unlawfully regarding its administration of all-women shortlists, under the Equality Act 2010.'

Miss Amanda Jones,
Counsel, Great James St. Chambers

I haven't put the link in as I dont want it deleted as this post is about the legal case not fundraising (ok mnhq?)

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