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Labour trans promise on radio 2 Jeremy Vine

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2stepsonthewater Fri 14-Feb-20 12:11:46

Coming up today - just announced. Phone in!

MaMaLa321 Fri 14-Feb-20 12:22:44

what time and station?

Newuser123123 Fri 14-Feb-20 12:22:51

I've sent a text x

LouHotel Fri 14-Feb-20 12:35:06

I've long believed that JV has gender critical views, I'm hoping this will come true. Listening.

Tombakersscarf Fri 14-Feb-20 12:35:58


Tombakersscarf Fri 14-Feb-20 12:36:59


Tombakersscarf Fri 14-Feb-20 12:37:41

"Cis men don't need an excuse to assault women" no of course they don't, but what they do need is an opportunity.

DickKerrLadies Fri 14-Feb-20 12:38:05

"Let's call her she"

No Jeremy, let's not.

LouHotel Fri 14-Feb-20 12:38:13

Oop misgendering Karen white, naughty Jeremy.

DickKerrLadies Fri 14-Feb-20 12:38:19

Sorry, WRT Karen White

Tombakersscarf Fri 14-Feb-20 12:38:21

No answer to Karen White case, as usual.

DickKerrLadies Fri 14-Feb-20 12:38:59

Fact correction!

Tombakersscarf Fri 14-Feb-20 12:39:07

Sorry, missed who the gender critical speaker is?

LouHotel Fri 14-Feb-20 12:40:54

Kate I think Maris.

DickKerrLadies Fri 14-Feb-20 12:41:15

Lol @ 'were you there?'

BuzzShitbagBobbly Fri 14-Feb-20 12:41:39

OH MY GOD. That woman can't stop spouting lies, lies, lies, lies.

NeurotrashWarrior Fri 14-Feb-20 12:41:45

"Transwomen are women, every single one."

So - trans men are men.

How does that work when they're pregnant? How does that work when they've been raped? Detransition?

NeurotrashWarrior Fri 14-Feb-20 12:42:14

Cotton ceiling anyone?

JV commenting on that.

BuzzShitbagBobbly Fri 14-Feb-20 12:42:19

I am loving the LGB Alliance woman though Cool, calm, informed.

NeurotrashWarrior Fri 14-Feb-20 12:42:53


2stepsonthewater Fri 14-Feb-20 12:43:04

LGB Alliance spokesperson

ClosdesMouches Fri 14-Feb-20 12:43:06

'CIS' ...FFS.

JV referring to a 'fist fight' is fucking hideous. He needs to put the facts across!!

Daughterofmabel Fri 14-Feb-20 12:43:16

The tra is very rude and also nervous. Spouting usual rubbish mantras

NeurotrashWarrior Fri 14-Feb-20 12:43:21

(My response to cis cannot define transphobia!)

Tombakersscarf Fri 14-Feb-20 12:43:33

Thanks Lou.
I liked that "every one?" bit. The idea that every single man who claims to be trans is genuine - how could anyone think that? There are and have always been seriously deceptive manipulating men.

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