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Emma Hilton and Colin Wright Have Op-Ed @ Biological Sex in Wall St Journal

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Barracker Fri 14-Feb-20 21:31:54

Brilliant article.

ArranUpsideDown Fri 14-Feb-20 20:55:00

Isn't it such a rare relief to read the matter so plainly stated? No obfuscations, no bizarre circumlocutions of language.

Just the facts.

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Languishingfemale Fri 14-Feb-20 20:52:24

A pleasure to read that article. flowers

nonsenceagain Fri 14-Feb-20 18:10:23

This is a wonderful article. Thanks for writing and sharing.

ArranUpsideDown Fri 14-Feb-20 10:27:27

The archive does have helpful extracts for those who don't have a subscription - think Share Token quality.

And, yes - I find it quite helpful and inspiring to see WSJ publish that today after a disastrous week in the War on Women in the UK.

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Binterested Fri 14-Feb-20 10:25:04

That’s a brilliant piece. Blistering. I like the way they start with the science and go from there. It’s behind a paywall but I have a subscription. Are we allowed to c&p? Probably not but it’s really worth spreading widely. Comments all good too.

ArranUpsideDown Fri 14-Feb-20 10:17:09

There may be some useful extracts gathered together in this link:

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ArranUpsideDown Fri 14-Feb-20 10:12:15

I am excited to share my op-ed in the WSJ coauthored with the amazing FondOfBeetles The growing trend to deny the reality of biological sex is harmful to women, the LGB community, and children. It’s time to speak out against this toxic ideology.

Lesley Semmens has posted extracts in the comments of that thread.

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