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JLo and Shakira Superbowl performance

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Borkins Fri 14-Feb-20 08:53:05

Positive, powerful performance of mature mums or over sexualisation of women?

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QuiteGood Fri 14-Feb-20 08:53:54

Is that any essay title?

Borkins Fri 14-Feb-20 08:56:46

Not sure what you mean @QuiteGood?

It's a question I'm intrigued by and have conflicting ideas about.

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VortexofBloggery Fri 14-Feb-20 09:59:05

Go on Borkins! I'd like to hear it.

VortexofBloggery Fri 14-Feb-20 10:03:11

How do they perform "mature mum" on stage, it sounds revolutionary!

AutumnRose1 Fri 14-Feb-20 16:55:44

I don’t think about their age or if they are parents

It was an excellent show.

They performed in their usual style. I thought the backing dancers were great as well.

Lottapianos Fri 14-Feb-20 16:58:08

'I don’t think about their age or if they are parents'

Exactly. What does being 'mums' have to do with anything? They're professional entertainers- looking the way they do, and delivering a high energy impressive performance is their job

Icedlatte Fri 14-Feb-20 17:04:58

It was a positive powerful performance by a group of professional people

AutumnRose1 Fri 14-Feb-20 17:05:26

Here it is

High energy! I want to see the training regime in fact!

FaFoutis Fri 14-Feb-20 17:05:53

'mum' is irrelevant.

AutumnRose1 Fri 14-Feb-20 17:07:59

I can’t do the lying down from standing up. Bugs me.

Glassio Fri 14-Feb-20 17:08:04

loved it, i felt it was powerful talented women doing an amazing show.

AutumnRose1 Fri 14-Feb-20 17:10:48

I just looked up Shakira’s age, she’s actually only a year younger than me.

Hope the OP isn’t attaching some kind of age issue to performance.

Borkins Fri 14-Feb-20 18:00:49

Definitely not. I suppose I admire their athleticism after kids. I think it is kind of revolutionary for a woman of 43 and 50 to own the show.
However I've seen lots of criticism about it being sexualised. Sexualisation used for power and how this demeans women etc

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Shockers Fri 14-Feb-20 18:03:15

Professionals doing a fantastic job. They’re both teetotal too, and I personally find that inspiring because they’re so fit.

VortexofBloggery Fri 14-Feb-20 18:06:21

Hasn't Madonna been doing that for a while now? Owning the show?

VortexofBloggery Fri 14-Feb-20 18:08:20

It's usually OK for rappers to sexualise women, but when women do it...

SarahTancredi Fri 14-Feb-20 18:23:05

Wow I wish I could dance like that.

Both could have easily afforded to say no. I'm not really a j lo fan however I think the pair of them have alot of talent and I'll never look that good.

The backing dancers were incredible too!

feelingverylazytoday Fri 14-Feb-20 18:25:07

I'm not a fan of either performer, but they were great here, as were the supporting dancers.
Some of the moves were 'sexualised' but that's what you'd expect from these two women. There's nothing wrong with that, unless you think being sexy is intrinsically demeaning for a woman.

AutumnRose1 Fri 14-Feb-20 18:49:42

I think that might be because the half time show hasn’t had this kind of lively performance before. I haven’t come across any criticism though.

I got worried, I thought you were hinting that you thought they should change their work due to their age or something bonkers like that.

It was all beautifully put together re staging as well, I thought.

BelleHathor Fri 14-Feb-20 18:52:35

I think that there is a cultural misunderstanding in calling the performance sexualised. I don't think that they demeaned themselves and they were a powerful, sexy and positive duo. Superbowl in Miami, a city with one of the largest Hispanic populations outside of South America,? You have to bring it and represent the culture. It was fab and nothing more than you can find in any Salsa, African or West Indian bar in London.

AutumnRose1 Fri 14-Feb-20 18:56:21

Belle, in my first reply I nearly yelled BRING IT 😂

It’s one of those things I’ll watch again and again
And still puzzle over some of the dance moves, but I am not a natural, lol!

PanicAndRun Fri 14-Feb-20 19:00:50

This is their style though. Sensual, powerful, vibrant , passionate etc.
They came together in an explosive show and complemented each other.

Would something "different " have been better just for the sake wagging tongues instead of staying true to form?
Loved Shakira's lack of heels.

Only negative comments I've seen were the "won't somebody think of the children" variety.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Fri 14-Feb-20 19:02:48

The superbowl was 12 days ago... Surely you’ve seen this debated to death?! It’s been everywhere for me!

The “think of the children” argument wasn’t half as strong when Adam Levine was dancing topless...

AutumnRose1 Fri 14-Feb-20 19:03:29

OP why did you say “mature mums” btw?

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