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Great Telegraph article Labour pledges and WPUK

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BovaryX Fri 14-Feb-20 05:21:50

The Telegraph reports on Labour's pledges and discusses feminist resistance to this latest purge. It quotes WPUK who object to the idiotic description of them as a 'hate group' and also quote Julie Bindel and Suzanne Moore. It is great to see this getting prominent media coverage and the article gives a clear outline of why feminists and anyone who wants a functioning opposition are concerned about the trajectory of the Labour party.

Kiri Tunks, co-founder of Woman’s Place UK, said: "We are appalled that candidates in the Labour leadership have supported the targetting of our legitimate campaign aimed at defending and upholding women's sex based rights. “Their comments have infuriated thousands of loyal Labour activists who are the beating heart of the party. They should retract and apologise immediately."

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BovaryX Fri 14-Feb-20 05:24:39

It describes WPUK as veteran left wing feminists
I wonder if Labour have any concept of how absurd this has made them look?

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Floisme Fri 14-Feb-20 08:31:33

Thanks Bovary Two things that make me smile in that article are 1) Suzanne Moore speaking out and 2) Rebecca Long Bailey looking more like Titania McGrath with every passing day.

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