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LGB Conservatives think the Tory party is captured too.

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Fallingirl Fri 14-Feb-20 03:18:57

About to go to sleep, and I came upon this.

According to LGB Conservatives (don’t actually know who they are. An actual group within the party?), the Tory party is strongly allied with Stonewall and “may not hold out much longer”.

If this is true, we really are up against it. The only action that springs to mind, is contacting as many Tory MP’s as we can, to let them know cancelling women’s rights will be noticed, and we really do care.

Likewise with safeguarding of children in schools.

I don’t know what this group knows, or where their information comes from, though.

In another thread, In AIBU, someone was suggesting Dominic Cummings is busily undermining the civil service, and hoarding power for himself. We know the civil service is captured, anyone know anything about Cummings?

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CaptainKirksSpikeyGhost Fri 14-Feb-20 04:22:03

Well yeah, it's a top down movement, so looking for help from anyone in power is pretty fucking useless.

What the Tory's being in power has done is given the public slightly more time to discuss what's happening.

LiterallyProblematic Fri 14-Feb-20 08:11:36

Cummings made those delightful comments when advertising for talent to join the no10 team, something like: we want true diversity, neurodiversity, not identity bollocks.

LiterallyProblematic Fri 14-Feb-20 08:11:59

Feel like we’re on safe ground with Cummings on this

ThinEndoftheWedge Fri 14-Feb-20 08:19:56

Anyone with a Tory MP please write/go and see them. Labour is self imploding BUT all this bollocks - CPS, Education Service, Police etc is on their watch.

The EA law is currently on our side but they are allowing the law to be ignored or wilfully misinterpreted stonewalled

They need to stop this shit.

PronounssheRa Fri 14-Feb-20 08:32:26

That LGB Conservatives Twitter thread takes a very different view to Labour and lib dems.

The conservatives have a large majority, they don't need to cave to anyones demands. They also will be well aware of the reaction to the pledges that the Labour leadership candidates have sign up to.

I think a lot of stuff that has happened on their watch is a result of a laissez faire approach which has enabled laws to be ignored or broken rather than the conservatives actively pushing this. That needs to stop though.

Babdoc Fri 14-Feb-20 08:37:50

The feeling I get is that the Tories started the self ID consultation to earn woke cookies without thinking through the ghastly implications. When realisation dawned, they were horrified and are now trying to kick the whole thing into the long grass.
They will be so tied up with Brexit for the foreseeable future, it should be easy to bury the whole issue indefinitely. Especially now they’ve seen the fury Labour have unleashed.

AutumnCrow Fri 14-Feb-20 08:40:47

Individual Conservative MPs in influential roles have certainly been targeted and captured, e.g. Maria Miller, Penny Mordaunt.

But it's an authoritarian regime now. I feel I'd be better off writing to Carrie Symonds and Dominic Cummings. But I suppose I'll give Liz Truss a go for form's sake.

Floisme Fri 14-Feb-20 08:42:11

I've posted about this before but I'm quite concerned we're all so busy watching Labour that we're in danger of forgetting who actually holds the power. I'm sure the TWAW lobby won't be making this mistake.

TheRealMcKenna Fri 14-Feb-20 08:43:23

We’ve got a new Tory MP after our last one defected to the LDs in a huff over Brexit. Our last MP was incredibly ‘woke’ and would have been totally on board with self-ID but I get the impression that our new one would probably be prepared to listen to concerns.

I’m going to contact him about this.

ThinEndoftheWedge Fri 14-Feb-20 08:45:54

I’m going to see my Tory MP.

First question - what is a woman?

NonnyMouse1337 Fri 14-Feb-20 08:54:36

Everyone who has a Tory MP needs to get in touch with them on this issue.

Also, remember that people react to issues close to their heart and are more likely to take things seriously if they know they might be affected.

People aren't too bothered about trans people or issues about transitioning children, etc because they think it doesn't apply to their child or them.
But if schools are forcing through gender identity education, males are allowed in Girl Guides, a woman can longer have a right to ask for a female HCP, etc etc these actually help focus people's minds on the reality of trans ideology and how it has consequences for them. We must ensure people are aware of the implications ... Once people realise they will be affected and there's no hiding from these conflicts of interest, they will start to demand that politicians do something about it.

Ereshkigalangcleg Fri 14-Feb-20 08:57:04

I've posted about this before but I'm quite concerned we're all so busy watching Labour that we're in danger of forgetting who actually holds the power. I'm sure the TWAW lobby won't be making this mistake.

I agree with you.

Ereshkigalangcleg Fri 14-Feb-20 08:59:19

A GC group needs to meet with them. Maybe WPUK wouldn't want to (or maybe they would, it is the government after all) but there are many groups.

Cuntysnark Fri 14-Feb-20 08:59:53

I’ve been to see mine twice. He’s a bit slow in the uptake but did say a third space would be a solution. I’ve also hijacked another Tory MP at an unrelated event & he got it too. AND a Tory mayoral candidate who I enlightened. Any opportunity I will take. I won’t be silent or complicit.

Tootsweets23 Fri 14-Feb-20 09:04:22

I doubt the tories will touch this at all. There is no desire within government to do it (ie no true believers in the way there was with Maria Miller) plus they can see it has been utterly toxic for labour, the LD, the SNP.

What is the upside for them to touch it? The electorate they have just won a stonking majority from either don't give a shit or are actively opposed, their traditional voters hate it and they don't need metropolitan woke dudes to vote for them. They have huge ambitions for government, why would they want to burn vast amounts of political capital on such an unpopular policy?

Sorry LGB conservatives, I don't buy it.

Floisme Fri 14-Feb-20 09:12:25

I'm not saying I think they'll try and introduce self ID - it's not in their manifesto anyway. But that's not the only danger - we've already seen how institutional capture can circumvent the law.
There's absolutely no way they won't be lobbying this government - we're just not seeing how yet.

Tootsweets23 Fri 14-Feb-20 09:18:08

Yes agree they will be lobbying, just think they won't receive a neutral or positive response in the way they did in the last government. Not that the tories give a shit about women's rights, but they certainly know a vote loser when they see one...

Prepping MPs across the range of concerns is v wise, especially on the more insidious areas around data categorisation, CPS over reach, NHS provision and guidance for local authorities.

Languishingfemale Fri 14-Feb-20 09:23:41

It's absolutely right to be concerned. There are a number of new gay male tory MPs - nothing wrong with that except experience tells us that when gay men get into power they very speedily align themselves with anti women groups. We can be certain that Stonewall have been and will continue to woo them, wine and dine them, involving them in publicity and award ceremonies etc until they are well and truly in Stonewall's pocket. We only have to look at the current examples in the Lords to see this in action. They will not be friends to women or sympathetic to women's rights if there are men's needs to be pandered to.
Whether being in the pocket of a lobby group meets the standards of the Nolan principles of public life is a question that must repeatedly be asked.

Al1Langdownthecleghole Fri 14-Feb-20 09:49:49

It's the institutional capture that is so terrifying.

I've forgotten which company it was now, but I've seen something about a major company, possibly in insurance, apologising for not making the Stonewall top 100 or some such and promising to do better in future.

And that's what we are up against. Companies, charities, institutions and politicians worried about not being on the Stonewall good list.

Floisme Fri 14-Feb-20 09:53:16

Put it this way - I simply don't believe they woke up on December 13th and thought, 'Ah well, 'that's it for another ten years.'
They will regroup, rethink and come for our rights again. We just don't know when, where or how.

OvaHere Fri 14-Feb-20 10:02:25

Well we know that Boris took issue with the police and the Kate Scottow arrest because he wrote about it in one of the papers.

However this was well before he was PM with a stinking majority and it's not like Boris won't do what's best for Boris so he could blow either way but he does have a somewhat canny sense of what drives Joe Public and it isn't this (outside of Twitter).

Personally I doubt he thinks it's in his best interest to pursue this issue and I assume the cabinet will fall in line with what he and Cummings want (or face the chop). You can never be quite sure though.

This makes todays court cases even more important because it's more or less guaranteed the top layer of gov will read about them.

TimeLady Fri 14-Feb-20 10:05:09

The GRA reform consultation was initiated by the cross-party Women & Equalities Select Committee in the House of Commons, not the government. The government department then agreed to a consultation based on those recommendations.

I'm not saying that certain Tory MPs, including ministers weren't supportive of the changes, but I'd put money on that's why staunch Brexiteer Penny Mordaunt lost the Equalities portfolio when Boris took over. " Do you believe TWAW, Penny?" "Yes. " "You're fired."

And I can't believe Cummings subscribes to identity politics either. I have written to him.

TimeLady Fri 14-Feb-20 10:10:58

It seems our non-favourite Mumsnet intern now works for the Civil Service, less than two years after the furore she caused on here re. the data breach.

Apparently someone in the CS thought this was a suitable appointment.....

Tootsweets23 Fri 14-Feb-20 10:12:22

Oh yes @Floisme I'm not saying the lobbyists have packed up and gone home. Just in the LGB Conservatives thread it said the Tories are strongly allied to Stonewall and "won't hold out much longer". Depending on what that is referring to (I had assumed self ID), I think that this government really won't touch that issue as there is no political will, indeed quite the opposite.

However, over the next five years, our lobbying should focus on getting the department of health to stop experimentation on children plus proper research into trans treatment of adults to improve outcomes. The dept of education issuing guidance to schools to get mermaids et al out of the classroom and for gender to be taught as a belief not fact. Home office to issue guidance to the CPS and to the police for correct recording of crimes. Prisons to state no trans women on the women's estate. Etc etc! I'm sure the list is endless.

Personally I think the above GC positions line up with this government's general world view much more so than the other parties, and certainly more than stonewall's position does. Whether they think it is important enough to do something about it is another matter.

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