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Farhana Sultana: Scholarship on climate change and VAW is overlooked

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ArranUpsideDown Mon 10-Feb-20 15:56:20

Interesting thread:

Claim: This study shows that the damage humanity is inflicting on nature is also fueling violence against women around the world – a link that has so far been largely overlooked."

Sultana's response: The link was never overlooked by feminist scholars, it was actually discovered, explained & underscored by feminist scholars. Most folks chose to ignore such research & findings. Again, this is not new information, just more intensified & increased empirical evidence now.

Sultana touches on: Marginalization of feminist scholarship is so commonplace that insights are often ‘discovered’ by others much later.

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Antibles Mon 10-Feb-20 22:47:43

Some people just do not listen to the female voice, in academia, literature, or general life. Let alone the feminist voice!

In a similar vein, when I was younger I had a boss for a short while who on a few occasions would listen to what I said, ignore me, then literally parrot what I said as though it was his own idea or insight, to someone else, within my hearing. I was too young and nervous to challenge him on it. An older female colleague noticed it on the third occasion and very pointedly gave me credit and I have always remembered her for it.

I think it is often interesting to look at a man's bookshelf and see how many books are on there that are authored by women.

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