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SNP finance minister coming on to school boys

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ThinEndoftheWedge Thu 06-Feb-20 19:48:06

Useful thread on SNP Derek McKay and the implications for the Scottish Government

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ThinEndoftheWedge Thu 06-Feb-20 19:48:25

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KTJean Thu 06-Feb-20 19:51:34

Indeed so.

ScrimshawTheSecond Thu 06-Feb-20 19:53:46

Maybe the Scot Govt needs some urgent training on safeguarding protocols.

Mockersisrightasusual Thu 06-Feb-20 19:54:35

We also have the trial of Grabbyhands Eck (allegedly) to look forward to.

Evenquieterlife33 Thu 06-Feb-20 19:59:24

All day I’ve been hearing about this man who says he acted “foolishly.” He was grooming this child. And that thread is bang on the money.

dementedma Thu 06-Feb-20 20:00:04

Good article. SNP need to be challenged and their policies questioned. There is no other political party in Scotland strong enough to hold their feet to the flames.

Al1Langdownthecleghole Thu 06-Feb-20 20:03:05

My one tiny positive in all of this, is that with him out of the running to succeed Nicola Sturgeon, Joanna Cherry is in a stronger position.

I’m sure they’ll be a pile on though.

Languishingfemale Thu 06-Feb-20 20:04:07

I've been waiting for someone to point this out. State sponsored grooming of children - in plain sight. angry

DeeZastris Thu 06-Feb-20 20:31:10

From the party that tried (and thankfully failed) to bring in the named person scheme 🤦‍♀️

siring1 Thu 06-Feb-20 20:39:44

In what way is this 'state sponsored'?

SW16 Thu 06-Feb-20 20:48:33

The minimisation in the word ‘foolish’. angry

It’s insulting.

Languishingfemale Thu 06-Feb-20 21:22:17

"State sponsored" - politicians with a personal predilection for young people (alongside their useful idiot colleagues who dismiss safeguarding as irrelevant) grooming children into believing that they have no right to boundaries and removing all sex based rights and sex segregated spaces.

Too many examples of politicians, celebrities, senior staff in local government, the civil service, the NHS and other organisations who have a personal vested interest in removing safeguarding and boundaries - especially of children.

rogdmum Thu 06-Feb-20 21:27:28

The SNP are also the party who never carried out any investigation into safeguarding at (SNP heavily funded) LGBT Youth Scotland after their CEO, James Rennie, was arrested and then convicted of being a ringleader of Scotland’s largest paedophilia network.

nauticant Thu 06-Feb-20 21:53:39

Maybe the Scot Govt needs some urgent training on safeguarding protocols.

The SNP leadership had already decided it's people were morally superior to the rest of us. As well as knowing best. Those attitudes combined with a small pool gives you this story.

siring1 Thu 06-Feb-20 22:00:17

So the Scottish government has a policy of enco...

Actually there's no point trying to argue with.

"Youcannot reasonsomeone out of something he or she was not reasoned into." Swift.

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