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Separate changing rooms in primary.

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Evenquieterlife33 Tue 04-Feb-20 17:34:23

Hi, I’m just asking here because I’m sure some clever woman here will know! Is there any legislation to get schools to facilitate separate changing for mixed sex primary schools. My child is aged 10 and the mixed sex changing is now throwing up some issues around privacy particularly for the girls in class. I know they have to have separate loos over 8 and that is in place at the school. Thanks 😊

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Thelnebriati Tue 04-Feb-20 17:41:52

No there isnt. The NSPCC used to say best practice is single sex but the leaflet they published seems to have gone missing.

MacaroonMama Tue 04-Feb-20 17:52:15

Might it be worth raising concerns with your Head? We had similar from Y5 or so, and a few of us emailed the Head explaining. They found a very small room down the corridor for one sex to change in and the others change in the classroom. And they swap every week to keep it fair.

Might that be an option?

MacaroonMama Tue 04-Feb-20 17:53:04

Sorry, not legislation, but your school might listen to parents' concerns without them. Hope so.

Evenquieterlife33 Tue 04-Feb-20 17:53:36

Thanks very much, I can use the links you posted though. Thanks again.

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TulipCat Tue 04-Feb-20 17:55:43

Ours are separate in years 5 and 6.

Evenquieterlife33 Tue 04-Feb-20 17:57:21

Mac- the weird thing about the situation is that there is a perfectly good set of changing rooms that are empty at the time that the kids are changing in the classroom. Some of the kids have raised it with the teacher who has said that will raise it with the head. This is also year 5. Reading tha NSPCC leaflet it really should be good practice to separate after age 8. They all develop at different rates now-days, seems like the lack of legislation needs addressing.

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Lipperfromchipper Tue 04-Feb-20 17:59:06

I am baffled as to why children need to get changed in school in the first in Ireland they go to school WEARING their tracksuit on PE days...much easier and makes more sense!!

HopeClearwater Tue 04-Feb-20 18:42:05

What’s the point in insisting on this when any little boy who reckons he’s a girl will be able to insist on using the girls’ changing room?

JellySlice Tue 04-Feb-20 21:25:49

Because when that happens the parents can ask "You agreed that female children should have privacy from male children. What has changed?"

midclegs Tue 04-Feb-20 21:42:24

Isn't it still the law that a GRC can only be granted over the age of 18. And that the becomes a protected category? But for now at least females are protected? Or am I being stupid.

FemaleAndLearning Tue 04-Feb-20 21:44:45

Our primary school uses a curtain in the classroom to divide boys and girls from year 5 it seems to work well. To be honest I think it would be better from year 4. Some girls are quite developed by year 4 let alone year 5. My girls both wear a bra top on PE days even with the curtain. Definitely bring this up with the head. If the girls are feeling uncomfortable then something should be done. Privacy and dignity.

HopeClearwater Tue 04-Feb-20 22:44:11

@JellySlice I certainly hope so. Not holding out much hope that my local education authority will back them up.

WomanBornNotWorn Wed 05-Feb-20 00:27:49

I was in bra and periods mode in my last year at junior school. I was way ahead of the others partly because of my height - 5'8" by the time I was 11. Others looked like much younger girls. Luckily lunacy had not kicked in, and we had completely separate girls' & boys' changing/loos. Can't imagine what this is all doing to kids.

TheProdigalKittensReturn Wed 05-Feb-20 01:01:09

I'd ask for a meeting with the head, print out the NSPCC leaflet, and take that in with you. By age 8 children definitely need to be separated by sex, which is why that's traditionally been the cutoff point in general (for parents taking kids into opposite sex spaces with them and so on).

Lipperfromchipper Wed 05-Feb-20 07:18:05

Why can children in the uk not just get dressed into their PE clothes that morning??? Honestly...can someone not just answer that question??!!! It would save this WHOLE problem!!

JellySlice Wed 05-Feb-20 07:33:03

I have often wondered the same, particularly in primary school.

My dc each had a day at school where they had PE, plus an activity which the school dictated had to be done in PE kit. So they would change into PE kit during morning registration and change back into uniform just before hometime. confused

Lipperfromchipper Wed 05-Feb-20 07:41:16

@JellySlice but I mean why can’t they get changed AT HOME...there is no need to have children getting undressed and dressed in just baffles me to be honest!! I see no benefit!!

TulipCat Wed 05-Feb-20 07:42:56

@Lipperfromchipper my boys are currently playing rugby for PE, on a grass pitch. The lesson is at 10am. The kit comes back covered in mud and pretty wet after every session. No way are they wearing that for the rest of school day!

okiedokieme Wed 05-Feb-20 07:49:35

We changed in the classroom when I was at school, it wasn't an issue, my girls changed schools in year 6 but changed it the classroom in year 5

Longwhiskers14 Wed 05-Feb-20 07:55:56

Our school separates them in Y5 and Y6. From talking to friends (incl. teachers) that's quite typical. You should talk to the head about it.

Lipperfromchipper Wed 05-Feb-20 08:01:46

@TulipCat well aside from that...obviously. But most other sports are fairly harmless to be fair.

SarahTancredi Wed 05-Feb-20 08:07:45

When I went to school in the 80s there were changing rooms. It seems to be a recent thing that there arent any. Even when they renovate or build new ones. Its puzzling why no one points out the lack of changing facilities when the designs get approved. confused

I think kids should be separated when they go up to juniors. It's really creul to expect girls who could be developing to change alongside boys.

MrsKneller Wed 05-Feb-20 09:06:31

My kids get absolutely filthy playing rugby & football & occasionally lacrosse. They have to get changed. The problem with requiring them to stay in sports kit - as suggested by some - is that it limits the sports they can do - no rugby, football or lacrosse. Or kids are inactive enough as it is. We shouldn’t be restricting sports they may like.

ItsLateHumpty Wed 05-Feb-20 09:11:26

I thought kids showered after PE, so where do they change after a shower? Or is that only older years?

(And if they still shower, would also explain why PE kit is not kept on all day).

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