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New Year's Inn

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FloralFestiveBunting Mon 30-Dec-19 13:40:26

Anyone fancy a FWR virtual drink and chat? I've had a shit day at work, home is shit right now, and I burst into tears in the womens locker room I was so stressed. And now there's a bloke at the bus stop who wants to have a cheery chappy chat and I just want to be left alone!

I'm not going out on NYE. So I reckon I can drink as much virtual Southern Comfort and coke as I like in here.

What'll you have?

Ereshkigal Mon 30-Dec-19 13:46:48

Sorry to hear you're having a crappy day Floral. I'll have a glass of red. Cheers wine

OhHolyJesus Mon 30-Dec-19 13:51:31

I not drinking but I'll keep you company any day of the week Floral x

FloralFestiveBunting Mon 30-Dec-19 13:56:22

Bus has arrived. I think I shall go and get my hair cut. I think my period might be about to hit me, as I am normally much better at dealing with extremely busy with multiple demands. I need sleep, really. Had a holiday request turned down. I think I shall make it a double southern comfort.

Company most appreciated, ginwinebrewcake help yourself.

WhereYouLeftIt Mon 30-Dec-19 13:56:30

Ooh, a Drambuie on ice for me please!

((virtual hug)) for your crappy day.

Lordfrontpaw Mon 30-Dec-19 13:58:27

Well I just made myself a lovely sandwich and took a huge bite - only to discover the bottom slide of bread was mouldy! 🤢Dammit, I need to change my glasses to cook these days.

I need a stiff drink to get the taste out of my mouth.

MIdgebabe Mon 30-Dec-19 14:00:45

Drinking from now till have more stamina than I have ! I am full of admiration.

Tackling a food shop today ( after a few blissful, although cold due to broken heating, away-from-everyone days) nearly reduced me to tears. Now back to a very muddy house. Which is going to stay that way for a few more hours

MIdgebabe Mon 30-Dec-19 14:01:35

Holiday request turned down is cruel

MIdgebabe Mon 30-Dec-19 14:02:08

Varifocals keep me alive

OhHolyJesus Mon 30-Dec-19 14:07:24

I got my period en route to the in laws, I swear it's early, I was completely unprepared. Bled through my best jeans which I hand washed upon arrival. Maybe I should have a little something, for medicinal purposes you understand...

WhereYouLeftIt Mon 30-Dec-19 14:22:16

Eek, Lordfrontpaw. What are you having? It will have to be strong enough to take that taste (and memory) away ...

Lordfrontpaw Mon 30-Dec-19 14:42:39

A Whisky Mac please. A large one yum yum 🥃

Lordfrontpaw Mon 30-Dec-19 14:43:16

Can I pour anyone a drink?

FloralFestiveBunting Mon 30-Dec-19 14:45:51

At hairdresser now. Dd2 thinks I should get a 'fade'. I think that sounds fun, but it's a bit bloody cold out.

WhereYouLeftIt Mon 30-Dec-19 14:53:18

What's a fade Floral ?

FloralFestiveBunting Mon 30-Dec-19 15:04:18

This sort of short style...

WhereYouLeftIt Mon 30-Dec-19 15:34:52

Ooh, I do like that!

FloralFestiveBunting Mon 30-Dec-19 16:01:24

The deed is done. But I can't show you a picture as it's totally blue and very outing.

Time for more drink!!grin

ScrimshawTheSecond Mon 30-Dec-19 16:07:19

Sorry about the crappy day/PMT. Can I make you a toddy? I make good toddies. I like that hairstyle. Wouldn't it grow out in about 5 minutes, though?

FloralFestiveBunting Mon 30-Dec-19 16:15:23

Yes. It's already a jaw length bob, half an hour after it was done...

Only cost £15 though. Genius

Lordfrontpaw Mon 30-Dec-19 17:30:10

My god I had my hair like that - waaayyy back when I was at school in the 1980s! Natural colour though.

Sprinklemetinsel Mon 30-Dec-19 17:44:36

Totally blue floral?! That's rather woke of you...

I'm ready for a stiff one- DM here since 18th, going home on 2nd. SOS. Send gin in big bottles, please.

SophoclesTheFox Mon 30-Dec-19 17:52:53

Love the hair!

Mouldy bread is making me feel a bit sick, hope the taste has gone now.

I’ve just had a hot chocolate with a slug of amaretto in it, as I have a pre-cold and am feeling a bit mopey. It has lit a warm glow within grin

NothingIsWrong Mon 30-Dec-19 17:55:30

Wine for me if anyone has some. Driven three whiny bastards kids back from Yorkshire to Oxfordshire to find no food in the house and DH going "well what do you want me to do?"

Choice words were had. Takeaway is on its way.

Blue fade sounds amazing, I wish I could get away with something like that....

Sprinklemetinsel Mon 30-Dec-19 18:01:44

That was a great excuse for a big vodka. Fabulous. Cheers all!

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