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Gender recognition process to be simplified for teenagers in Ireland

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stumbledin Mon 02-Dec-19 19:35:32

The gender recognition process for 16- and 17-year-olds will be simplified under new legislation announced by the Government.

Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty said she will seek to amend the Gender Recognition Act 2015 in response to the findings of a review group which reported back last summer.

However, legal rights group FLAC joined LGBT+ groups TENI and BeLonG To in expressing “disappointment” that she had not committed to implementing all of the recommendations of the review group.

Ms Doherty said: “One of the main findings of the review group was that the current legislation is too onerous for children aged 16 and 17 years, as it involves a court process and certification by two medical practitioners.

“The measures I am proposing today aim to reform this process to reflect the fact that the legal recognition of a person’s gender is separate and distinct from any question of medical intervention, and should be facilitated with parental consent and a simple revocation process.”

The law will also be updated to allow for Irish citizens born outside the State and living outside the State, including Northern Ireland, to apply for a gender recognition certificate.

merrymouse Tue 03-Dec-19 18:54:44

It's like we're so desperate to make up for serious past mistakes

The problem is that the mistakes are being repeated.

my god fearing mother thinks we just need to be nice and let them have what they're asking for!

Wasn't this the attitude that caused all the problems in the first place?

Oncewasblueandyellowtwo Tue 03-Dec-19 22:18:22

Do everyone read the dentons thread? I haven't read the whole report but have read the Roll on Friday article.
A lot of similarities, pushing to remove consent of parents and saying that it's not about surgery.
I know it's references Ireland but I'm just shocked that so many groups here seem to be involved and use this advice.

3timeslucky Wed 04-Dec-19 09:46:06

There's a female columnist for the Independent or Irish Times maybe, I just can't remember her name but I remember reading something she wrote about the gra and it was a little GC. I've been trying online to find out who it was, does anyone know who I'm talking about?

I can't think of anyone in the IT. Could it be Stella O'Malley? Wrote this recently: ... 42200.html

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