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Lush has fallen

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WomanBornNotWorn Sat 30-Nov-19 11:21:49

One more shop to walk past

BingBongSong Sat 30-Nov-19 12:03:07

@ScrimshawTheSecond, Twinings is owned by Associated British Food. You'd think a food company would be OK, but of course we've seen stuff from Upfield (Flora) and P&G (Always, but also Gillette, Fairy, Pringles etc.). I don't know much, but P&G at least doesn't produce exclusively food.

PenguindreamsofDraco Sat 30-Nov-19 12:07:25

They lost me on the anti police thing too. I was wavering and then they did some fundraising for Mermaids I think. V easy to boycott the products - someone on MN recommended Soaposh, which is lovely. Harder to avoid the smell of course.

SunshineCake Sat 30-Nov-19 12:13:27

I thought they had gone bust. Shame they haven't. Sorry for workers losing their jobs though.

Kanga83 Sat 30-Nov-19 12:25:46

They lost me with their anti-police bollocks. Can't say I ever shopped there as it stank as badly as a skunk letting one off in a perfume factory. They are not woke to me, but rather batshit with their need for attention dressed as advertising.

MockersFactCheckMN Sat 30-Nov-19 12:28:15


I wasn't aware they ever got up.

Do they still require their staff to do the annual bare-arsed thing in nothing but aprons?

spacepyramid Sat 30-Nov-19 12:33:58

I wouldn't shop at Lush if they paid me, not since the stench from their stores became unbearable, not since they showed they were prepared to exploit their staff, not since they get the staff to be so pushy and not since their anti-police stance.

ScrimshawTheSecond Sat 30-Nov-19 12:34:24

Getting a bit nervous about Twinings, now. I think I prefer blissful ignorance. confused

spacepyramid Sat 30-Nov-19 12:35:49

As for Twinings, I think they are all owned by big companies now - Teapigs sold out to Tetley, Pukka Teas did the same with Unilever.

TirisfalPumpkin Sat 30-Nov-19 12:36:36

US Lush have done woke things before (remember a really patronising trans education campaign). I think this is a first for the UK side.

I stopped buying from them a while ago. TBH it's no loss - their stuff is overpriced, their stores are a sensory assault not just from the smells, and they have a poor reputation for staff welfare.

MockersFactCheckMN Sat 30-Nov-19 12:39:43

No, I did not imagine it:

WotchaTalkinBoutWillis Sat 30-Nov-19 12:41:12

Sorry, but I'm a bit lost as to what the issue is here?
You say "Lush has Fallen" but how is them raising money for trans charities or organisations a threat to women?
Are people even against the idea of there being trans help at all?
Otherwise if not, what's the problem?

AutumnRose1 Sat 30-Nov-19 12:44:24

Relieved I’m not the only one wondered when they weren’t fallen 😂

Mockers hopefully that was paid models rather than just asking staff....which would be illegal....hopefully? I don’t actually know.

allmywhat Sat 30-Nov-19 12:44:40

I like their massage bars because find myself giving/receiving a lot more spontaneous massages when I keep them in the house.

That said, DP isn't super keen on the smell, and Lush shops are indeed awful. Can anyone recommend an alternative source for massage bars?

TheProdigalKittensReturn Sat 30-Nov-19 12:47:25

As others have said, I think the forcing staff to run around with their arses out in public and similar stunts was enough reason to avoid them.

GCAcademic Sat 30-Nov-19 12:48:16

You say "Lush has Fallen" but how is them raising money for trans charities or organisations a threat to women?

The charity in question is Trans Media Watch. The term "media watch" should raise questions in itself. In any case, this is an organisation which is committed to the suppression of debate and the demonization of those who wish to discuss (a) the fact that there is a conflict between the rights of women to single-sex space and facilities and between the desire of other groups to have access to facilities which do not match their sex, (b) the problems that might arise from the medicalisation of children who experience gender dysphoria

MockersFactCheckMN Sat 30-Nov-19 12:54:52

...No, it was staff.




It's a regular thing.

MrsFoxPlus4Again Sat 30-Nov-19 12:56:01

Lush is shit anyways it upsets my vulva.

TheProdigalKittensReturn Sat 30-Nov-19 13:00:29

Looks bloody cold in that video too, do you see the wind?

BlouseAndSkirt Sat 30-Nov-19 13:11:16

Lush: asphyxiating women since inception.

What do we expect grin

TheProdigalKittensReturn Sat 30-Nov-19 13:13:36

It's basically Axe/Lynx for women, isn't it?

lilypainter Sat 30-Nov-19 13:18:18

They have events where they force staff to go about wearing nothing but an apron???
shock shock shock

It’s meant to be a soap shop FFS!!

MockersFactCheckMN Sat 30-Nov-19 13:29:40

...of course they don't "force" you. Everyone is a volunteer.

AutumnRose1 Sat 30-Nov-19 13:30:19

My colleague’s daughter worked in a London store summer after A levels, I’ll ask her if she knows about this.

I would say that’s a hostile work environment. Among many other things ...

TiredofthisBS Sat 30-Nov-19 13:33:25

Have Lush ever given money to a women's rights charity or lobby group?

TheProdigalKittensReturn Sat 30-Nov-19 13:34:38

"Come work for Lush! Catch a cold and a chill in a place you'd rather not mention and get your bare arse pinched all at once! Tissues for everyday runny nose caused by excessively scented products not included. Migraines as a result of all the scent a free bonus!"

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