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Radio 4 - 3.45 pm

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cwg1 Fri 29-Nov-19 15:42:50

Short story thing. Of course, damn device has been playing up and trying to post for ages...

AnotherNightWatering Fri 29-Nov-19 15:58:45

Am listening... can't believe it on the bbc shock

BlackeyedSusan Fri 29-Nov-19 16:00:08

Bloody brilliant.

MouseandCat Fri 29-Nov-19 16:00:10

It's perfect

BlackeyedSusan Fri 29-Nov-19 16:00:38

And so bloody clever.

AnotherNightWatering Fri 29-Nov-19 16:01:17

cwg1 Thank you for flagging this up! Fab story.

Here's the link

StillWeRise Fri 29-Nov-19 16:02:41

dont know why theyre calling it fact to fiction, this is all fact

cwg1 Fri 29-Nov-19 16:03:22

Brilliant!! Contrasting suffragist Joan, 2nd-waver Joanna and young Jo in 2019, working at a meeting - protestors outside, why #nodebate??

ErrolTheDragon Fri 29-Nov-19 16:03:27

I caught that by accident while I was chopping onions. Well, that's my excuse for tearing up.

Here's to all the waves of Joans, Joannas and Jos.

Herocomplex Fri 29-Nov-19 16:05:07

Very good.

‘From Fact To Fiction’ is a long running theme. A very current topic/news story is made into a short story.

vaginafetishist Fri 29-Nov-19 16:06:06

Oh my gosh I'm just in shock...what have I just heard. Who is this woman?

vaginafetishist Fri 29-Nov-19 16:06:44

The lips glued shut....

AnotherNightWatering Fri 29-Nov-19 16:09:06

She says she was commissioned.

earlydoors42 Fri 29-Nov-19 16:15:01

This was amazing!

nauticant Fri 29-Nov-19 16:16:26

Wow! I'd made a note to listen to this and was expecting the third wave to be about stunning and brave women.

ErrolTheDragon Fri 29-Nov-19 16:20:00

Good work Hannah - and it was well read too.

Melroses Fri 29-Nov-19 16:27:39

Wow - that was good and really enjoyable too.

NonnyMouse1337 Fri 29-Nov-19 16:29:16

Wow... I'm impressed by this. Wonderfully woven story across the eras. Brilliant narration. smile

vaginafetishist Fri 29-Nov-19 16:32:51

nauticant I was too.
She was so clever to put it into the clearest possible terms of men and women. You can't deny what's going on. Of course speaking clearly helps this to happen.

SpringFan Fri 29-Nov-19 16:34:40

Outstanding. I wanted to cheer.

TiredofthisBS Fri 29-Nov-19 16:37:58

That was amazing!

BarbaraStrozzi Fri 29-Nov-19 16:43:28

A great little piece.

BiologyIsReal Fri 29-Nov-19 16:44:09

Great. Really resonates. I'm 76 so in 1974 I was a year younger than the character Joanna and well remember the fights we had for equal pay, the need to get a male guarantor and all that shit.

But where I didn't identify was in the personal and work situation. I married in 1966 and worked full time all my life and my marriage with my late husband was one of total partnership - sharing the money making, the domestic work and parenting. And there were many women like me. In fact nearly all my friends.

Being a second wave feminist was bloody wonderful.

Zeugma Fri 29-Nov-19 16:47:33

I just happened to hear this and it was absolutely WONDERFUL. I’m so glad there’s a thread, I came on here to start one if there wasn’t one already.

LangCleg Fri 29-Nov-19 16:49:43

This is bloody brilliant! Did the BBC censors have a day off?!


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