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Oh look, it's those guidelines making no sense whatsoever again!

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TheProdigalKittensReturn Mon 04-Nov-19 17:09:48

So, I got an email about a comment in which I said that I wanted to know why genderists keep comparing trans identified males to black women and lesbians being deleted. I think this is absolutely barmy, and have said so to HQ. I'm also baffled as to how this breaks any guidelines and thought perhaps it was time for us as a group to revisit the guidelines and explain once more to MNHQ why they're not working.

What's actually happening here is the the obsessive trans activists who monitor this site are attempting to pick off posters one by one. We lost Orchid last week, and she was just the most recent of many. I'm not sure in MNHQ realize that's happening and welcome it or if it's somehow escaped their notice, but it's a pretty messed up thing for them to be allowing to happen to their users, in my opinion. Are they going to allow this to continue until the only commenters left in this forum are the TRAs who want the entire site shut down?

I know the people who despise the women here would very much like this to all happen under the radar, and that's exactly why I'm not allowing it to play out that way.

StopThePlanet Fri 13-Dec-19 20:41:01

Oncewasblueandyellowtwo flowersflowers

Again thank you for your kind words. You are correct that I was looking for support and to call attention to the subject. Fortunately I did get some insight out of the thread which was helpful. I gain so much from talking to all of you.

Oncewasblueandyellowtwo Fri 13-Dec-19 20:21:04

I found it very hurtful for you, you did'nt do or say anything wrong and it seemed like you needed support to work through something and it struck a cord with me.
I'm sorry that you didn't get to hear what others here think and discuss and if it could have helped you flowers

StopThePlanet Fri 13-Dec-19 18:46:33


MNHQ why was stops thread deleted, it wasn't TAAT, the original thread was deleted a few weeks ago? Op started a new thread being very careful not to use the words she used in her first thread, the words used were the reason it was delayed in the first place. Sorry if it's not the right place for this.

Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! That is the reason for my Bunbury post today.

I was so very careful tying myself in knots trying to avoid going against guidelines or using language that could be misconstrued. To have it called a TAAT pisses me off as it wasn't at all - new verbiage and attention due to article posted at the thread lead.

Thank you again dear Once, your acknowledgement helps to take a little of the sting out.

Thelnebriati Fri 13-Dec-19 14:48:43

Howe many more threads do we have to put up with demanding lesbians must take dick and the rest of us must STFU or be classed as bigots?

Because by that reckoning, no feminist should stand up for the rights of any group she is not a member of.
And those threads will disappear in a puff of smoke because logic.

Oncewasblueandyellowtwo Fri 13-Dec-19 14:45:22

*MNHQ why was stops thread deleted, it wasn't TAAT, the original thread was deleted a few weeks ago? Op started a new thread being very careful not to use the words she used in her first thread, the words used were the reason it was delayed in the first place. Sorry if it's not the right place for this.

TheProdigalKittensReturn Tue 03-Dec-19 17:15:56

Maybe Posie, since she's the subject of obsessive interest (again)?

LangCleg Tue 03-Dec-19 17:13:49

I use a VPN that's also used by Famous PBP.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Please don't tell me they thought you were Oflang!

Inebriati Tue 03-Dec-19 17:11:40

I use a VPN that's also used by Famous PBP.

TheProdigalKittensReturn Tue 03-Dec-19 17:02:23

Huh, that's weird. What was wrong with your IP address (so others know if they run into the same issue)?

Inebriati Tue 03-Dec-19 17:00:45

I'm baaaack! Apparently its my IP address that the problem.

Thank you @HopeMumsnet flowers

LangCleg Mon 02-Dec-19 22:40:51

Inebriati? FFS.

@MNHQ? What is going on?

TheProdigalKittensReturn Mon 02-Dec-19 21:14:25

What happened to that whole "we'll totally email you" thing?

ImBrianSosMyWife Mon 02-Dec-19 21:11:07

She said she has no idea, no strikes and no emails.

TheProdigalKittensReturn Mon 02-Dec-19 21:02:24

For what? This really is getting ridiculous. Sort it out, MNHQ.

ImBrianSosMyWife Mon 02-Dec-19 21:01:15

Inebriati was banned this afternoon apparently.

Angryresister Mon 02-Dec-19 15:29:54

I had one recently which didn’t mention trans but accused me of anti trans generalisation . I pointed this out and suggested the second part generalising about men could be altered to say some not all...I have tried twice and not replied to or reinstated, weird world.

TheProdigalKittensReturn Mon 02-Dec-19 12:37:53

My theory - they delete anything that's reported as long as the user being reported is a known Naughty Woman, ie a feminist.

LangCleg Mon 02-Dec-19 09:02:19

So, an update from the Posie Parker thread:

User 1: employs a logical fallacy to make a bad faith argument.

User 2: highlights the use of this logical fallacy and includes the most commonly used exemplar of it. Easily recognised by anyone, as can be seen from the many humorous replies to User 2 shortly following her post.

User 1: complains that the exemplar IS the critique (another bad faith technique - misdirection) and filibusters the board complaining that the text of the exemplar is a personal attack.

User 2: provides explanation for the hard of thinking with a helpful link to a definition of the logical fallacy showing the exemplar.

User 1: ignores User 2 and continues to filibuster the misdirection

Mod team: deletes User 2's pointing out of the logical fallacy

Welcome to FWR.

Since we are constantly told that the mod team are trained to view everything in context, how has this spectacular failure to understand a very simple set of interactions occurred?

Creepster Thu 28-Nov-19 19:35:58

I recently received a week on the naughty step for what a weekend mod claimed was my third strike.
In the interest of accuracy I messaged that te only previous strike I had received was 18 Oct.
MNmodMichael reinstated my ability to provide content because they failed to message me on the first strike they gave me.

Is it really carelessness and negligence that is causing commenters so much distress, and if it is what if anything will they do about it.

Grimbles Thu 28-Nov-19 14:50:02

Deleting a post because you cant be arsed dont have the resources to look into context, etc. is one thing. Its ridiculous but a separate issue to issuing strikes and banning posters alongside the deletion.

Xenia Thu 28-Nov-19 12:09:52

The problem for websites is resources so when people complain things tend to get taken down as that's quicker and easier. Unfortunately that means people like I am who would just about never report a post as I am at the extreme end of free speech in terms of views would not be someone likely to object to posts whereas others are. So it is a bit like a playground where those with the loudest voices win out (and they might well be transwomen, not xx or men - I think we are allowed to use generalisations about men on MN - that they tend to shout down women).

Some trans people and men don't like mumsnet because women are in the majority nad have a voice, something we are usually denied in many other contexts so they like to shut us down.

i am not particularly involved in trans issues but I do strongly support our current gender laws and do not think they should be changed as had been proposed (and I believe the Tory Government has now agreed that too - I hope).

GirlDownUnder Thu 28-Nov-19 11:58:19

How far back are MNHQ going to delete and strike? I mean yeah, their site and I’d say it’s pretty bad deleting something from months ago, but ok, up to them, but to give a strike toward a site ban retrospectively is crap.

So, if Butter hadn’t name changed and someone wanted to be an arse they could AS and report the 15 / 20 times Butter has used the phrase and the first Butter would know would be a ‘go well’ email from @MNHQ?

Or, obvs now they know it’s a banable phrase they could just AS that phrase and voila FWR has no posters?¿

Yeah, that’s brilliant mod’ing hmm

Jux Thu 28-Nov-19 11:36:29

None of this is sensible. And retrospective striking is really really unfair.

Butterisbest Wed 27-Nov-19 23:01:14

Or maybe we're all targets. The most recent deletion and strike was on a thread when I was well pissed off with a particular poster with a name from different strokes. One to avoid in future

Butterisbest Wed 27-Nov-19 22:58:30

Very true Ereshkigal, I'm not a prolific poster or a target, my post on Break it down was another name. But I thought it was worth posting what I was told.

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