Magdalen Berns

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SpinneyHill Fri 13-Sep-19 10:22:12

No idea how to link it properly

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HauntedPinecone Fri 13-Sep-19 10:23:00

Terribly sad. Remarkable woman.

Datun Fri 13-Sep-19 10:23:03

Oh god. I have no words.

wrongsideofhistorymyarse Fri 13-Sep-19 10:23:47

Much love to her friends and family.

She was an extraordinary young woman.

RoyalCorgi Fri 13-Sep-19 10:24:05

I'm so sorry. I know we all expected it but it's still utterly heartbreaking.

9years Fri 13-Sep-19 10:24:35

flowers for Magdalen’s family and friends. A very sad day.

Joisanofthedales Fri 13-Sep-19 10:24:41

Very very sad news.


BadgertheBodger Fri 13-Sep-19 10:25:30

Oh I’m so sorry for all her family and friends flowers what a terrible, tragic loss of a phenomenal woman

AccioWine Fri 13-Sep-19 10:25:50

Oh that is sad. She was so young.
thanks to her family and friends.

Tweetingmagpie Fri 13-Sep-19 10:25:53

What a shame! she was an amazing woman.

OvaHere Fri 13-Sep-19 10:25:54

Very sad even though we knew it was coming. She was proud of how she lived her life, we should remember and celebrate that. She has been an inspiration to many.

isabellerossignol Fri 13-Sep-19 10:26:23

That's so sad. She really was such a powerful voice.

Fortheloveofscience Fri 13-Sep-19 10:27:44

Desperately, heartbreakingly sad that such a shining light of a woman has gone. I suspect she’s touched more people than she could ever have realised.

My thoughts and condolences are with all her friends and family.

littlbrowndog Fri 13-Sep-19 10:28:10

Goodbye Magdalen. You

I can’t have words

ArnoldWhatshisknickers Fri 13-Sep-19 10:28:27

RIP Magdalen, you magnificent woman.

flowers for all who were privileged enough to know and love you.

Hulo Fri 13-Sep-19 10:28:55

She's gone. I'm so sad

Backintheclosit123 Fri 13-Sep-19 10:29:07

So sad.
Her name will never be forgotten.
It was so lovely to be one of the many many to hold space with her this last few weeks. It felt powerful and loving and real.

ImpossibleNovelty Fri 13-Sep-19 10:29:37

Oh my heart hurts at this news. Genuinely. An incredible woman. flowers for her loved ones.

truthisarevolutionaryact Fri 13-Sep-19 10:30:10

What a loss - to her family and friends but also to women everywhere. Rest in peace.

CaptainKirksSpookyGhost Fri 13-Sep-19 10:30:24


Cocolapew Fri 13-Sep-19 10:30:48

Such sad news

failingatlife Fri 13-Sep-19 10:31:33

Tragic that an amazing, inspiring young woman has had her life cut short so cruelly. Love to all who are mourning Magdalen flowerssad

DickKerrLadies Fri 13-Sep-19 10:33:13

A voice that will be missed


Michelleoftheresistance Fri 13-Sep-19 10:33:16

I'm so sorry. Such a remarkable and courageous woman in so many ways. flowers

RufusthebewiIderedreindeer Fri 13-Sep-19 10:34:51

Very sad news

Thinking of her friends and family flowers

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