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Scientists unlock secrets of biological sex within sperm for first time in major breakthrough

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BiologyIsReal Wed 14-Aug-19 14:15:28

From today's Daily Telegraph

Interesting on two points

1) most important: the potential ethical issues that could arise

2) but also noticeable: the print version of the story's headline is "Scientists detect gender from sperm" and the word gender appears in the body of the article as in "British experts said the implications could be "colossal" and warned it could be used for sex selection of humans. In Britain selecting babies or aborting them because of gender is illegal, but the practice is legal in several countries, including the US."

In the online edition the headline reads "Scientists unlock secrets of biological sex within sperm for first time in major breakthrough" and the word gender does not appear in the clearly edited article. The part of the paragraph speaking of gender is omitted.

One wonders if the science editor, whose story this is and is not suitably woke, blew a gasket at the subs for their misleading headline but also why gender disappears from the online version. hmm

GirlDownUnder Wed 14-Aug-19 14:27:14

Screen shot just in case the headline gets changed.

But also, for the print edition, your point 2, oxymoron surely “detect gender....used for sex selection”

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