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truthisarevolutionaryact Wed 14-Aug-19 11:12:17

Has anyone got an old thread from FWR in their Trending Now? Am reluctant to post on it as the last post was Feb 2019 yet there it is??
It's a very interesting read btw grin

truthisarevolutionaryact Wed 14-Aug-19 11:15:27

Amidst threads about going to the doctors, choice of a pram there's this thread sitting there:

Yet not posted on since February!

ArnoldWhatshisknickers Wed 14-Aug-19 11:15:35

Yes, I'm getting it too.

Always worth highlighting exactly how vile the advocate of extremist pornography including beastiality, necrophilia and cartoon images of child abuse, Jane Fae is though so kudos to Mumsnet.

VikingVolva Wed 14-Aug-19 11:16:26

I'm reporting this post to MNHQ, because 'trending' does occasionally throw in an old thread for no apparent reason. They need to know it's acting up again

truthisarevolutionaryact Wed 14-Aug-19 11:16:47

Oh good Arnold - it's not just me then. And yes, it made alarming reading .

truthisarevolutionaryact Wed 14-Aug-19 11:17:30

And it's disappeared...

littlbrowndog Wed 14-Aug-19 11:22:55

I saw that as well 🤷‍♀️

HopeMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 14-Aug-19 11:38:52

Hi there,
We'll have a check tech-wise but it might just be that JF was on the telly this morning and it's coming up in Google searches?

beagadorsrock Wed 14-Aug-19 11:47:28

I saw that too and wondered. Good to know that if JF is on tv, that thread gets seen...

truthisarevolutionaryact Wed 14-Aug-19 11:50:48

Thanks Hope.
Wonders what JF was talking about on telly this morning......

OldCrone Wed 14-Aug-19 11:58:33

Apparently Jane Fae is now an expert on climate change.

WrathoSWhittIeKIop Wed 14-Aug-19 19:18:32

Jane Fae certainly was on the Jeremy Vine show sitting on a very low chair.

WrathoSWhittIeKIop Wed 14-Aug-19 19:53:35

Here's a reminder of a time before Jane was an authority on climate change.

Outanabout Wed 14-Aug-19 22:23:42

Apparently Jane Fae is now an expert on climate change.

An expert, or identifies as one?

JoyceJeffries Wed 14-Aug-19 22:40:30

Is Jane Fae still an advocate of extreme hardcore pornography or is it just the knitting nowadays?

Datun Wed 14-Aug-19 23:35:59

Yes extreme pornography, which I think is described as involving serious injury to the breasts, vagina and anus. And where the viewer is encouraged to be in quite genuine doubt as to whether the person has actually been injured/killed. Sorry, woman, not person.

JF also campaigned for lowering the legal age of participants.

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