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Jameela Jamil

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breakfastpizza Sun 09-Jun-19 18:26:16

Jameela is tweeting about the NSPCC dropping Munroe Bergdorf. She's a celeb who's gone all out about "body positivity" but is apparently unable to see the irony in telling kids they might be born in the wrong body.

She's also a self-proclaimed "feminist-in-progress", yet she calls women who object to male bodies having unrestricted access to female safe spaces "a bunch of transphobic cis women".

What a feminist you are, Jameela! Way to support your sisters, who, you know, actually have to deal with men invading their spaces, while you swan around above it all.

stayingstrange Sun 09-Jun-19 21:47:00

While we all say dumb shit when we're young, I personally have never forgiven her for this comment she made a few years ago:

Jamil tweeted: ‘Catherine Zeta-Jones has just been admitted to rehab for bipolar disorder. I GUARANTEE it’s just the menopause! Makes 40+ crazy'.

I am very cynical about her.

NewarkShark Sun 09-Jun-19 21:48:04

I’m really angry with her. I dislike Munroe Bergdorf for ignorant and offensive comments such as centring reproductive systems in feminism being “reductive” but I personally wasn’t going to go on the warpath about her being a Childline advocate, even if there are plenty of trans people (God forbid, even a trans man) who would be better advocates to reach out to gender questioning youngsters.

But to call Janice Turner a “transphobic mess” for raising the concerns which she did? You’re no feminist Jameela. To coin a phrase your misogynist friends like to use, do better.

Quietlife333 Sun 09-Jun-19 21:52:39

She has nothing of any value to add at the moment. Maybe she will get it together. Tbh I think she is just going along with what’s “on trend.”

KettlePolly Mon 10-Jun-19 10:08:29

I'm a bit in love with her and think she's brilliant in The Good Place and has done a great job calling out bullshit on all sorts ... So my heart sank a bit to see her boinging to MBs defence and slagging off those who objected as being transphobic. It's basically internalised misogyny, swerving away from centering women and their biology and the endemic discrimination based on that, including the bare fact that pornified looks/porn and sex work are saturated in patriarchy and oppression, and that to be ok with that is to be complicit, which isn't to shame sex workers but to see the whole picture and normalising it is to put vulnerable young people at a greater risk. Let alone the safeguarding problems. Safeguarding really matters. There must be a million other better LGBT+ representatives for the charity to work with. No one's saying there shouldn't be representatives, high profile ones sure, but just not MB.

Fibbke Mon 10-Jun-19 10:10:52

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

bettybeans Mon 10-Jun-19 10:21:11

She seems like she has genuinely good intentions but she's clearly so busy trying to remain on brand that she doesn't have time to research and reflect on the causes she's jumping into. "This one looks straightforward, in we go!" Eh, no. Do your reading, Jameela. You're making a bit of a twit of yourself.

RuffleCrow Mon 10-Jun-19 10:25:07

Oh no ,Jameela. If you're reading this you've just lost another fan sad. I used to think you were awesome.

ZuttZeVootEeeVro Mon 10-Jun-19 10:34:26

I think she's a 'if we are just a bit nicer to men, they'll be nice to us' feminist.

If it works for her, great. She shouldn't be criticising women and organisations for not being the same sort of feminists. She needs to realise that not all men respond how she thinks they will, and some women, children and organisations need more protection.

NewarkShark Mon 10-Jun-19 12:18:43

She has now shared an exceptionally weak thread by Mimmymum, which she describes as “exceptional”. Basically, people who follow FPFW don’t care about children because they don’t follow the NSPCC on twitter (or something). I don’t follow FPFW as it happens, but nor do I follow any charities on Twitter. They’re just not the sorts of accounts that interest me, even the charities I am passionate about don’t have interesting twitter accounts.

As i said above, my starting point is there are better trans ambassadors than Munroe but I wasn’t as bothered as others were, so I’ve no particular skin in this game. But the analysis and argument in that thread is atrocious. I’m a barrister and would relish the opportunity to cross examine her on it - it would be the easiest of my career. It’s just utter shite, devoid of any intellectual reasoning. The fact Jameela Jamil thinks it’s “exceptional” just shows she isn’t interested in intelligent analysis and just takes the path she thinks is most woke.

Jameela, if you’re reading, I would love to hear you say why I’m “anti-trans” because I found any penis belonging to someone I don’t know triggering after I was raped, and how it makes you a feminist. Because such are the views of the people you’ve chosen to get into bed with.

ZuttZeVootEeeVro Mon 10-Jun-19 12:28:00

Basically, people who follow FPFW don’t care about children because they don’t follow the NSPCC on twitter

But that activism for some - who you follow, like, and retweet on twitter is all that matters.

Considering that most referrals to clinics are female, a trans man would be far more relatable than someone who persona is 'feminity' - the very thing these trans boys are rejecting.

Frusty Mon 10-Jun-19 12:41:02

Are we still waiting for the NSPC to do their promised web chat?

MrsDumpty Mon 10-Jun-19 12:43:05

Jameela Jamil is the embodiment of the liberal snake eating its own - she is always tying herself in knots with how 'woke' she is, starting with the fact as pp says, she's a former model who's trying to push 'body positivity'. Also she recently defended Russell Brand on Instagram after going on his podcast (for which many of her followers slammed her).

Haworthia Mon 10-Jun-19 12:50:54

My main problem with Jameela is that she doesn’t seem to have any opinions of her own. That’s why she’s so desperately woke - she just ends up agreeing with the libfems or the SJWs or the transactivicts - whoever piles on her the hardest whenever she says something they object to. It’s all a bit pathetic - she simpers and apologises and vows to do better next time.

I believe Jameela got dogpiled by TRAs a while ago for talking about women's biology being the source of our oppression, and has since 'educated herself' and 'learned to do better'.

Exactly that, yes! grin

She also got roasted by Stephanie Yeboah, who got her friends involved, and actually it all got very nasty and very personal, she was accused of being racist etc etc. Jameela just simpered and apologised, when she could have quite justifiably told the whole lot of them to go fuck themselves. It’s was some of the worst bullying I’d seen on Twitter. On the plus side, I now give Stephanie Yeboah’s writing a swerve when I see it.

RedToothBrush Mon 10-Jun-19 12:51:58

Jameela has an image to think about.

Safeguarding isn't gonna give you great publicity and improve your media profile.

Jameela is all about Jameela. She has to publish her woke liberal identity creditials to be in the cool gang.

It's like high school, when you have to say and do things to be in with the popular kids.

I always thought kids like that with no spine werent worth spending a second thought on.

DuMondeB Mon 10-Jun-19 12:58:57

Are we still waiting for the NSPC to do their promised web chat?

Yes. I was actually hoping they might send Bergdorf to do it 🤷‍♀️

GottaGetUp Mon 10-Jun-19 13:16:49

I think Jameela Jamil suffers a bit from the difference between the US and the UK. Here, we have the government and various authorities falling over themselves to be ‘inclusive’. In the US, Trump et al are enacting actual transphobic policies, banning trans people from the military etc. Which makes it very hard to challenge the progressive hegemony of support for the trans agenda.

Here, while it’s frustrating that every politician seems to have bought into the nonsense, it frees gender critical feminists from being immediately lumped in with the ‘baddies’. It still happens, but there is much more nuance available when it is (at least partially, compared to thre US) separated from left/right politics.

The thing that made me drop Jamil was when she back tracked on something she said about the plastic surgery industry. She got told off because trans people require a lot of plastic surgery to be their ‘true selves’ and they shouldn’t be shamed for that...

Callmejudith Mon 10-Jun-19 14:29:20

She infuriates me.

SirVixofVixHall Mon 10-Jun-19 15:37:22

I was reading some tweets of hers yesterday, she was talking about “little transchildren “ with no irony. hmm

EarClipper Mon 10-Jun-19 15:41:02

My main problem with Jameela is that she doesn’t seem to have any opinions of her own. That’s why she’s so desperately woke - she just ends up agreeing with the libfems or the SJWs or the transactivicts - whoever piles on her the hardest

Yes! It's so transparent. Grown a spine, woman.

EarClipper Mon 10-Jun-19 15:41:12


SunsetBeetch Mon 10-Jun-19 17:17:09

Oh my days.

"Exceptional, detailed, factual and important thread from @mimmymum about Anti-Trans campaigners. It’s so amazing to see the anti-trans campaigns broken down and exposed here. Let’s circulate the SHIT out of this thread. ❤️"

Haworthia Mon 10-Jun-19 17:25:43

Ohhh, “mimmymum” is the woman who took Miranda Yardley to court for transphobia? Nice one, Jameela 🤦‍♀️

SirVixofVixHall Mon 10-Jun-19 17:29:27

When the whole mermaids thing comes crashing down in the manner of Kids Company, I wonder what Jameela will say then ? Has anyone pointed out that Mimmymum took Miranda to court, and it was thrown out ?

QueenOfTheTofuTree Mon 10-Jun-19 18:04:00

What exactly has Munroe Bergdorf done to be considered important and brilliant? Has Jameela Jamil answered that?

breakfastpizza Mon 10-Jun-19 18:12:48

@QueenOfTheTofuTree Munroe is 'stunning' and 'brave' for merely existing!

Unlike us poor uterus-havers who have to slog through life dealing with boring old everyday sexism, lower pay, domestic violence, periods, unwanted attention (and touching) from sex pests, childbirth, etc. We just don't get Munroe's struggle.

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