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Paddy Jackson hired for London Irish Rugby.

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StrippingTheVelvet Tue 07-May-19 18:39:46

After a year with his tail between his legs, Paddy has now been hired by LIRFC. I have attached the list of their sponsors below if anyone has time to send an email or two asking them to put pressure on for the decision to be reconsidered. I'm very articulate, but if it makes it easier feel free to use my letter.

"Good afternoon

I was hoping you could clarify your position on whether Pump Technology expects a certain standard of behaviour from both the organisations they sponsor and those associated with them? I am disturbed to hear about the recent appointment of Paddy Jackson to LIRFC. As you financially support LIRFC one can only assume that you endorse their decisions.

Given the level of public prominence players have and that they are viewed as role models for our young men to aspire to, do you feel this appointment is appropriate and are you happy to be associated with and financially support this decision? 

I would urge you to please discuss this with LIRFC in the same way as Ulster Rugby's sponsors did to ensure there was no negative impact on their businesses.  

Kindest regards,"

StrippingTheVelvet Tue 07-May-19 18:42:52

BuzzPeakWankBobbly Tue 07-May-19 18:46:17

Who is this person and what did they do?

(Obviously I'm going to google it in a second, but I think you need to add in something otherwise it'll just be confused faces receiving the email)

MinecraftMother Tue 07-May-19 18:48:10

There'll be no blank faces on the part of people who receive the email. They know what they've taken on.

And there should be no blank faces here.

StrippingTheVelvet Tue 07-May-19 19:01:02

Sorry, I wrongly assumed most women here would have heard of the Ulster Rugby case! When it's big news in your own backyard, it's easy to forget not everyone hears as much about it.

BuzzPeakWankBobbly Tue 07-May-19 19:04:31

Having googled it, I recognised and remembered the case, but had not immediately connected the individual's name.

No need to be so snotty about it, Minecraft hmmMy previous post was in the spirit of adding weight to OP's email suggestion.

beanaseireann Tue 07-May-19 19:05:10

I was just searching for previous threads on this case on Mumsnet as I had seen the London Irish announcement on Broadsheet ( an Irish app) and this thread came up. I am disgusted with London Irish and the two sponsors of the club I recognise- Guinness and Paddy whiskey. sadsadsad

StrippingTheVelvet Tue 07-May-19 19:06:53

I had thought I'd rather not go into detail as they would either already know who he is or Google would do a much better job of showing what happened whilst allowing me to remain reasonable and polite.

IToldYouIWasFreaky Tue 07-May-19 19:10:52

It's a vile and shocking decision by London Irish. I am local and have often taken DS there for games as they market themselves as family friendly. I am not going back while they employ this man and I'd rather avoid their sponsors too so thank you for the info. I'll be emailing later.

Dyrne Tue 07-May-19 19:12:38

Ugh. So glad London Irish are moving out of my home town. I don’t want that twat anywhere near me.

IToldYouIWasFreaky Tue 07-May-19 19:18:03

They are not moving until summer 2020 more season in Reading hmm

whoatemytwix Tue 07-May-19 19:18:34

A witch hunt campaign on MN is not polite nor reasonable. We (you) May not like the verdict but at the end of the day the courts have decided he was innocent. Say what you will, if there are problems then target the justice system not the individual.

TheweewitchRoz Tue 07-May-19 19:18:59

Disgusting to hear that but thanks for the info @StrippingTheVelvet - I've sent your email to all those organisations.

TheweewitchRoz Tue 07-May-19 19:20:42

The texts etc weren't disputed - he's a vile individual who brought himself, family, club and country into disrepute, nothing to do with the court outcome @whoatemytwix

StrippingTheVelvet Tue 07-May-19 19:24:54

They decided he couldn't be found guilty without reasonable doubt. That's very different.

I do not think someone who calls young women sluts and penetrates them so hard that they're internally bruised and bleeding is a suitable role model. I don't want him to be in a position for young boys to look up to and aspire to be.

IToldYouIWasFreaky Tue 07-May-19 19:25:33

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

RockysMa Tue 07-May-19 19:28:31

Get your facts right@whoatemytwix the court couldn't find him/them guilty. That's very different to being innocent

RockysMa Tue 07-May-19 19:31:06

Thanks for highlighting this @StrippingTheVelvet I'll be sending my emails shortly

SadlyMissTaken Tue 07-May-19 19:31:10

The court found him innocent of rape. It didn't rule on his barbaric attitude and behaviour.

StrippingTheVelvet Tue 07-May-19 19:33:24

My OP was meant to say NOT very articulate blush.

Belfast Feminist Network explains the situation well.

"It is interesting to note that current LIRFC head coach Les Kiss was director of rugby at Ulster Rugby during the time when the rape accusation was made against Jackson and LIRFC director of rugby Declan Kidney also coached Jackson in his early days playing for Ireland. His move from French club Perpignan just one year after the conclusion of the rape case under the direction of these two influential men in Irish rugby leads us to question whether they learnt anything from the public outcry at Jackson’s behaviour. LIRFC’s social media posts today celebrating Jackson’s sporting achievements, even calling him ‘Irish fly-half’ with no acknowledgement of the circumstances as to why he no longer occupies that role, is disrespectful to all those who were caused such pain and distress through his words, attitudes and behaviour towards a young woman. While Ulster rugby took measures to address the legacy of this case for their club, doing the right thing by sacking the two players and undertaking training in consent and healthy relationships, ironically as Jackson and Olding left before that was put in place they are the least likely participants in the whole situation to have undergone any rehabilitation activities or been forced to examine their behaviour and learn from it."

JessicaWakefieldSV Tue 07-May-19 20:03:57

This is fucking disgraceful. They laughed about her crying and bleeding from a 1cm laceration inside her vagina. Their WhatsApp messages are completely unacceptable.

Meanwhile, a Tongan Australian player, Israel Folau will likely never play rugby again for an instagram post with a bible verse deemed homophobic. And NZ Fijian born Sevu Reece beat a woman, escaped conviction despite pleading guilty, now plays in super rugby and likely soon the All Blacks.

The hypocrisy.

LassOfFyvie Tue 07-May-19 20:10:59

The jury found him not guilty of rape.

It is perfectly possible to be not guilty of a crime but still to have behaved in a way which brings one's employer/ profession/ sport into disrepute.

MinecraftMother Tue 07-May-19 20:18:58

I didn't mean it to be snotty (genuinely) I'm sorry it comes across that way. I should reply when not making a white sauce with one hand, phone in the other.

StrippingTheVelvet Tue 07-May-19 20:37:13

I didn't read it as snotty smile.

JustAnotherWoman Tue 07-May-19 23:00:44

His name has become a byword for appalling treatment of women, London Irish decision is disheartening

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