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Pique Resilience Project - amazing young women destransitioners speak out

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pombear Sat 23-Mar-19 00:21:27

I know these women have been referred to in other threads, but I thought it might be good to start a thread to highlight their work to others. I've watched their youtubes and listened and learned from them. The Pique Project women, Dagny, Chiara, Jesse and Helene, are the 'brave and stunning' people, for me, given the current prevailing attitudes. Incredibly brave to talk about this right now.

In their own words, they are four detransitioned and desisted women with the goal of sharing our stories and providing information on detransition, as well as support for those who may be questioning their gender or identity.

From their FAQs:

1. Are you Conservative?
No! All four of us are left-leaning and do not adopt conservative beliefs. Conservatives and liberals support or question the trans movement for very different reasons. Most detransitioned and desisted people are assumed to be right-wing, but this is usually not the case.

2. Do you hate trans people?
Absolutely not. Trans people deserve human rights, and should be free from discrimination. Our project is not "anti-trans-people," and our gender critical views are not in any way meant as an attack against them.

3. Are you TERFs?
While we do align with many gender critical beliefs, we do not agree with the use of "TERF," especially since we do not seek to exclude trans people. We are simply a group of women sharing our experience in the hope that it will be helpful for others.

4. Are you affiliated with any organizations?
No, we are an independent project. Our views are not necessarily aligned with any people and organizations that we may collaborate with.

Chiara's article is here:

As they all say, they're not anti-trans, just want to get their own experience out there.

BettyDuMonde Sat 23-Mar-19 07:29:57

I made a thread back in Feb:

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