Shon Faye publishing book on trans rights

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PrincessPlummy Tue 12-Mar-19 13:28:08

'So my first book is being published by Penguin Press. It’s a political discussion (‘polemic’ sounds too angry) how British trans people are discriminated against in every aspect of life. Sick of the media conversation so starting my own. Stay tuned!'

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buzzbobbly Tue 12-Mar-19 13:40:45

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

BettyDuMonde Tue 12-Mar-19 13:46:00

Hope it’s better researched than this utter cack Faye came up with regarding prisons and refuges:

VickyEadie Tue 12-Mar-19 13:53:43

"Discriminated against in every aspect of life"? feckin' irony alert there.

EcclesThePeacock Tue 12-Mar-19 14:00:30

Well, let's wait and see (assuming someone will take one for the team and read it...). If there are instances of genuine transphobic discrimination then they should be dealt with.

Datun Tue 12-Mar-19 14:06:43

I wonder if Faye telling youngsters to suck dick and get tits early and telling women to enjoy their erasure is framed as sex discrimination?

hipsterfun Tue 12-Mar-19 14:07:25

The book of [Shon] has been remaindered
And I am pleased.

(Paraphrasing) Clive James


Dothehappydance Tue 12-Mar-19 14:15:34

I think I might just have better things to spend £70 on. (according to Waterstones) Pink fluffy things perhaps.

PrincessPlummy Tue 12-Mar-19 14:45:06

Owen Jones has come out in support:

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BettyDuMonde Tue 12-Mar-19 16:24:03

Seventy quid? Isn’t that a transphobic price?

Even Shon Shonself says trans rights are a class struggle:

AssassinatedBeauty Tue 12-Mar-19 16:25:13

£70!! Wow.

EcclesThePeacock Tue 12-Mar-19 16:28:25

It's a typical price for specialist books with limited appeal. The writer ends up with two fifths of bugger all in royalties because it'll be pirated on some dodgy download site. If this happens to Shon, it's not down to transphobia.

OVAgroundWOMBlingfree Tue 12-Mar-19 16:39:29

I like the episode of Alan Partidge where he does go watch his book being pulped.

zanahoria Tue 12-Mar-19 16:41:41

I saw Owen's book for fifty pence at a car boot sale

I still wasn't tempted

McTufty Tue 12-Mar-19 16:45:20

I don’t doubt trans people are marginalised and discriminated against. I will stand with them against such instances.

I don’t think their exclusion from female only spaces in some circumstances amounts to discrimination, but I suspect that’s what the book will major on.

ToeToToe Tue 12-Mar-19 16:45:41

£70?! I bet even LOJ won't shell out that much, far easier just to endorse on twitter wink

BettyDuMonde Tue 12-Mar-19 16:47:09

Now I’m imagining a series where Alan comes out as a late transitioner.

Will anyone take him on a date to the Owl Sanctuary?

Scatobrain Tue 12-Mar-19 16:52:34

A Partidge’s Pauline and Paul Calf.

hipsterfun Tue 12-Mar-19 17:17:12

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MaryLennoxsScowl Tue 12-Mar-19 18:49:42

This came in to my work and we turned it down. I didn’t even have to express any GC views, which I was nervous about, the consensus was already against it - the chapter available to read was poorly written and stats were used that appeared to be irrelevant. And SF hadn’t actually set out her argument, there was just a list of proposed chapter topics. And my work is very woke so I thought they’d love it.

Sexnotgender Tue 12-Mar-19 19:07:05

Interesting MaryLennox

FrauleinF Tue 12-Mar-19 19:16:38

Not wanting to derail the thread, but was just reminded of this bit of classic Alan...

hipsterfun Tue 12-Mar-19 19:46:05

Deleted for suggesting that Shon’s book is hardly likely to grace desks across the land? Crumbs.

ToeToToe Tue 12-Mar-19 19:50:08

Can't offend Saint Shon on Mumsnet anymore, hipster hmm

FamilyOfAliens Tue 12-Mar-19 19:55:16

Another TRA coming out of the woodwork because they realise they’re being eclipsed by Rachel McKinnon.

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