New CBeebies show has pissed me right off

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RednaxelasPony Mon 04-Feb-19 22:15:00

Moon and Me.

One female character, who happens to be a tiny little dolly? Give me a break.

Upsy Daisy the token female was bad enough on Night Garden but this is a total joke!

It's 2019 for fuck's sake, can we not just have 50/50 male and female characters for our toddler's bedtime TV shows? Would it really be so hard for the writers to do that?

Feel like I want to actually complain to the BBC angry

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RedemptiveCrocodile Mon 04-Feb-19 22:22:04

Definitely do it.

BernardBlacksWineIcelolly Mon 04-Feb-19 22:23:32

i complain to the BBC at least once a month like an actual loon . it's cathartic (and easy). do it!

Catquest1 Mon 04-Feb-19 22:26:39

This came on today and my dc started half laughing saying the characters were too scary/freaky looking and made me turn it off.

Cant comment on the characters as we barely got past the opening credits.

Badgerthebodger Mon 04-Feb-19 22:27:42

Definitely complain. I’m sick of it. Looking at you as well, Paw Patrol, with your measly single female dog out of 6 to choose from. Oh, and of course she’s pink as well hmm

Thankfully it’s wall to wall Postman Pat here at the moment, which is absolute shite but at least it’s shite with girls and boys in relatively non-gendered clothing. It horrified me how quickly the world splits for little kids. You’re either pink and cute and giggly, or rough and tumble and in the significant majority. No good comes of that for either girls or boys.

RepealTheGRA Mon 04-Feb-19 22:30:52

i complain to the BBC at least once a month

The BBC is such a shower of shite atm I think once a day would be acceptable!

Do it OP it’s not acceptable, we’re going backwards. Tweenies were 50/50 and the teletubbies were gender neutral!

NothingOnTellyAgain Mon 04-Feb-19 22:33:38

Pontipines and wattingers had women and girls

Don't think the sex of the likes of maccapacca, hoohas, tombliboos was ever revealed.

I get my coat 😁


HouseyMcHouseFace Mon 04-Feb-19 22:33:41

I thought the Tomblyboo’s were all females? I did half watch Moon and Me tonight. I have to say I wasn’t paying an awful lot of attention but the doll was a girl, the moon boy was a boy but all the others appeared fairly androgynous. Although wasn’t it a little boy ticking them into the dolls house at the beginning? Also surely not a bad thing to show a boy with a dolls house.

I’ll have to rewatch as I wasn’t paying particularly close attention.

CleverWittyUsername Mon 04-Feb-19 22:34:33

I noticed something irritating in Bitz and Bobs the other day, it's great there's a main female character - but catchphrase is 'steampink' hmm why does it need to be pink? Why not just let her be cool with steampunk as is?

The Nick Jr stuff is terrible for it as well, not just bloody Paw Patrol. Nella - ok strong, helpful etc, but her armour has to have a pink heart on. The girl on Rusty Rivets is inventing stuff, great, but again has something like a heart or flower on her top whereas the boy has a lightning bolt.

RussellSprout Mon 04-Feb-19 22:34:41

Aren't there 2 female paw patrol characters? Everest and Skye?

NothingOnTellyAgain Mon 04-Feb-19 22:36:04

Pinky ponk looked like a huge tit.

Poss female.

Dermymc Mon 04-Feb-19 22:36:14

There's more she's than he's, and an agendered lamb.

HouseyMcHouseFace Mon 04-Feb-19 22:36:32

I’ve just looked at the character list on the CBeebies website - 6 main characters, 3 girls, 3 boys. One plant who appears to not have a sex. CBeebies is generally pretty good for female representation.

HouseyMcHouseFace Mon 04-Feb-19 22:37:13

I take the back, the plant is a girl too.

HouseyMcHouseFace Mon 04-Feb-19 22:38:26

Paw Patrol is fucking awful for it. Skye was such a bloody afterthought and then the girl and the cat working in a cat beauty parlour. Then they finally introduce Sweetie who just wants to be a princess. Ffs.

Badgerthebodger Mon 04-Feb-19 22:38:46


Oh I didn’t know! Which one is Everest? Is it one of the dogs?

NothingOnTellyAgain Mon 04-Feb-19 22:38:52

Not seen it for years

Happy memories

Theme tune makes me well up

Dd2 still asks me to do roundy roundy on her hand and say the bit about the boat. She is nearly 10!

Having kids has made me way soppier than I used to be

Anyhoo sorry for sidetrack

Send them a stinker of a letter op

Mysterian Mon 04-Feb-19 22:39:26

The Tombliboo called Eee is female.

(It was somewhat terrifying to search Google for "tombliboo sex" but it was fine!)

Other questions asked about In The Night Garden included "Is Upsy Daisy a person in a suit?" hmm

HouseyMcHouseFace Mon 04-Feb-19 22:40:21

Don’t send them a letter op - the characters are half female. There are so many shitty shows where females are underrepresented but I really don’t think this is one.

ChesterGreySideboard Mon 04-Feb-19 22:42:03

This kind of crap ends up with writers forgetting to give female characters and characteristics other than ‘girl’; like we have with the current Doctor Who. Her character was so thin. All she was was female.

littlecabbage Mon 04-Feb-19 22:42:15

Go Jetters irritates me. I love the educational value of the programme and at least the female character is the pilot, but why is she the only female out of 4 Go Jetters, their mentor and the baddie (Glitch)?

Cherrypi Mon 04-Feb-19 22:43:26

Go Jetters bothers me for this too. Only one girl in a regular cast of six.

littlecabbage Mon 04-Feb-19 22:43:27

Hooray for Katie (sp?) and her amazing machines, Nina and the neurons, and the woman who presents Footy Pups.

Badgerthebodger Mon 04-Feb-19 22:43:44

I looked it up, in case anyone couldn’t go to sleep until we found out. Everest is a girl but not a full time Paw Patrol member

GroggyLegs Mon 04-Feb-19 22:44:15

I didn't notice the feminist angle, but Moon & Me was creepy AF.
The clown in a bag under the stairs? ((shudder))

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