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Lotl magazine: “What Do We Do About Women With A Penis

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AnyOldPrion Thu 24-Jan-19 07:16:18

Shocking article about “reeducating” rape victims to accept penis.

Written, of course by a TW who claims to have “agonised” over the question of whether TW should be allowed in women’s most intimate events. I imagine the agonising was along the lines of how to make a suitable case that’ll allow penises in.

sackrifice Thu 24-Jan-19 07:19:38

AKA let me see your vagina ladies.

Can't wait for the next thrilling installment AKA let me into your vagina ladies.

No. Always no.

Bubonicpanic Thu 24-Jan-19 07:20:01


Why blokes always have to get their own way.

FamilyOfAliens Thu 24-Jan-19 07:28:07

Come back, the 1950s - all is forgiven.

Ffsnosexallowed Thu 24-Jan-19 07:28:37

"A trans gal's sexuality is docile, patient, hesitant, fragile". I got this far

Warsaw0912 Thu 24-Jan-19 07:32:06

The author also has an article on that same website about the cotton ceiling, comparing not wanting to sleep with trans women to racism

andyoldlabour Thu 24-Jan-19 07:33:11

This is just another TW who cpmpletely lacks empathy, and wants to invade women's spaces.*@cassiebrighter*/if-you-answered-trans-women-are-men-1fe9b9ab322b

Simply put - another selfish, entitled person.

TimeLady Thu 24-Jan-19 07:34:27

I thought I'd read that before.*@cassiebrighter*/what-do-we-do-about-women-with-a-penis-70e783fb952e

SnuggyBuggy Thu 24-Jan-19 07:35:53

I'm going to ask DH what sort of energy his penis carries and see how he responds

TinyRick Thu 24-Jan-19 07:37:37

This article is the first in a series of four articles. Next in the series: “The Cotton Ceiling"


Sarahjconnor Thu 24-Jan-19 07:42:05

The race analogy is so fucking racist - why can’t everyone see that?

MsTSwift Thu 24-Jan-19 07:51:54

Laughable. What’s with the “gal” and “folk” wording too it’s odd

nauticant Thu 24-Jan-19 07:59:45

I think it's an appropriation of language that's used at the poor end of the class system. This allows comfortable middle class people to identify as the oppressed.

nauticant Thu 24-Jan-19 08:03:34

In fact, whenever I think "that's odd, why have they done that?" the answer is usually some combination of:
a) appropriation;
b) virtue signalling; and
c) because they're men.

TornFromTheInside Thu 24-Jan-19 08:06:19

Horrible article.
'Which some women might view as a male genitalia' .... because that is what it is, and all women will see it as such, not just some.

Then going on to liken the discomfort of having a penis in a changing room with the discomfort of viewing an elderly women, or disabled woman. My God.
Also, claiming that a trans penis isn't loaded with dangers like a regular male one is nonsense. It's akin that my knife is not a threat but someone else's is. How is a woman supposed to know which is safe? And even if it were safe, why does she have to be exposed to one, or have to subject herself to the gaze of a penis owner?

What an awful lot of trans are forgetting is that the penis owner might not be trans as all. As far as I am aware, and it ought to be patently obvious to trans too, is that there is no objection to trans, it's an objection to penis owners, because penis owners as a group pose a threat. That is me, my son, my male friends... We are not up in arms feeling hard done to. Our sex is aggressive and threatening.

Sure, actual trans (not some faux trans trying to gain access) are in a curious position. They too face the threat of male violence, but their answer is to compromise the safety and comfort of women (who find precious little as it is)?
No, they need to secure their own 3rd space.

And this Cis-women crap. They are women, literally born and bred. Not content to take up their spaces, do they have to take their sex too?

Illyria47 Thu 24-Jan-19 08:07:54

Well, what a load of bollocks to put it bluntly. So very old New Age.

feelingverylazytoday Thu 24-Jan-19 08:12:45

FamilyOfAliens I would definitely say 'bring back the '80s'. I've just been thinking that on another thread. Women used to be allowed space, boundaries and privacy to attend to our biological functions then.

AnyOldPrion Thu 24-Jan-19 08:14:24

“It’s up to the organizer, the event leader;" Jimena said. "They should have framed the event in such a way that all present understand and agree with that inclusivity.”

Sub-context: If the organiser fails to do this, she will be bullied and pressured until she either submits or closes the event down.

TinyRick Thu 24-Jan-19 08:14:57

*In fact, whenever I think "that's odd, why have they done that?" the answer is usually some combination of:
a) appropriation;
b) virtue signalling; and
c) because they're men*

d) They think they live in an episode of Sex and the City

TinyRick Thu 24-Jan-19 08:15:32

Damn bold fail

AnyOldPrion Thu 24-Jan-19 08:18:46

What an awful lot of trans are forgetting is that the penis owner might not be trans as all

You’re giving them way too much credit. They haven’t forgotten. They just don’t give a shit.

Those who do recognise that there are some places and events that they shouldn’t invade as it’s disrespectful. Those TW recognise that sometimes women need their own spaces.

EmpressAdultHumanFemale Thu 24-Jan-19 08:20:00

There's a SandyDrawsBadly cartoon for every occasion.

TornFromTheInside Thu 24-Jan-19 08:20:35

"A trans gal's sexuality is docile, patient, hesitant, fragile".

Funny that, because if they were the 'women's they claim to be, they would know that sexuality varies enormously amongst women, so to try and claim transwomen all fit into this angelic, pacifist form beggars belief.

failingatlife Thu 24-Jan-19 08:21:18

Ffs I can't believe they compared a male in the ladies changing room to a woman in a wheelchair. Actually, I can.

AnyOldPrion Thu 24-Jan-19 08:22:40

Thanks for pointing that out TimeLady.

It’s in at least two lesbian magazines now according to this tweet:

This stuff genuinely makes me feel sick. That it is being thrust upon lesbians makes it doubly bad.

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