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Renee Gerlich 'By the numbers: The oppression of women and girls globally' (join the dots)

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R0wantrees Thu 17-Jan-19 12:05:22

'By the numbers: The oppression of women and girls globally'
Murder and male violence

A new report shows that, worldwide, about 137 women are murdered every day by men who they know. Fifty eight per cent of women killed in 2017 were killed by partners or family members.
Source: Feminist Current

The most dangerous place for women is in their own homes, a new report from the United Nations concludes. Domestic violence is the most common killer of women around the world. In 2017, 87,000 women were murdered around the world, and more than half (50,000 or 58 percent) were killed by partners or family members. Over a third (30,000) of those intentionally killed last year were murdered by a current or former intimate partner. This means that, globally, six women are killed every hour by someone they know.

The study suggested that violence against women has increased in the last five years, drawing on data from 2012 in which 48,000 (47 percent) of female homicides were perpetrated by intimate partners or family members.

Geographically, Asia had the most female homicides (20,000) perpetrated by intimate partners or family members in 2017, followed by Africa (19,000), North and South America (8,000), Europe (3,000) and Oceania (300). The U.N. does point out that because the intimate partner and family-related homicide rate is 3.1 per 10,000 female population, Africa is actually the continent where women are at the greatest risk of being murdered by a partner or family member.
Source: HuffPost

95 per cent of all violence committed against both men and women is committed by men.
Source: Caitlin Roper, Reclaim the Night Speech; ABC; Australian Bureau of Statistics

“Women commit perhaps one-tenth of all murders, and less than one tenth of one percent of all mass shootings. When one removes from the pool of killers all women who struck back against abusive strangers and partners alike, only to be punished for their self-defense, the number drops further. To deny the specifically male nature of atrocity is to fool oneself.”
Source: Jonah Mix, “Mass Killers Don’t Have a Warped View of Masculinity — Liberal Men Do” (continues)


Globally, ten million girls are sold into marriage every single year. That is 25,000 girls per day, with more than one third of all child brides in India.
Source: Graça Machel and Mary Robinson, “Girls Not Brides”, in Minky Worden (ed.) “Unfinished Revolution”, 2012

Worldwide there are 51 million girls between 15 and 19 years old who are married.
In West Africa, South Asia, East and Central Africa 30 per cent or more of girls aged 15-19 are already married.
The percentage of girls who are married before age 18 is:
Niger: 82 per cent
Bangladesh: 75 per cent
Nepal: 63 per cent
Cameroon: 62 per cent
India: 57 per cent
Uganda: 50 per cent
The number of girls expected to marry before 18 in the decade after 2003 is 100 million.
Source: Sheila Jeffreys, “The Industrial Vagina: The Political Economy of the Global Sex Trade”, 2009

In Afghanistan, increased child marriage is the result of the privations suffered through the last decade [2000-2010 decade] of conflict. The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission estimates that 57 per cent of marriages involve girls under the legal marriage of of 16.
Source: Sheila Jeffreys, “The Industrial Vagina: The Political Economy of the Global Sex Trade”, 2009

Female genital mutilation

It is estimated that more than 200 million girls and women alive today have undergone female genital mutilation in the countries where the practice is concentrated. Furthermore, there are an estimated 3 million girls at risk of undergoing female genital mutilation every year.
Source: WHO

FGM is forced on 98% of girls born in Somalia.
Source: Hibo Wardere, “Cut”, 2016


Prostitution is by far the deadliest situation a woman can be in. For women and girls in prostitution, the death rate is 40 times higher than the average. No group of women, regardless of career or life situation, has as high a mortality rate as prostitution.
Source: Kasja Ekis Ekman, “Being and Being Bought”, 2013

In 2003, a survey carried out among 800 prostituted people in 9 countries (Canada, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Germany, Thailand, Turkey, the USA, and Zambia) revealed that:
71 per cent had experienced physical assault while in prostitution
63 per cent had been raped while engaged in prostitution
89 per cent said they wanted to leave prostitution and said they would if they had the possibility
68 per cent met the criteria for a diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder
Source: Prostitution Research and Education

Up to 95 per cent of women in street prostitution have a problematic drug addiction.
Source: Kat Banyard, “Pimp State”, 2016

According to Wikipedia, there are between 40 and 42 million prostituted persons globally. Estimates put the percentage of women between 80% and 98%. 99% of punters are men.


The average age of death for women in pornography is 37.
Source: Pornography FAQ

A report from an IT research company in 2002 forecast that profits from pornographic materials transmitted to mobile phones in the USA would reach an annual US$4 billion by 2006, out of a “total porn spend of US$70 billion”.
Source: Sheila Jeffreys, “Beauty and Misogyny”, 2005

In Denmark, pornography is estimated to be the third largest industry in financial terms… the country was the cradle of the ‘sexual revolution’ which decensored pornography and ushered in the commercialization of women’s sexual subordination.
The number of hardcore pornography titles produced increased from 1,300 in 1988 to 12,000 in 2004 and 13,588 in 2005.
The big mainstream pornography distribution companies had considerable incomes.
Playboy earned US$331,100,000 in 2006; Beate Uhse earned US$271 million.
Source: Sheila Jeffreys, “The Industrial Vagina: The Political Economy of the Global Sex Trade”, 2009

Pornography is now so mainstream that it forms a very lucrative sector of the business of respectable mainstream companies such as General Motors, which sells more pornography films anually than the Hustler chain. General Motors previously owned DirecTV, a pornography distributor, which is now owned by Rupert Murdoch.
Source: Sheila Jeffreys, “The Industrial Vagina: The Political Economy of the Global Sex Trade”, 2009

In 2007, pornography revenue for the US was estimated at $13.33 billion, which is higher than the total revenue of the media corporations ABC, NBC and CBS.
Top Ten Reviews estimated that the industry was worth US$97.06 billion worldwide, which is more than the combined revenue of the top 10 web technology companies such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon.
Source: Sheila Jeffreys, “The Industrial Vagina: The Political Economy of the Global Sex Trade”, 2009

Strip clubs

The strip club industry is estimated to be worth US$75 billion worldwide.
One media report in 2006 estimated the US industry to be worth more than baseball, saying: ‘$4 billion a year is spent by men on baseball, the national pastime. Compare that to $15 billion a year spent by men at strip clubs.’
Source: Sheila Jeffreys, “The Industrial Vagina: The Political Economy of the Global Sex Trade”, 2009

In 2002, there were 200 lap dancing clubs in the UK.
A 2003 media report estimated the annual turnover of UK lap dancing clubs at 300 million pounds, and commented that ‘they are one of the fastest growing elements in the UK’s leisure services industry.
In the US in 2005, there were an estimated 3,000 clubs employing 300,000 women.
In 2006, the strip club industry was estimated to be worth 22.1 million per year to the Scottish economy alone.
Source: Sheila Jeffreys, “The Industrial Vagina: The Political Economy of the Global Sex Trade”, 2009

Beauty industry

The global beauty industry was estimated by The Economist in May 2003 to be worth US$160 billion.
Source: Sheila Jeffreys, “Beauty and Misogyny”, 2005

In the nineteenth century there was no mass market of beauty products.
“Between 1909 and 1929 the number of American perfume and cosmetics manufacturers nearly doubled, and the factory value of their products rose tenfold, from $14.2 million to nearly $141 million”.
Source: Peiss, quoted in Sheila Jeffreys, “Beauty and Misogyny”, 2005

Cosmetics industry sales grew from $7 billion in 1970 to $28 billion in 1994 in the USA.
Source: Sheila Jeffreys, “Beauty and Misogyny”, 2005


At a clinic in Anand in northern India, women give birth to Western children. White women’s eggs are inseminated with white men’s sperm, and the embryo is implanted in the wombs of Indian women… After giving birth to the children, the Indian women surrender them. They sign a contract and receive between 2,500 and 6,500 USD the moment they give up responsibility for the child they just gave birth to. For the women, most of whom are poor and from nearby villages, the payment can be up to the equivalent of ten years’ salary. The buyers are typically American, European, Australian, Japanese or wealthy Indians
Source: Kasja Ekis Ekman, “Being and Being Bought”, 2013

In 2006 analysts estimated the value of the Indian surrogate industry at 449 million USD, due to its high potential for future growth.
Source: Kasja Ekis Ekman, “Being and Being Bought”, 2013

Pregnancy and motherhood

Every year, 350,000 women and girls die of pregnancy, childbirth and unsafe abortions. Three quarters of these deaths are preventable.
Source: Minky Worden (ed.) “Unfinished Revolution”, 2012

50,000 – 100,000 new incidents of fistula (damaged tissue between vagina and bladder causing incontinence) are detected annually.
Source: Minky Worden (ed.) “Unfinished Revolution”, 2012

Preference for boys

In 1990, Amartya Sen estimated that there are 100 million “missing women” globally, because of sex-selective abortions, female infanticide, and inadequate healthcare and nutrition for female children.
Source: “Missing Women” entry, Wikipedia.


The Guttmacher Institute estimates 56 million induced abortions occur each year worldwide.

The global annual rate of abortion for all women of reproductive age (15–44) was estimated to be 35 per 1,000 in 2014, which is a reduction from the 1990–1994 rate of 40 per 1,000. The estimated global abortion rate in 2014 was 35 per 1,000 for married women and 26 per 1,000 for unmarried women.

Women in developing regions have a higher likelihood of having an abortion than those in developed regions — 36 vs. 27 per 1,000.

Globally, 25% of all pregnancies end in abortion. Of all abortions, an estimated 55% are safe (i.e., done using a recommended method and by an appropriately trained provider);
31% are less safe (meet either method or provider criterion);
14% are least safe (meet neither criterion).
The more restrictive the legal setting, the higher the proportion of abortions that are least safe—ranging from less than 1% in the least-restrictive countries to 31% in the most-restrictive countries.
Source: The Guttmacher Institute, with thanks to Anna McCormack

Sexual division of labour

While “the farmer” generally conjures an image of a man, women produce over half of the world’s food – in Africa, 60-80 per cent.
Eighty per cent of all domestic workers are women.
Source: Cynthia Enloe, “The Big Push”, 2017

72% of women migrant workers are Asian – mainly domestic workers and in prostitution.
Source: Yayori Matsui, “Women in the New Asia”, 2000


Indigenous women are currently the fastest growing incarcerated group: that is true in Canada, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand, where women are being incarcerated for crimes associated with poverty, like welfare fraud. In New Zealand, Arohata Women’s Prison is overflowing, so that some women have been placed in a self-contained unit at a nearby men’s prison; the women’s prison in South Auckland is bursting to the point that plans are being made to sleep some prisoners in the District Court holding cells. In the States, women can be charged for self defense, miscarriage and abortion.

failingatlife Thu 17-Jan-19 13:10:47

Will read in full when I've more time but I noticed this scrolling through:

*"Did you know that the suicide rate among young Asian women in Britain is three times the national average? I believe that many of them, like Robina, are driven to kill themselves; it’s just a cleaner, more convenient form of murder.”
Source: Jasvinder Sanghera, “Shame”*

3x the national average yet all we ever hear about is the male suicide rate!

R0wantrees Thu 17-Jan-19 13:15:14

3x the national average yet all we ever hear about is the male suicide rate!

Blunt comparisons hide risks for people in specific circumstances.

Women who have been the victims of domestic abuse are at higher risk:

BernardBlacksWineIcelolly Thu 17-Jan-19 13:20:15

The average age of death for women in pornography is 37

The whole thing was just awful, but this really stood out

sex work is work types - this is the reality

BernardBlacksWineIcelolly Thu 17-Jan-19 13:21:28

regarding suicide, it's the biggest killer of women in the UK with a child under 1 year old

don't hear much about that do you?

Lichtie Thu 17-Jan-19 13:32:24

"The average age of death for women in pornography is 37" calling bullshit on that stat.

Quite depressing figures all round.

R0wantrees Thu 17-Jan-19 13:51:44

"The average age of death for women in pornography is 37" calling bullshit on that stat.

source as linked from OP article:
JANUARY 8, 2017'

The average was aggregated from a list of dead porn performers (women and men) over the course of 20 years by Rev. Daniel R. Jennings. These statistics have been subject to much scrutiny, as the findings were conducted unscientifically and misleadingly posited as “the average life expectancy of a porn performer” (the statistics are not averaged against the ages of performers still living). However, framed as the average age of death of porn performers, a majority of whom died via suicide, murder, disease, and drug & alcohol abuse, there is enough evidence to suggest that a career in pornography increases the likelihood of dying well below the average American age of 78 years old. In a comparable study on former Playboy models (all women), The Pink Cross Foundation found the average age of death to be 36 years old."

BernardBlacksWineIcelolly Thu 17-Jan-19 14:15:04

In a comparable study on former Playboy models (all women), The Pink Cross Foundation found the average age of death to be 36 years old

fucking hell

GrinitchSpinach Thu 17-Jan-19 15:05:50

Thanks for posting this, depressing as it is to see it all put together like this.

Qcng Thu 17-Jan-19 16:25:53

I guess it's a bit misleading to say "average age of death for women in porn is 37" when there are probably millions of women doing porn.
It's average for the big names, the porn "stars".
Well, that says a lot about it being "empowering" or a job like any other, nothing wrong with it, etc.

I'll remember that stat for future discussions on porn. But I'll remember it as porn stars not all women in porn.

Qcng Thu 17-Jan-19 16:28:16

Play boy models? Hugh Hefner never mentioned they all died around 36 yrs old. Drugs most likely. So he just plied them all with drugs to keep them around and desperate.

Lichtie Thu 17-Jan-19 17:56:03

Qcng.. Don't think you've quite understood the stay. It's only looked at a sample of people who died and averaged their age. Didn't take account of those that didn't die or moved on to different career. Its like me picking a sample of nurses who died whilst in their 30s and saying the life expectancy of a nurse is 35.

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