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The ReSisters movement is growing...

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LiverpoolReSisters Sat 05-Jan-19 22:11:16

2018 saw the start of grassroots feminist groups springing up around the country.

2019 is not slowing down.

If you aren't following all these women on Twitter, you should!

@liverpoolresis1 - Liverpool ReSisters
@sheffieldwomen - Women of Steel ReSisters
@lresisters - Lancashire ReSisters
@iresisters - Ireland ReSisters
@resistersu - ReSisters United UK & Ireland

There are more groups in the works.

We are growing!

littlbrowndog Sat 05-Jan-19 22:22:00


SharkAttack1972 Sat 05-Jan-19 22:37:55

Brilliant news! Let me know if there are any events or things I can get involved in xx

LiverpoolReSisters Sat 05-Jan-19 22:39:32

Shark if you are close to any of these groups, contact them individually. smile If not, start one of your own! We will help/support you.

Melroses Sat 05-Jan-19 22:47:50


WSPU Sat 05-Jan-19 23:02:48


SharkAttack1972 Sat 05-Jan-19 23:49:22

I met up with liverpool re sister in Wirral area. Would help out at any events near Liverpool etc. X

womanformallyknownaswoman Sun 06-Jan-19 04:44:20


Great news

well done!

Manderleyagain Sun 06-Jan-19 10:12:54

This is great news.

failingatlife Mon 07-Jan-19 11:13:23

Have followed all of these on twitter. Any Scottish resisters?

LiverpoolReSisters Mon 07-Jan-19 11:15:11

Thanks failing. Not sure at present, but if you are in Scotland there's nothing stopping you from creating a group of like-minded women.

Thank you Shark, can you DM us?

morningtoncrescent62 Mon 07-Jan-19 19:24:55

This is a really stupid question, but how does a group constitute itself as a ReSisters group? I'm in a fledgling group of GC women and we've been discussing what we want to do and how. So if we were to decide we want to be a ReSisters group, is it as simple as opening a twitter account and doing some stuff and posting about it?

Areyouongluedear Mon 07-Jan-19 19:26:45

Excuse my ignorance but what is Re Sisters?

LiverpoolReSisters Mon 07-Jan-19 20:11:29

morningtoncrescent62 How exciting for your group! There are no entry requirements to being a "ReSister". If you are pro women and want to work together on current issues as a group with a ReSisters name, you are welcome to do so. We tend to work by word of mouth and networking to ensure women are all on the same page with key current events issues, but each area and group will have their own focus.

If you would like advice or guidance, feel free to contact any current group - we are all quite friendly. smile If you would like a logo similar in style to the other ReSisters groups, get in touch and we can help.

This is being organised from the ground up, there isn't a rulebook. Just women-focused work.

Areyouongluedear - Liverpool ReSisters started last year in response to the attempt to silence women who wanted to discuss the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act. Our group was at the centre of the #stickerwoman controversy for a time, which provoked a report to the Merseyside police and eventually culminated in one of our group speaking in the Liverpool City Council chambers and mayor Joe Anderson shouting at her after the speech, saying he would "never" speak to women about our concerns.

Other groups of ordinary women - of all walks of life - around the UK have begun meeting together and forming their own groups to discuss politics, feminism and organise peaceful political actions.

Hope that helps explain things a bit!

Areyouongluedear Tue 08-Jan-19 22:59:43

Thank you smile
Is there one in London?

zen1 Wed 09-Jan-19 00:02:45

I know it’s been mentioned before, but do you have any plans to print t-shirts with your logo on? I think it’s great!

tubspreciousthings Wed 09-Jan-19 00:41:20

Another tshirt request here 🙂

Thisisouting Wed 09-Jan-19 07:56:12

Resisters merch will be coming soon, we're just setting up the network and then the inconvenient women sweatshop will be on it! grin

Melanippe Wed 09-Jan-19 08:42:40

Looking forward to being able to buy my Lancashire ReSisters merch.

1hello2hello Wed 09-Jan-19 09:26:22

Yorkshire appears to be open for business !

LiverpoolReSisters Thu 10-Jan-19 07:36:42

Manchester is up!

Melroses Thu 10-Jan-19 08:38:37

Yay!! flowers

HedgehogPoo Thu 10-Jan-19 13:20:21

Our local group in the North East is discussing becoming part of the movement too.
It's a brilliant idea to create an information and support network, while raising the profile of everything too. ManFriday ramped up to 11 grin .

R0wantrees Thu 10-Jan-19 15:42:39

Our group was at the centre of the #stickerwoman controversy for a time, which provoked a report to the Merseyside police and eventually culminated in one of our group speaking in the Liverpool City Council chambers and mayor Joe Anderson shouting at her after the speech, saying he would "never" speak to women about our concerns.

Do watch it both for the Resisters statement, Mayor Joe Anderson's speech and the reaction from Liverpool Council:

LiverpoolReSisters Thu 10-Jan-19 16:49:27

Exciting news, HedgehogPoo! If you want a similar style logo to the other ReSisters groups, let us know. One of our number is the graphics designer. smile

1MillionSelfiesTakenByMyKids Thu 10-Jan-19 19:23:45

Anyone in the cambridge/Northants area who'd be interested?

LiverpoolReSisters Thu 10-Jan-19 21:16:13

We'll try to update this thread when other groups show up. There is a lot of activity behind the scenes, and it's only the 2nd week in January.... keep your eyes peeled, 1Million.

Thisisouting Fri 11-Jan-19 10:50:39

There is a small group of women in Cambridge

TalkingintheDark Fri 11-Jan-19 12:18:42

Amazing thread! So exciting to hear about all these groups. They can’t silence all of us!


LiverpoolReSisters Fri 11-Jan-19 15:24:50

They can’t silence all of us!

No, they can't.

LiverpoolReSisters Fri 11-Jan-19 23:15:15

Newcastle and Birmingham are organising.


B'ham and Cambridge aren't live (yet).

Absentwomen Fri 11-Jan-19 23:49:50


Growing. Getting involved with the Lancashire group.

1MillionSelfiesTakenByMyKids Fri 11-Jan-19 23:50:26

I'll keep an eye on here for when Cambs is up and running then!

RedemptiveCrocodile Fri 11-Jan-19 23:50:58

Lefthanddown Fri 11-Jan-19 23:58:50

@1MillionSelfesTakenByMyKids we have a gender crit/rad fem group in Cambridge, contact on this page, though not ReSisters

Terfnserf Sat 12-Jan-19 17:08:45

Apologies for place marking; I am hoping my area appears soon!

LiverpoolReSisters Sat 12-Jan-19 17:31:44

Terfnserf There's nothing stopping you from forming a group, just need to contact ReSisters United for a chat and support.

We can't stop anyone from forming their own groups, nor would we want to. But any coordinated effort would require a bit of vetting.

2rebecca Sat 12-Jan-19 17:36:43 are similar in Scotland

theresaspiderinthesink Sat 12-Jan-19 20:24:33

So glad Newcastle has popped up!

xxyzz Sat 12-Jan-19 21:12:28

Anything in London? Was sad I missed the London meeting at the end of last year - would love to find a London group.

CharlieParley Sat 12-Jan-19 21:20:34

failing there's quite a few of us in Scotland. After not having anything to do with women's rights for next to half a century, I'm now a proud member of 3(!) new women's rights groups (2 national, one local) here in Scotland and also currently contemplating starting a small group near where I live. I know for sure that Edinburgh and Glasgow are very active, I think there is possibly a group in Dundee.

If you want to find out more, DM me, I'm happy to chat. I will also be at the first public meeting of our For Women Scotland group which is going to be on Thursday 31 January and would be happy to meet you there. I'm not going to go public on Mumsnet, but I'll be out and proud beyond my hometown in 2019. That's my New Year's Resolution and damn the consequences.

EJennings Sat 12-Jan-19 21:21:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

R0wantrees Sat 12-Jan-19 21:26:04

* I will also be at the first public meeting of our For Women Scotland group which is going to be on Thursday 31 January*

ticket info:

CharlieParley Sat 12-Jan-19 23:18:59

Thanks R0wantrees, I've also posted this event in its own thread now.

LiverpoolReSisters Sun 13-Jan-19 00:45:39

Birmingham is up.

GurlwiththeCurl Sun 13-Jan-19 09:57:38

I am starting a tiny group of 1 called BedriddenReSisters! No, seriously, it makes me feel so happy to see this groundswell of true feminism arising. I am old now and unable to do anything physical to help, but huge mental support from me to you all.

Cuntysnark Sun 13-Jan-19 10:17:15

Delighted to see Birmingham up!

birdsdestiny Sun 13-Jan-19 10:32:01

Is there a way of contacting the Newcastle group, I am not on Twitter and when I googled their Twitter page it says not available.

NoseringGirl Sun 13-Jan-19 12:30:30

I'm excited to see a Newcastle group, will have a look on Twitter!

LiverpoolReSisters Sun 13-Jan-19 12:33:32

wrt Newcastle, there's been some confusion behind the scenes, but hopefully it will be sorted soon.

birdsdestiny Sun 13-Jan-19 12:36:22

Thanks. Is it possible to post when it's sorted, as an interested. flowers in advance!

LiverpoolReSisters Sun 13-Jan-19 12:59:27

We will update the thread. smile

theresaspiderinthesink Sun 13-Jan-19 16:54:38

Can anyone clarify if a Newcastle resisters group is going to exist or is it going to be the one that's already been set up off the back of WPUK?

I realise that's coded, if you know you'll know what I mean!

Thisisouting Sun 13-Jan-19 18:01:13

There is no current Newcastle Resisters Group if someone wanted to set one up they could we have some cracking art work for it.

The existing group has chosen not to be part of the Resister network.

theresaspiderinthesink Sun 13-Jan-19 18:28:21

Ah ok thanks.

NoseringGirl Sun 13-Jan-19 20:54:05

I noticed the twitter account that was listed on here for Newcastle was gone?

LiverpoolReSisters Sun 13-Jan-19 20:57:24

There was some confusion behind the scenes, nothing malicious. Hopefully sorted out soon.

Needmoresleep Mon 14-Jan-19 19:33:03

Where is London...
How CAN you ignore London?!

I have a lot on right now, but happy to supporf anyone willing to take something forward.

LiverpoolReSisters Mon 14-Jan-19 20:41:58

London women are getting organised!!

SharkAttack1972 Mon 14-Jan-19 21:09:17

This is all so exciting! 😀

LiverpoolReSisters Wed 16-Jan-19 23:06:11

Bristol - @BResisters
Gloucester - @GResisters

LiverpoolReSisters Wed 16-Jan-19 23:06:48

forgot the image.

tubspreciousthings Thu 17-Jan-19 00:31:07

I am loving the graphics - we all need t-shirts printed!

BlackForestCake Thu 17-Jan-19 02:32:08

Is this finally the fourth wave then?


teawamutu Thu 17-Jan-19 09:37:01

Anything else in the south east?

RedemptiveCrocodile Thu 17-Jan-19 11:09:30

Is this finally the fourth wave then?

Whatever it is, it's making history.

LiverpoolReSisters Thu 17-Jan-19 11:10:46

Anything else in the south east?

If you want to start a group, message @ResistersU for advice/help. smile

Thesepreciousthings Thu 17-Jan-19 11:51:43

Lurker here!

I’m in Bournemouth which is very conservative in nature and would love to find like minded women. I’m very shy in person so not sure if I’d have the confidence to facilitate something like this but would absolutely love to get involved.

Terfnserf Thu 17-Jan-19 12:01:42

Milton Keynes area anyone? I am not confident with social media but want to join a group and unsure that I could start a group from scratch, it maybe a group of one!

funkstar525 Thu 17-Jan-19 23:04:53

Terfnserf im in MILTON KEYNES! Would love to get an MKResisters set up!!!

1MillionSelfiesTakenByMyKids Fri 18-Jan-19 08:22:50

I could make it to MK. Can one do group PMs on mumsnet?

LIVERPOOLRESISTERS Fri 18-Jan-19 10:12:28

Just a reminder to be careful, Sisters. No doubt our activities are being monitored by TRAs, and we wouldn't want anyone hurt or doxxed.

LiverpoolReSisters Fri 18-Jan-19 14:16:32

Not sure how the all-caps username happened. It's still us.

1MillionSelfiesTakenByMyKids Fri 18-Jan-19 14:27:19

Good point Liverpool... Though I'm currently unemployed a SAHM and DH is already fully aware of my soapbox

jeaux90 Mon 28-Jan-19 10:59:01

Is there an Oxford one yet?

funkstar525 Mon 28-Jan-19 11:39:52

Not sure! Help! I want to help to start MKResisters!!

LiverpoolReSisters Mon 28-Jan-19 13:11:00

We can confirm, Cilla Black was a woman. As was Queen Victoria....

lisamuggeridge Mon 28-Jan-19 13:18:00

Thats awesome news.Am kind of taking it easy but keep me informed about lancashire and yorkshire stuff ;0D

ErrolTheDragon Mon 28-Jan-19 13:40:34

* I could make it to MK. Can one do group PMs on mumsnet?*

No - you need to do individual PMs to people in your area. (It sounds like funkstar has volunteered to be the MK coordinatorsmile) Then, it's a good for everyone to advance search everyone else to check their posting history, and then if you're happy exchange normal email or set up a WhatsApp or whatever suits your group.

Tackytriceratops Mon 28-Jan-19 13:41:24

More pics on twitter if you search #adulthumanfemale

SciFiScream Mon 28-Jan-19 13:45:43

CharlieParley I'm hoping to be at that meeting on Thursday.

ErrolTheDragon Mon 28-Jan-19 13:46:00

'it's a good ' ... it's a good idea...

NoseringGirl Mon 28-Jan-19 14:19:28

This is brilliant. Well done ReSisters!!

BitterAndOnlySlightlyTwisted Mon 28-Jan-19 14:57:14

I found a ReSisters group in north London over the weekend and have asked to join.

Exciting! I'm getting more and more militant by the hour so am itching for SOME ACTION

invisibleoldwoman Mon 28-Jan-19 19:41:16

If you want to contact Hull & East Riding ReSisters but can’t access Twitter then PM me.

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