Page 4 | Jonathan Kyle Binney, murderer/baby rapist gets death sentence reprieve after gender change

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QuietContraryMary Sat 15-Dec-18 16:01:18

' Binney was convicted on a charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor because he sexually assaulted his infant daughter so forcefully that she suffered massive internal injuries. In closing arguments Thursday afternoon, Gowdy showed jurors a graphic color photograph of the damage Binney had done to his daughter. He reminded the panel that Binney had told investigators he killed Southern because he didn’t want to go to prison as a child molester and suffer sexual abuse by other inmates. “Child molesters are weak in prison,” Gowdy said. ”(Binney) wanted to go out with a bigger bang. He wanted to go as a murderer or a rapist because they’re strong in prison.”

Prosecutors also told the jury that Binney was obsessed with child pornography and dark sexual fantasies involving children and adults. Amanda Simmons, a State Law Enforcement Division agent who conducts forensic examinations of computers, testified that she had found more than 20,000 images of adult and child pornography in Binney’s computer.'

'After hearing of Binney’s arrest, Don Thompson (Thompson), Public
Defender for Cherokee County, went to the jail to talk to Binney. Binney told Thompson that he wanted the death penalty, and Thompson told Binney not to talk to the police. Thompson met with Binney again a few days later, and Binney was still determined to get the death penalty '

'He explained that before he was tried for the CSC charge, Bannister, Binney’s lawyer at the time, told him that, if convicted, he would be sentenced to ten years, at the very least. The potential for substantial, future jail time made Binney very anxious. He went to a local shopping center and found a friend who sold him a handgun. He then went to the victim’s house and hid just off the property line and watched the house and looked for activity. Binney never met the victim before the day of the murder. He stayed in the surrounding woods overnight thinking about whether he should just go into the house “to commit suicide or rape someone, or to just shoot all of them and kill [himself].”

'The next morning, he waited until the victim and her husband left the
house and then entered the house through an unlocked window. He cut all the phone lines in the house and put kitchen knives and other possible weapons out of reach. Late that afternoon, the victim came home and found Binney in her bathroom. The victim startled Binney because he did not hear her enter the house. Binney fired the gun in her direction and then chased her out of the house. Once outside, he shot in her direction again to “keep her scared and running” and then ran in the opposite direction into the woods. He ran home and hid under his house, where he was later found by police. In his June 14 statement, Binney requested that he be given the death penalty: “the crime I committed definitely warrants it.”

Anyway, suffice to say after raping his daughter & murdering a woman with the intent to be executed, he's had a change of heart and is now a transwoman called Taylor Alex Cross, and has won a reprieve from the death penalty.

'Through a written contract signed by multiple parties, Binney/Cross agreed to never again appeal the 2002 murder conviction or punishment if sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Binney/Cross also agreed never to seek parole, even if state law is later changed.'

'Reflecting that Binney/Cross identifies as transgender and given the legal name change, defense attorneys used ink pens to correct the typed legal contract between “The State of South Carolina and Taylor Alex Cross, aka Jonathan Kyle Binney” to change all references of “he” to “she.”'

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user1471565182 Tue 12-Jan-21 04:15:47

Awww ffs why did this appear in trending a month later? should have read the dates

DreamingofDalyan Tue 12-Jan-21 04:28:50

This is insane. I watched a documentary about a guy who was in prison for robbery, however he kept getting into fights etc so was put in isolation. He decided he wanted death row as much better prison, good food, more exercise., better cell. So he killed his cell mate and won his fight to go to death row. He is still there as he said could take 20 years to process.
Personally I think we should have desth penalty. Our legal system is a joke. Today its all about the criminals human rights...well what about the victims.
In my opinion anyone male or female who molests a child deserve stronger punishments...rape a baby you deserve to die.
Perhaps if people actually feared the consequences of their actions they would think twice before committing them. Now you could murder someone and be out in a few years.
In my opinion our country is in serious trouble due to weak police force legal system, social services etc and the problems are only going to get worse.
Until we stop pussy footing around scared of repercussions and ignore all the bleeding hearts who are up in arms if there is any talk of punishment its only going to get worse.
My friend is a criminal psychologist and worked in sex crimes and some of the stories i heard would put you. your head away. The government money spent on rehabilitation for them to get out and do it again. Makes me so angry. I would not be wasting money on trying to rehabilitate and I would ensure cells were cells not cushy hotel rooms. If you dont pay for your crime what is going to attempt to deter you from repeating it.

ThatIsNotMyUsername Tue 12-Jan-21 17:02:12

I was pondering the case in the US today where a female inmate on death row got a stay of execution (looks like it will be commuted to life without parole).

Her back story is pretty horrific - born with learning difficulties and beaten, raped as a child, pimped out by her parents as a child, married off to a half brother, beaten around the head a fair bit, sterilised (not sure if she even gave consent...).

Whatever your views in capital punishment is, this woman never had much of a chance of a life that didn’t involve the extremes of behaviour that lead her to death row.

I wondered what lengths a male in the same situation as her would go to avoid execution (‘trauma’ of by being ‘trapped in the wrong body‘ does seem to have been a factor in some crazy lenient sentencing before now).

JAE843 Tue 16-Feb-21 04:21:32

This is not really that different from what Richard Speck, the student nurse mass murderer/rapist, ending up doing while imprisoned in Illinois. He easily got access to a lot of cash and began ordering female hormones for himself to take and made his appearance as feminine like as possible (most notably a large pair of breasts), and even proceeded to film a skin flick with at least 1 other inmate showing them engaged in sexual activity and doing various illicit drugs off the "feminized" body of Richard Speck. He really lived up to his famous tattoo, "born to raise hell ." Yet another fine citizen who lived off tax money

JAE843 Tue 16-Feb-21 04:31:59

He was not transgender or anything other than a sickening idiot who, by the way, got his own self caught by leaving a written signed confession at the scene of the murder! This state is so backwards, it honestly wouldn't surprise me if they kept that child in the home. The baby's mother should NEVER be allowed to be near children again. To allow this man back in your home after knowing what he did to BOTH partners 3 month old daughter, what the sam hell is wrong with her??!!

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