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John CARPAY: "16 Vancouver women facing human rights complaints for refusing to wax transgender woman’s male genitalia"

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R0wantrees Tue 06-Nov-18 19:24:40

"The anonymous individual "JY" has filed 16 separate complaints with the Human Rights Tribunal after being refused a Brazilian wax from businesses that only service women
“JY” publicly identifies as a woman, but still has all the male parts. In recent months, JY approached 16 Vancouver-area female estheticians who only serve women, requesting a “Brazilian” bikini wax on his groin area.

If paying homage to political correctness, one would say that these 16 estheticians will only remove pubic hair from “a woman without a penis.”

Apart from the legitimate choice of a female esthetician to serve only women, there are practical considerations that lead estheticians to provide some services and not all services.

The procedure for providing a man with a “Manzilian” is quite different, using a different kind of wax and a different technique.

Claimant could make $35,000 off the human rights complaints
In spite of the fact that JY is able to obtain a Manzilian in Vancouver, JY has filed 16 complaints against these women at the BC Human Rights Tribunal, claiming discrimination on the basis of “gender identity.”

The Justice Centre has been connected with only two of the 16 women, and has provided legal representation to both, without charge.

One of them, Shelah Poyer, is a single mom who works out of her home. JY was willing to withdraw his complaint in exchange for $2,500.

If JY is demanding similar sums from the other 14 women, he stands to receive as much as $35,000 for dropping his human rights complaints.

Lawyers afraid to represent those facing transgender identity discrimination complaints
For the women without legal representation, the temptation to settle is very strong.

Fighting JY’s discrimination complaint all the way through to a hearing would cost each esthetician $20,000 or $30,000 or more.

Further, those facing a complaint of “gender identity” discrimination may find it extremely difficult to obtain legal representation.

One of the women represented by the Justice Centre had approached, and had been turned down by 26 different lawyers and law firms. All of which cited lack of expertise in human rights proceedings, or fear of offending the transgender lobby, or both." (continues)

Shriek Thu 15-Nov-18 00:49:28

Surely the issue is she doesnt do balls? She's not qualified to do balls, it doesn't matter whether he calls them female, she's still not qualified and cannot be forced to go near his bollox.
This fucking shocking that this shite organisation has every running scared of recrimination and human rights abuses.

How much more abusive can you get than forcing women to handle your male dick and bollox

AngryAttackKittens Thu 15-Nov-18 00:53:46

YY, Dance. Presumably he's relying on his ability to scare the shit out of them in person.

Shriek Thu 15-Nov-18 01:41:23

MN respecting Canadian courts wishes to refer to him as JY same as other online publications.

But I do hope all these women can club together and counter sue for their suffering the intimidation and forcing to do this. They are not qualified so they cannot do it.
I can't believe this is real, but I know it is
Cognitive dissonance, much! FFS

Marcipex Thu 15-Nov-18 02:07:25

I'm appalled.

Loouise Thu 15-Nov-18 10:05:13

I believe JY's aim was NEVER to actually get a wax, just to prey on vulnerable women and make some money out of it.
Rest assured that I will do EVERYTHING possible to make sure JY gets what JY deserves. International law is a MESS to navigate but I am making it my mission to do everything in my power.

AngryAttackKittens Thu 15-Nov-18 10:16:06


AngryAttackKittens Thu 15-Nov-18 10:16:30

And I agree with you, the whole thing stinks of scam.

deepwatersolo Thu 15-Nov-18 10:29:06

Shelah Poyer luckily did not pay. It is outrageous that the Men's Rights Trubunal Human Right's Tribunal will not tell the Justice Center how to contact the other women.

Apparently, in Sheila's case bringing up JV's online history of tampon insertion phantasies with 11 year olds was enough for JV to withdraw the complaint.

FekkoThePenguin Thu 15-Nov-18 10:48:04

Some people really do have brass, er, necks? No shame. No filter.

misscockerspaniel Thu 15-Nov-18 11:39:05

It does sound like a scam. Mind you, it would have only taken one GC woman and a tub of hot wax to deal effectively with the scumbag in question.

FekkoThePenguin Thu 15-Nov-18 16:46:21

If the other things I've seen on Twitter were real about this one then this is the least of our worries.

Shriek Thu 15-Nov-18 16:50:04

Yes bloody wax those bollox, give him what he wants!!!! Not qualified, just use the wax you have and rip those buggers off.

everybodypuuuuulllll Thu 15-Nov-18 17:12:29

It's not just a scam. He's getting off on it. He deliberately targets women working on their own, out of their flats. He wants the encounter and he's punishing them if he doesn't get it.

This person has also been called out by teenage girls for joining a beauty group online, and persistently engaging them in talk about periods, particularly what he should do if he's in a changing room and a 10-12 year old asks for help with her tampon - eg should he give advice on inserting it. He asked variations of that several times. Pretending he gets periods and talking to them about it.

All this time, his profile has an image of on it that looks obviously male. But many of the girls were afraid to challenge him because he said he was trans.

In my day, if someone who looked like a man asked me and my teenage friends to talk about periods with him, I'd have told a grown up a man was hassling us. But many of these kids have been groomed into thinking they have to be nice to trans people, no matter what they look like, and so were patiently explaining to him about periods. He was inviting them to contact him by private message.

This is grooming and pedophilia, people. And it's happening in plain sight.

What are we doing about it? What are the Canadian authorities doing about it?

Oh and one more thing. In his profile pic, he's wearing google glasses (that record what you see). They're going to be fun in changing rooms.

Are all the handmaidens going to continue using changing rooms once they find themselves starring in voyeur porn? Oh sorry, I forgot. This never happens.

FekkoThePenguin Thu 15-Nov-18 17:15:34

Canada seems, sigh, odd about addressing these things.

everybodypuuuuulllll Thu 15-Nov-18 17:17:07

Shriek that might be what he's after. Some people pay to be hurt.

FekkoThePenguin Thu 15-Nov-18 17:24:23

I think it would so some damage. All the hot wax, and ripping and tearing 😱

QuietContraryMary Thu 15-Nov-18 18:13:28

"MN respecting Canadian courts wishes to refer to him as JY same as other online publications."

Not courts. Tribunal.

Or kangaroo court if you must.

Features of the Canada kangaroo courts:

* no fees
* no legal costs
* anonymity to harass women
* hence no risks for ball waxer paedophiles

Note that the Harper government repealed s13 (inciting hatred) of the Human Rights Act in 2013, while the current ball waxing provisions were introduced by Trudeau in 2016 as well as by the BC provincial government and others in 2016, and have already been used to harass Lindsay Shepherd.

FromEden Thu 15-Nov-18 18:14:34

I read yesterday that doctors in Canada have been coercing native women into being sterilised after giving birth by denying them access to their newborns until they agree. They are not as "progressive" as they like to portray themselves. Not when it comes to women's and native rights anyway.

Nothisispatrick Thu 15-Nov-18 18:17:15

Sorry if I’m being dense but how is getting your pubes waxed off a human right?

sackrifice Thu 15-Nov-18 18:23:42

I would like to emphasise that JY HAS BEEN A CREEP SINCE 2012/2013 targeting young girls and women online.

Bloody hell Loouise, what a vile creep. Hope you are ok. flowers

Shriek Thu 15-Nov-18 18:47:09

Really!!! Eden !!? I am running out of expletives

Shriek Thu 15-Nov-18 19:08:47

Holding onto newborns until their DM agree to sterilisation!!!!

We really haven't come very far have we.
Why are so many still stuck in this horrendous mode of operating and why aren't they bloody locked up for it???

FromEden Thu 15-Nov-18 19:21:26

here is the article I read. Shocking

AspieAndProud Thu 15-Nov-18 19:30:26

Sorry if I’m being dense but how is getting your pubes waxed off a human right?’

A hundred years ago young men fought and died in the trenches for the right to a smooth and shiny scrotum.

Did they die in vain?

TwistedStitch Thu 15-Nov-18 19:35:45

Another screenshot of disturbing messages has come to light. Am I allowed to share it as it shows his profile picture?

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