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Lily Madigan tweets

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TwistedStitch Sun 07-Oct-18 13:05:55

Not sure if this has already been posted. Lily Madigan, the women's officer, saying that a group of women they disagree with can go fuck themselves. Labour are a fucking joke.

NopeNi Sun 07-Oct-18 13:32:56

MNHQ delete and ban people for saying that though Any. Because we live in a world going batshit crazy.

AnyFucker Sun 07-Oct-18 13:35:05

I have stated the truth on several occasions, Nope Not been censored for that specific reason yet.

TwistedStitch Sun 07-Oct-18 13:36:21

And here is 'Labour's youngest councillor'. Once again the grown ups do nothing whilst the misogynistic kids run amok.


TwistedStitch Sun 07-Oct-18 13:36:59

ShackUp Sun 07-Oct-18 13:37:02

namechanged Lily's lack of critical thinking and circumspection will be a real barrier to learning/achieving at university.

charlyn Sun 07-Oct-18 13:37:48

Is LM actually accountable to anybody? It seems LM can tweet whatever the hell they want like they are untouchable or something.

ToeToToe Sun 07-Oct-18 13:39:01

Anyfucker - I got a strike for saying similar - so I'm careful now.

AtrociousCircumstance Sun 07-Oct-18 13:40:57

Fucking hell. I am leaving the Labour Party today.

AnyFucker Sun 07-Oct-18 13:41:37

I know toe Not dismissing it has happened at all.

In context, I see no problem with stating biological facts.So I will comtinue to do so.

MaisyPops Sun 07-Oct-18 13:42:44

Seemingly not. They seem to be able to do and say what they like.

What s frustrating is that it's so obvious that there's a massive difference between trans people who just want to get on with their lives, have whatever hormones and surgery alleviates their dysphoria and are perfectly reasonable people and the LM types of TRA who are more interested in shutting women up then working towards a more egalitarian society for all minority groups.

ToeToToe Sun 07-Oct-18 13:44:12

It's so fucking ridiculous, Anyfucker. Grown women having their language policed this way makes me very angry.

FermatsTheorem Sun 07-Oct-18 13:44:17

Join the club Atrocious - I left getting on for a year ago.

MaisyPops Sun 07-Oct-18 13:46:45

Same fermats.

I was going to join the greens instead but you know...

I just want a centre left party who believe in protecting women's rights whilst supporting the right of trans people to access whatever support is required, surgery etc without shitting on women. I never thought it was a big ask.

VickyEadie Sun 07-Oct-18 13:47:23

I left Labour over their 'pro-trans, anti-women' stance.

And this kind of behaviour from one of their most feted trans people upholds my decision. Labour is a cesspit.

Which MP was it who said she was 'keeping a seat warm in the house of Commons' for Madigan?

YourVagesty Sun 07-Oct-18 13:49:10

I'd love to know the percentage of women who have discontinued their Labour membership over the past year.

Sarahjconnor Sun 07-Oct-18 13:51:09

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

bzzbeebzz Sun 07-Oct-18 13:53:30

I believe LM is now at Goldsmiths. I pass through the immediate area (Deptford) on foot very regularly. It is generally a quite deprived area, with lots of socio-economic issues. It will be interesting and revealing to see if LM, a Labour activist, gets involved to help change and improve things for ordinary poor people. Or will they stick to campaigning for middle class men to express themselves in a way that affects women and girls’ safety.

frazzled1 Sun 07-Oct-18 13:54:35

LM also tweeted

My favourite terfs are the ones who think I paid for a mini break to LA. I wish I had that kind of money spare.
3:41 PM · Oct 5, 2018

under @LilyMadigan99. @madigan_lily's tweets are now protected, wonder what's being said there....

LangCleg Sun 07-Oct-18 13:55:57

I am leaving the Labour Party today.

Good luck with that. I cancelled my membership six months ago and they still won't go away.

GDPR instruction to delete my info looks like the only way.

MaisyPops Sun 07-Oct-18 13:56:14

Isnt Goldsmiths the university where an academic has doubled their publishing record by publishing in his/her/their male and female names.

I think the academic is biologically male, lived most of their life as a man but has transitioned later and now publishes 2 author papers in their male & female names.

I can't remember where I read it though. A link on here I think.

NameChangedAgain18 Sun 07-Oct-18 13:57:47

It will be interesting and revealing to see if LM, a Labour activist, gets involved to help change and improve things for ordinary poor people.

I seriously hope Lily stays well away from poor people. There was a statement released earlier this year by a group that supports vulnerable women in the area - they condemned Goldmith’s TRAs for trying to pushed their privileged form of activism on these women and for derailing valuable projects with their elitist Pomo bullshit.

LangCleg Sun 07-Oct-18 13:58:25

It will be interesting and revealing to see if LM, a Labour activist, gets involved to help change and improve things for ordinary poor people.

The most likely answer is that Lily will join a Goldsmiths outreach programme and destroy local initiatives that actually help people in favour of lecturing them about pronouns and the more important oppression suffered by upper middle class adolescents with blue hair.


NameChangedAgain18 Sun 07-Oct-18 14:00:09

Maisie - yes, that person (those people?) is at Goldmiths and has also been active in orchestrating smear campaigns against feminist academics.

Budgieinaberet Sun 07-Oct-18 14:00:42

Lily is the gift that keeps on giving.

If any labour MP' s think this is acceptable please can they come here and tell us why

nauticant Sun 07-Oct-18 14:03:15

My theory is that LM is angling to be removed from their position. If they come to the end of their year with their current achievements as their record in office, they'll look rubbish. If they are "sacked because of transphobia" they'll be able to hide behind that for years.

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