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Dangerous sex offender transferred to women's prison, Peterborough

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doedoe90303811 Tue 18-Sep-18 07:00:31

Shaun Pudwell 'posed as a girl' to try to rape girls of 12 and 13 years old.
Now Shaun is legally recognised as a girl, under the name of Michelle Lewin, and has a gender recognition certificate. This is a mechanism designed to keep secret, with criminal penalties, the fact Michelle has male biology.

As Michelle has a GRC Michelle has a right to be in women's prison. That is the system TRAs created and lobbied for.

Michelle is under an indefinite sentence, which means that it's deemed that Michelle is a very dangerous sex offender for whom normal punishment rules don't apply, it's more important to protect the public from Michelle.

However this protection is not apparently extended to the women & girls (it's a female YOI) in HMP Peterborough having to share with Michelle.

StopPOP Tue 18-Sep-18 08:36:01

This is fucking outrageous

LangCleg Tue 18-Sep-18 08:36:37

A convicted paedophile was issued with a GRC?

And, as I understand it, while they were serving their sentence and from inside prison.


Tellin Tue 18-Sep-18 08:36:38

The argument I've seen on the GRA thread is that even if you have a GRC, you can still be lawfully discriminated against (ie excluded from women's spaces) on the grounds of gender reassignment.

Seems not to be the case in practice and this person has been legally treated as a woman, despite clear and obvious reasons to exclude them from the female estate.

It's just misogyny, where the identity needs of men are prioritised above the safety of women and safety.

LurkingWaspi Tue 18-Sep-18 08:36:52

Editor of the local paper ...anyone tweet?
I'll email
Peterborough Telegraph
Twitter: @ptmarkedwards

AngryAttackKittens Tue 18-Sep-18 08:37:11

Today in "what could possibly go wrong?" and "who ever could have predicted this?"

Tellin Tue 18-Sep-18 08:38:49

Along with 'you've got nothing to worry about' and 'it never happens'

Tellin Tue 18-Sep-18 08:44:17

What angers me the most here is that no one cares about how women feel being around ML. It's not even about whether actual sexual offences are committed but the environment of fear these women now have to live in.

A sex offender with a penis given free range in a women's prison isn't really any different to providing a convicted murderer with a knife and letting them walk around the prison with it. And that's before you think about how many women in prison have been victims of sexual violence and are likely to feel particularly vulnerable around a rapist.

CurbsideProphet Tue 18-Sep-18 08:44:44

This is a new and even more terrifying version of Gilead.

LurkingWaspi Tue 18-Sep-18 08:48:55

I've emailed the editor of the local paper, and linked to this thread and also the Karen White thread and JK in Spectator.

Floisme Tue 18-Sep-18 08:51:58

I’d like to see WPUK (or sister org) holding their next meeting in Peterborough and inviting the governor, MP and local press.

Aeroflotgirl Tue 18-Sep-18 09:03:42

I have no words, they really hate women don't they! Which idiot thought this is a good idea! Women's safety at the bottom as usually, men using their priviledge and power over women, to get what they want. How many women will be hurt or abused in prison, for somebody to take action.

Annandale Tue 18-Sep-18 09:07:19

Brilliant idea floisme.

This seems so gobsmacking that i almost can't believe it is real. The sun is getting a lot of clicks from me as i keep going back to read it again.

As i undrstand it, when ireland moved to self id, prisons were specifically excluded in some way. At least that should be possible. But how on earth did this pass any risk assessment? What is tge risk assessment? My traffic light risk sheet fir this would have looked like a case of measles, there would have been so many red bits on it. My guess would be that tgere is simply no level of risk that would lead to the conclusion 'this person should not be in the female estate' because it is not quantitative and because rape of imprisoned women and babies is mot taken seriously. The risk of a trans prson killing themselves is a red square, and tge risk of them raping multiple women is a red square, and they cancel each other out.

hackmum Tue 18-Sep-18 09:07:57

It must be horrific for those poor women in that jail.

Do you have any idea where the Sun got that figure of 25 from? I haven't seen it before. The one figure we do know is that there are 125 trans prisoners (without GRCs), but we don't know if they're in male or female prisons.

GulagMilkMonitor Tue 18-Sep-18 09:11:11

Things we need here:
- Protests
- More press/radio
- A fund for women who are (god forbid) attacked by men in prison, so they can take legal action or access therapy
- Meetings in the town with the relevant prisons

WarmWishes Tue 18-Sep-18 09:11:58

Love the protest suggestion.

Procrastinator1 Tue 18-Sep-18 09:17:03

How exactly does Penny Mordaunt and Maria Miller think the GRC application too difficult?

OrchidInTheSun Tue 18-Sep-18 09:18:54

It's terribly invasive an expensive doncha know

Although most don't seem to bother with it but I guess it's useful if you're a nonce and want to serve your sentence around kids angry

Annandale Tue 18-Sep-18 09:19:34

Well it certainly sounds like the GRC process is not fit for purpose.

Maybe it should have some kind of external moderation by a lay panel as well as the two doctors' opinions?

IAmLurkacus Tue 18-Sep-18 09:20:41

Penny Mordaunt and Maria Miller find a lot of things too difficult, like defining women for example.

gendercritter Tue 18-Sep-18 09:20:56

Article in the Mail now too.

This is absolutely horrendous. How is this happening?

IAmLurkacus Tue 18-Sep-18 09:22:02

*Things we need here:
- Protests
- More press/radio
- A fund for women who are (god forbid) attacked by men in prison, so they can take legal action or access therapy
- Meetings in the town with the relevant prisons*

100% agree with all of this

Ereshkigal Tue 18-Sep-18 09:23:03

Or I have got a great idea Annandale, why don't we just believe whatever people say about their gender identity, not ask them any questions or have any monitoring or gatekeeping and just let them fill out a form or make a declaration in order for a male to be counted as a female for most purposes and access sex segregated spaces like female prisons! That will surely be the best thing to do!

IAmLurkacus Tue 18-Sep-18 09:23:59

Also this needs to be sent to the ‘paedophile watch’ groups like U.K. database

AngryAttackKittens Tue 18-Sep-18 09:27:18

The only positives I can see in this horrorshow are that a. the media gloves seem to be well and truly off now and b. that will presumably make it harder for politicians to pretend not to know what they're endorsing. As long as we hold their feet to the fire.

Annandale Tue 18-Sep-18 09:27:51

I'm not willing to protest outside the prison. Would the women in the prisonbe entitled to legal aid for a case for something like neglect against the risk assessment panel?

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