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Jess Bradley - a government advisor on women's rights suspended by NUS over indecent blog. Part iii

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MipMipMip Fri 03-Aug-18 13:54:29

There doesnt seem to be another part 3 coming up si here goes.

transconspiracy Fri 03-Aug-18 21:41:32

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Popchyk Fri 03-Aug-18 22:02:41

We're not allowed to link to Twitter now?


Agastache Fri 03-Aug-18 22:08:50

How did that break any guidelines?

LeiaTheSlaya Fri 03-Aug-18 22:10:58

What did it link to?

Melamin Fri 03-Aug-18 22:16:36

Some odd twitter character called ada who was offering security to transfeminist activists, preferably on expenses or on the telly................or something confused

LeiaTheSlaya Fri 03-Aug-18 22:23:08

Eh? Why would that be deleted?

@MNHQ can you explain that deletion please?

Agastache Fri 03-Aug-18 22:31:10

How to keep your vile blogs a secret.

No shame these people, no shame at all.

They can't even pretend it isn't a perversion.

Melamin Fri 03-Aug-18 22:35:31

Ah I see - it was offering a service to high profile professional transfeminists who might be on the telly or get paid for it, and.... may also have 'blogs' wink wink nudge nudge say no more.

pachyderm Fri 03-Aug-18 23:15:12

Great work there, everyone. And all in the public domain too, albeit not yet "in the light".

Might have been posted before, but this piece by JB makes me sick. It was before the conviction of Tara Flik Wood but the weaselly lies of it are hard to read. No mention of the gathering in Hyde Park taking place precisely because the meeting organisers had to keep the venue secret due to harassment by transactivists. A punch "was thrown", passive voice. Just yuck.

LangCleg Fri 03-Aug-18 23:16:51

Someone came on here and advertised a How Not To Get Found Out While Doing What Jess Has Allegedly Done service?! WTAF?!

Oh, my giddy aunt. No wonder it got deleted.

heresyandwitchcraft Fri 03-Aug-18 23:41:47

If it's the thread I saw earlier on Twitter, then there was a TRA name I recognized who wanted to take them up on the offer of added security.

heresyandwitchcraft Sat 04-Aug-18 00:01:05

Also, I am quite sure that Jess is in fact a co-founder of TELI. It's even mentioned in the book "To My Trans Sisters" edited by Charlie Craggs, published in 2018 and featuring a number of prominent trans feminine voices in activism. It names I already know, including Kate Hutchinson who is also described as a TELI founding member.

Jess's story is on pages 61-64, and it says:
She is also a founder of the Trans Equality Legal Initiative, a network of trans activists and human rights lawyers aiming to deliver justice for trans people.
The description also mentions Action for Trans Health and her being the first-ever trans officer for the NUS, a record for Europe.

heresyandwitchcraft Sat 04-Aug-18 00:01:49

Argh, I meant to say that the anthology includes names that I already know

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sat 04-Aug-18 00:18:41

Here's TELI's FB account congratulating JB for his appearance on Sky and calling him "One of our very own".

One of his nicknames is "Histeria" apparently.

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sat 04-Aug-18 00:21:38

Not a very interesting post - simply proof (in case anyone wants it) that Histeria Bradley is JB.

(Both names appear on this page).

Although - "His-teria" = admission he's taking the fucking piss male, perhaps?!

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sat 04-Aug-18 00:24:47

Has anyone taken a copy of this whole thread? I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing gets pulled by the expensive solicitors.

thecraftyfox Sat 04-Aug-18 00:25:03

Greta Williams-schultz is a long term friend of and used to share a house with Jess Bradley when they did the naked vegan cooking thing. They are part of s housing co-op and bought a property in 2015 which is now The Burrow housing co-op. Jess and Greta along with a few others registered a new company from that address in June this year called Manchester in Common.

AngryAttackKittens Sat 04-Aug-18 00:25:16

It’s a huge spider’s web. They’ve been working in the shadows for years - it’s about time this all saw daylight and some very public scrutiny.

Considering the fact that accusations tend to be admissions for Cluster B personalities, isn't it interesting that TRAs keep accusing GC women of being involved in some sort of shadowy conspiracy?

thebewilderness Sat 04-Aug-18 00:31:48

Three men attacked a woman at speakers corner for taking pictures of them while they were taking pictures of her and they call it a "scuffle".
The men and their accomplices then followed the women to the venue of the meeting and stood outside shouting burn it down until the police arrived. The terrorized neighbors called the police.
What do predatory white men have to do to finally be recognized as terrorists?

heresyandwitchcraft Sat 04-Aug-18 01:04:06

The TELI story sent me to the Transgender Equality report 2015-2016.

It occurs to me that even though the EA might remain "untouched" for now, they will definitely try to change it. Because as soon as the GRA is amended to self-ID, then it will definitely strengthen the claim on single-sex spaces. And later on it will only a matter of paperwork say that the EA must be updated to reflect the change of "gender reassignment" to "gender identity," and a wave of the wand to get rid of sex-based exemptions.

Significant concerns have been raised with us regarding the provisions of the Equality Act concerned with separate-sex and single-sex services and the genuine occupational requirement as these relate to trans people. These are sensitive areas, where there does need to be some limited ability to exercise discretion, if this is a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim. However, we are not persuaded that this discretion should apply where a trans person has been recognised as of their acquired gender “for all legal purposes” under the Gender Recognition Act. In many instances this is unlikely, in any case, to meet the proportionate test.

We recommend that the Equality Act be amended so that the occupational requirements provision and / or the single-sex / separate services provision shall not apply in relation to discrimination against a person whose acquired gender has been recognised under the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

And yes, I was reading if for Jess Bradley's contribution.
But looking at this consultation again, which TELI mentions in their "vision" tells me that these are like minds and the evidence they are giving are the ultimate goals.

And let me tell you, they are not happy about sex-based exemptions.

BirthCanal Sat 04-Aug-18 01:22:32

Good detective work. Of course they want to change it we knew it was just a matter of finding evidence so well done

heresyandwitchcraft Sat 04-Aug-18 01:40:16

To be clear, changes to the EA might already be in the works behind the scenes:

Apologies for the slight derail. Will be watching this thread with interest, thank you!

BirthCanal Sat 04-Aug-18 01:44:31

Reasons to be cheerful Part 3
Reasons to be cheerful 1,2,3

jgrobinson Sat 04-Aug-18 02:00:29


TimeLady Sat 04-Aug-18 07:13:22

Funny the stories that pop up when you google 'NUS suspension'.

Turns out this NUS is the National University of Singapore

but if you read to the end of the article, there's a relevant twist to what seemed like a peeping-tom story.


TransplantsArePlants Sat 04-Aug-18 07:48:12


Indeedy do

According to the defence, the accused was diagnosed with voyeurism and fetishism by the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), a condition he has had since he was in primary school

"He has a desire of cross-dressing and likes to act like a woman. He also likes to collect discarded female clothing," said defence lawyer Jason Lim

District Judge Hamidah Ibrahim said: "There's no need for him to walk into the female shower, right?"

The defence said the accused has previously gone into the female toilet to shower, and would change into female clothes before walking around dressed as a woman


TimeLady Sat 04-Aug-18 08:06:57

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

OrchidInTheSun Sat 04-Aug-18 09:05:54

I've PDFed all 3 threads smile

Agastache Sat 04-Aug-18 09:08:30

And we are expected to tell a predatory crossdresser like him from a 'non-binary transwoman'

You can't - that is the point and also - why they are infiltrating so hard.

birdbandit Sat 04-Aug-18 09:28:17

You marvellous lot have done sterling work here, the companies house stuff, the range of his influence etc.

Would it be possible to put it all into one easy crib notes/fact sheet, to help any passing journalists?

It looks like the organisations he is associated with (founded?) are trying to "erase" him (the irony) whilst still peddling his lies, rocking on funding given on the understanding that men like him don't exist.

R0wantrees Sat 04-Aug-18 09:38:07

I've often wondered why Jane Fae appears on so many BBC programs (radio and television). The TELI first conference describes Jane Fae as 'independent journalist'. Is she the 'independent' journalist advocating / representing the views of the TELI collective?

It would be really interesting if there was a transcript or video of their conferences.

borntobequiet Sat 04-Aug-18 09:43:04

There’s a way to copy a whole thread to PDF but I can’t remember how to do first involves showing all messages. Co Utd someone remind me?

OrchidInTheSun Sat 04-Aug-18 09:49:34

I did it by opening in safari and then saving to iBooks. I don't know how you do it on other devices grin

borntobequiet Sat 04-Aug-18 09:54:44

Pleased to see the Safari/iBooks tip works! Many thanks.
But would still like the alternative version if poss....

OrchidInTheSun Sat 04-Aug-18 09:59:54

You should be able to print to pdf on a computer

heresyandwitchcraft Sat 04-Aug-18 10:03:20

* Is she the 'independent' journalist advocating / representing the views of the TELI collective?*

I took that as meaning that she writes for the newspaper the Independent - although I may be mistaken. I do know that Fae also presented evidence for the Transgender Equality report.

R0wantrees Sat 04-Aug-18 10:12:59

The Independent (newspaper) has a great number of TRAs who regularly contribute 'Opinion/ Voices' pieces.

Jane Fae does has a profile on the Independent so you may be right heresyandwitchcraft it has an interesting focus:

"Jane Fae is a writer and feminist with a particular interest in the rights of individuals to express their own sexuality without censure by the state. She is an active supporter of Consenting Adult Action Network, as well as regular contributor to national and LGBT press."

borntobequiet Sat 04-Aug-18 10:14:26

I think independent in this context means freelance - possibly considered to sound better/imply a (false) impression of impartiality.

R0wantrees Sat 04-Aug-18 10:33:53

From Stonewall's report on Domestic and Sexual Violence Services published this week:

The Rt Hon Maria Miller MP (Conservative), Chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee said: ‘In 2016, I was proud to lead the Women and Equalities Select Committee’s inquiry into transgender equality. Alongside fundamental changes within our healthcare, education and criminal justice systems, we concluded that reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 is urgently needed.

‘But while there is cross-party support for trans equality, misinformation is holding back progress.

‘That’s why Stonewall and nfpSynergy’s report is so important. It provides a clear, balanced account of the provision of women-only services to trans survivors. It shows us that many services already support trans women on the basis of self-identification; streamlining the legal system of gender recognition will not have an impact on the way they are able to operate.

‘As the public consultation progresses, I hope that reports such as this will be used to inform an evidence-based conversation, where everyone can be heard and treated with dignity and respect.’

Stonewall also include comment / endorsement from Labour & LibDem politicans

Threads discussing the report:

R0wantrees Sat 04-Aug-18 11:08:26

Kristina Harrison's speech at Hastings WPUK

BettyDuMonde Sat 04-Aug-18 11:21:20

A few screenshots from Facebook (snapped this morning) to confirm the ‘Histeria’ nickname.

It appears that ‘Jess Histeria Bradley’ has taken down their Facebook account (hence the name being on these posts, it no longer being a clickable link)

R0wantrees Sat 04-Aug-18 11:32:40

Details of 'Around the Toilet' project.
December 2016
"A project that aims to revolutionise public toilets has won a prestigious national award.

Around the Toilet, a project led by Sheffield Hallam University, worked with organisations and individuals to look at how cultural and societal change in modern Britain means the humble public loo is now in danger of discriminating against some of those who need to use it.

The project was awarded the top prize in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences category of the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement’s (NCCPE) bi-annual Engage Awards - beating more than 180 other entries in the process.

Awarded nearly £50,000 by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the project engaged with disabled, queer and trans people, parents, people with religious beliefs that affect their toilet experiences, lorry drivers, and school children.

The project was led by Dr Jenny Slater, senior lecturer from Sheffield Hallam's Sheffield Institute of Education." (continues)

TimeLady Sat 04-Aug-18 11:37:06

I suppose they needed an alternative for Joshua Harry.....

R0wantrees Sat 04-Aug-18 11:38:55

Dr Jen Slater (Sheffield Hallum) was one of the signatories in the open letter in support of Bristol student Nic Shall:

"As feminist scholars, we are writing to express our concern at the news that disciplinary procedures have been initiated against a PhD student who petitioned against a discriminatory event associated with the University of Bristol.

The student, Nic Shall, wrote a petition opposing an event organised by the anti-trans campaign group “A Woman’s Place”. Shall has been accused by the Vice Chancellor’s office of writing a letter containing false information, attempting to suppress the free speech of fellow students, and bringing the university into disrepute. They have been threatened with expulsion.

We believe that the disciplinary action against Shall represents an attack on the democratic right to free expression, and that it is this action that brings the University of Bristol into disrepute. The student in question is, in effect, being threatened with expulsion for writing a petition. If the University of Bristol is to uphold the principle of free speech and encourage political debate, then students and staff must be afforded the right to openly express their principled opposition to bigotry and discrimination. (continues)


BettyDuMonde Sat 04-Aug-18 11:41:02

It’s clear JB has been incredibly invested in the concept of public toilets for quite some time.

When you consider the ‘wanking at urinals’ blog post, it’s hard not to be concerned.

I really hope someone is pointing all this out to Penny at the HoC.

BettyDuMonde Sat 04-Aug-18 11:44:16

I’d like to take this moment to point out that the information we are collating here is a) all publicly available already and b) offered for the use of any journalist or otherwise professionally interested person who would like to make productive use of it.

R0wantrees Sat 04-Aug-18 12:07:17

I really hope someone is pointing all this out to Penny at the HoC.

4/7/18 OP GenderCritter wrote:
"I just read on another thread that Justine is meeting with Penny Mordaunt soon.

In Justine's words: 'You should also know that I’m due to meet soon with Penny Mordaunt to discuss “any ideas you may have on the women and equalities agenda’' and I will of course reflect the strong opinion of many Mumsnetters wrt to this issue and ask her to do a webchat too.'

I thought this was worth highlighting so people can leave comments here for @justinemumsnet to mull over and raise with Penny. Perhaps, Justine, you could print them all off and hand them over to her when you see her.

Thank you."

the previous thread mentioned in OP:

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 04-Aug-18 12:13:08

Jane Fae is a writer and feminist with a particular interest in the rights of individuals to express their own sexuality without censure by the state. She is an active supporter of Consenting Adult Action Network

I just had to look this up:

From their front page:

Nearly a third of the UK population (British Sexual Fantasy Research Project: 2007), fantasise about types of forced sex, often involving bondage, gags and invariably a dark dungeon. There is a huge amount of porn that caters for this demand, but anything without a BBFC certificate will be very dangerous to view/possess

CAAN is doing everything we can to secure a sensible amendment to the legislation to protect those into bondage, submission and/or domination. Working with the 4 other campaigns (Backlash, Campaign Against Censorship, Sex & Censorship and the Sexual Freedom Coalition) we have warned MPs and peers of the dangers of this legislation, explaining the potential for thousands of harmless people to have their lives destroyed.

WhereDoWeBeginToCovetClarice Sat 04-Aug-18 12:21:50

"Jane Fae is a writer and feminist with a particular interest in the rights of individuals to express their own sexuality without censure by the state. She is an active supporter of Consenting Adult Action Network, as well as regular contributor to national and LGBT press."

Isn't CAAN all about perverts using disabled people as human shields in their campaigning for greater freedom to be perverted and exploitative in the open- to elicit sympathy?

R0wantrees Sat 04-Aug-18 12:25:08

see also:
'Feminists Against Censorship (FAC) is a large network of women founded in 1989 in the United Kingdom to present the feminist arguments against censorship, particularly of sexual materials, and to defend individual sexual expression.

FAC originally came together in response to the passage of a resolution by the annual general meeting of the National Council for Civil Liberties in 1989 condemning pornography. Spearheaded by British activists Linda Semple and Roz Kaveney, meetings of feminists were organised in London to begin producing documents and speaking up for the feminist position in support of free expression.

FAC is unfunded and has no paid staff or offices. Individual members write submissions to government bodies, letters, and other publications. FAC and its members have produced several books presenting research reviews, analysis, and personal experiences related to censorship and pornography. They are also available to speak to the public[1][2][3][4] and have joined university debates as well as appearing on television and participating in radio discussions.

They are a member of Backlash, which was formed in 2005 in order to oppose a new law criminalising possession of "extreme pornography".[5][6] FAC responded to the Government consultation on this law.[7]"


ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 04-Aug-18 12:27:10


If you are arrested simply for possession of extreme pornography featuring consenting adults, we want to hear from you and see how we can support you, contact us


Anyone who possesses material that is classed as ‘extreme pornography‘ after January 26th 2009 will be committing a crime. In the (probably unlikely) event that the police investigate you, they will take your computer and any other computer data storage and investigate it for signs of illegal material. After that date, it is perfectly legal to have once had such images, but you must not own them any more, or have searched for or downloaded them since then

But whatever level of expertise you have, everyone needs to have tried their best to delete illegal images, so we all must start by searching for anything that might be illegal on all our data storage

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 04-Aug-18 12:30:56

Tatchell is a supporter of CAAN - why does this not surprise me?

OlennasWimple Sat 04-Aug-18 12:39:33


WhereDoWeBeginToCovetClarice Sat 04-Aug-18 12:47:25

Tatchell is a supporter of CAAN - why does this not surprise me?

Penis freedom above all human rights is something most penis havers can get behind- whether gay, straight, lip-stick wearing or not.

LeiaTheSlaya Sat 04-Aug-18 12:48:56

*explaining the potential for thousands of harmless people to have their lives destroyed.*

= not having an orgasm.

Hyperbole much?

MipMipMip Sat 04-Aug-18 12:49:00

Justine later said the meeting is all about work and pay gaps, nothing to do with trans or safety. Whether that was to do with the backlash she received in that thread or nearly clarification I cannot say.

Procrastinator1 Sat 04-Aug-18 12:54:28

Thank you for doing all this work. It's amazing how a relatively small number of people have obtained so much influence.
Every time JF is interviewed the journalist and broadcaster ought to be sent the above information and it should be put on social media, plus the egg shell domestic violence comments.
Perhaps the broadcasters won't take any notice, but those few people who engage on social media might.
Any politicians who consult her ought also to be reminded.
I am rubbish with saving stuff but I hope a copy CAAN's web-site is being preserved.

OrchidInTheSun Sat 04-Aug-18 12:56:13

I'm sure we've discussed this before but John Ozimek, who now goes by the name Jane Fae, has a long history of trying to push back the boundaries of acceptable sexuality. Ozimek acted as expert witness for Darryn Walker who was charged (but not convicted) of publishing a fantasy about torturing, mutilating and murdering Girls Aloud. Ozimek's last paragraph is "Last but by no means least, some thought should go to the defendant in this case. He has lost his job. He has been pilloried in the press. His reputation is in tatters."

Fae/Ozimek is a strong advocate for what he calls 'extreme porn' - basically images of women and children being assaulted and abused.

These are the people behind the push to access women's spaces

StickyStuffRemover Sat 04-Aug-18 13:05:58

You beat me to it, Orchid. I was just going to post about this. I had the misfortune to read some of the “story”, & it’s a really awful, graphic description of the rape, torture & murder of real, identifiable women. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be one of them & to know this obscenity exists & is still accessible on the internet for anyone to read about you. And yet Fae the feminist would airily have everyone believe that it is the author who is the real victim. Despicable.

R0wantrees Sat 04-Aug-18 13:31:09

Jane Fae's recent BBC appearances:
Trans Revolution R4:

Jeremy Vine R2

Sunday Politics BBC 1

Big Questions BBC1

R4 PM with Eddie Mair:

R0wantrees Sat 04-Aug-18 13:36:03

Thread discussing Jane Fae's comment about 'domestic violence gone wrong':

Ereshkigal Sat 04-Aug-18 13:39:43

You beat me to it, Orchid. I was just going to post about this. I had the misfortune to read some of the “story”, & it’s a really awful, graphic description of the rape, torture & murder of real, identifiable women. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be one of them & to know this obscenity exists & is still accessible on the internet for anyone to read about you. And yet Fae the feminist would airily have everyone believe that it is the author who is the real victim. Despicable.

And the defence was basically "look, do an internet search and you will see lots of other men fantasise about raping and torturing Girls Aloud to death so not fair to criminalise this one"

Ereshkigal Sat 04-Aug-18 13:43:03

t appears that ‘Jess Histeria Bradley’ has taken down their Facebook account (hence the name being on these posts, it no longer being a clickable link)

Jess also had a FB in the name of Jess Elijah Bradley - was in the Naked Vegan Cooking FB group.

Ereshkigal Sat 04-Aug-18 13:46:24

^I've PDFed all 3 thread^s

Well done star very sensible

OrchidInTheSun Sat 04-Aug-18 13:48:57

Oh god poor you StickyStuff. I haven't read any of it - the mere description makes me feel sick.

In another article I was reading by Ozimek, he was complaining about censorship of the cover of the Scorpions' Virgin Killer album which features a photo of a naked ten year old girl in a sexualised pose with a smashed glass effect barely covering her vulva. Apparently, the title doesn't refer to actually killing girls though, no, it's a reference to time being the killer of innocence.

heresyandwitchcraft Sat 04-Aug-18 13:54:30

It is worth remembering that Jane Fae's written evidence to the Transgender Equality Inquiry is focused on data security and privacy online...

"I am a journalist and campaigner with over 20 years experience of implementing and writing about data systems. I have implemented data security protocols in a number of major commercial organisations: and have provided advice and consultancy to many more.
Over the past three years I have:

- Contributed to and edited guidance for employers on data privacy for trans employees and customers, commissioned by the Government Equalities Office

- Chaired a meeting of LGBT and educational organisations on the unintended consequences of internet filtering, and presented back to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the UK Council for Child Internet Safety filtering lead

- Consulted with the Cabinet Office on a scheme for verification of individual identity

- Written extensively in the LGBT press and elsewhere on data issues, leading to:

Discussions with the Cabinet Office on their policy on revealing former names and withdrawal of legislation intended to make such disclosure compulsory
Discussion and a planned meeting with Facebook on their “real names” policy
Consulting with organisations within the UK Financial Services industry on ways to make their policies more trans-friendly

This paper addresses concerns that trans individuals are increasingly disadvantaged by the ways in which organisations process their data – and that better mutually beneficial approaches need urgently to be found."

Ereshkigal Sat 04-Aug-18 13:57:30

It is worth remembering indeed. Thank you for that.

Ereshkigal Sat 04-Aug-18 14:02:48

So Fae wants to stop parents as bill payers monitoring their children's internet use?

Home-based internet  systems increasingly provide the ability for the bill-payer to monitor the internet usage of other individuals. Most recently, it has been suggested, Microsoft’s Windows 10 package provides reports on other individuals as the default option.

This raises the question of whether anyone has an expectation of or right to privacy in their use of the internet. It is particularly an issue in respect of young people aged between 16 to 18 as well as any determined to be “Gillick competent”. In the case of the latter, the law currently permits them to access advice and medical support confidentially in respect of contraception: but it appears they can have no expectation of privacy in respect of their internet usage.                           

TimeLady Sat 04-Aug-18 14:03:25

A compilation of some of these prominent TR contributers' other "interests" might well be a good strategic move.

R0wantrees Sat 04-Aug-18 14:03:33

Recent article highlighting issues with regards convicted paedophiles changing names / deleting history following transition to trans women in jail;

The con is desperate for a fresh start but child protection expert Claude Knights said: “Allowing these individuals to hide a secret past is a dangerous practice.”

"[Margaret-Ann Cummings, a campaigner whose son was murdered by a convicted sex-offender] added: “It’s not unusual for sex offenders to want a new identity but this is the most disturbing case I’ve heard of.

“When someone, so soon after getting out of jail, is trying to change not just their name but their sex and appearance too, it sounds like they’re trying to hide rather than reform.”

Echoing her calls, child protection expert Claude Knights said: “Anyone who’s fuelled the vile trade in indecent images of children and therefore contributed to their sexual abuse should not be allowed to change their name.”

Intresting to note that Claude Knight has commented.
She has recently retired after 15 years as head of Kidscape:]]/

cf Claude Knight's comments and also her experience in Safeguarding and child protectionand knowledge with James Morton who is also quoted in the article:

"James Morton, of the Scottish Transgender Alliance, said: “Our understanding is that transitioning does not erase your past if you’re a sex offender.

“You have to give your new name to police. Trans people usually encounter greater suspicion. I don’t think it helps people blend in.”

James Morton plays a key role in advocating trans rights in Scotland:


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