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Jess Bradley - a government advisor on women's rights suspended by NUS over indecent blog. Part iii

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MipMipMip Fri 03-Aug-18 13:54:29

There doesnt seem to be another part 3 coming up si here goes.

R0wantrees Fri 03-Aug-18 14:00:01

related threads:

vagender Fri 03-Aug-18 14:02:39

Daily Mail article
Statement on Bradley's blog

OrchidInTheSun Fri 03-Aug-18 14:09:17

Thanks Mip

MipMipMip Fri 03-Aug-18 14:13:54

Yes, i only missed the essential links! Thsnks Vangender and Rowantrees.

vagender Fri 03-Aug-18 14:17:22

Oh, and: the whistleblower's twitter, which includes screenshots from the exhibitionizm tumblr allegedly linked to Bradley.

BettyDuMonde Fri 03-Aug-18 14:29:52

Ran these two Bradley founded orgs through companies house - no sign of either.

As discussed in thread 2 JB has founded or been appointed a director of a number of orgs (notably Action for Trans Health and the NUS) under three different names, ‘Josh Bradley’ ‘Jess Bradley’ ‘Joshua Bradley’ (and three different DOBs)

Name changes make no sense in a timeline (ie, ‘Jess’ is not the most recent variant used.

Still no official records of JB founding TELI (although the claim still appears on the NUS website, despite them deleting the reference to ATH). All references to JB have been removed from the TELI website.

nauticant Fri 03-Aug-18 14:30:01

That's an informative title OP.

vagender Fri 03-Aug-18 14:38:52

Hm, the SSDPUK website seems to be down?

TimeLady Fri 03-Aug-18 14:39:49

I'm not sure Jess was a founder of TELI. Jess was a speaker at the inaugural conference

I think it's just that there are a couple of typos on the NUS bio re. Jess. Sloppy.

OrchidInTheSun Fri 03-Aug-18 14:41:37

Possibly wishful thinking on Bradley's part?

R0wantrees Fri 03-Aug-18 14:46:15

Action for Trans Health have an annual solidarity fund (applications for this year closed so form not available to view)

"Action for Trans Health takes a broad view of healthcare, which recognises that there a wide number of things that can impact on an individual’s healthcare needs. As such, we place no restrictions on what the money can be used for. We do ask that if the money is being used to access medication which will be needed long-term, that the applicant has thought about how to secure the long-term supply after the grant money has been spent. Some things we have funded in the past include:

– appointments with private gender clinics;
– hair removal;
– counselling and therapy;
– rent payments when the money isn’t there because of a health issue;
– mobility aids;
– sick pay;
– part payment of surgery costs;
– wigs, binders, clothes, etc.

Once applications have been received, a member of Action for Trans Health’s administrative staff will anonymise the application text and pass them onto our funding panel who will allocate the funds"

MAY 18, 2017
2015-2016 Financial Report by Greta Williams Schulz
indicates previous financial grants made to applicants from age 10 upwards:

April 2018 'termination of appointment' as directors Jess Bradley, Franklin Sonny Williams, and Greta Williams Schulz (founders?)

Agastache Fri 03-Aug-18 14:46:46

Thanks OP. Good job.

Floisme Fri 03-Aug-18 14:48:12

I'm sure there was a screenshot on the first thread of Bradley in person claiming to be a co-founder of TELi.

BettyDuMonde Fri 03-Aug-18 14:52:22

Here’s JB claiming to have set up TELI in 2016 on JB’s official NUS officer profile page.

It used to read ‘I set up Action for Trans Health in 2014 and Trans Equality Legal Initiative in 2016’ but someone has clumsily deleted the ATH reference since the allegations were made public - perhaps they meant to delete TELI and did the wrong one? 🙊

Agastache Fri 03-Aug-18 14:53:23


BettyDuMonde Fri 03-Aug-18 14:55:17

Cropped that screenshot down to make viewing easier:

R0wantrees Fri 03-Aug-18 15:09:17
November 18. 2016

article by SHANE BOOTHBY
Shane is the UK Editor of Ragged Media.

"Organizing for Trans Equality
The Trans Equality Legal Initiative links lawyers and activists in the fight against discrimination and inequality experienced by the trans community in the UK and abroad.

This week sees the launch and first annual conference of the Trans Equality Legal Initiative (TELI). The event, taking place in London, draws together human rights lawyers, trans third sector organizations, campaigners, journalists and academics for a day of discussion and knowledge sharing on key areas of the trans legal and activist landscape in the UK and more broadly.

Topics to be explored by panels both inside and outside the legal profession include health, justice, strategic litigation & impact of exclusionary provision, education and international protection... (continues)

"TELI’s founders themselves span a number of spheres, bringing wide experience:

Jess Bradley is the Director of Action for Trans Health, the UK’s largest campaign for democratic trans healthcare.

Michelle Brewer is a Barrister at Garden Court Chambers and advises members of the community on areas such as access to health, inclusion in education and challenging discriminatory practice.

Allan Briddock is a Consultant Barrister at Blake Morgan LLP and specializes in immigration and asylum with a particular interest in LGBTI issues.

David Bufton is an Associate at Linklaters LLP whose pro bono work for the firm sees him represent LGBTI asylum seekers to assist with their applications for asylum and provide legal counsel for Pride in London.

Tara Hewitt is a NHS Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead at the University Hospital of South Manchester and also works as a Diversity Consultant, supporting organizations across the UK.

Kate Hutchinson is Director of Training at Wipe Out Transphobia, where she provides training and support for a number of organizations including Barnardo’s, Welsh Women’s Aid and the NHS.

Cathy Jaquiss is a Pupil Barrister at 10KBW and intends to specialize in public law, drawing on human rights work in Togo, West Africa and experience of immigration law in the UK."

BettyDuMonde Fri 03-Aug-18 15:12:45

Michelle Brewer is scheduled to speak on the pro-trans motion at the Women’s Equality Party Conference this year.

We really need to have a go at one of those online trello board thingies. So many dots to connect...

BettyDuMonde Fri 03-Aug-18 15:14:11

I wonder if some of those TELI connections are the inspiration/motivation for JB’s trans prisoner freedom of information requests?

R0wantrees Fri 03-Aug-18 15:16:35

Michelle Brewer is scheduled to speak on the pro-trans motion at the Women’s Equality Party Conference this year.

current thread:

LeiaTheSlaya Fri 03-Aug-18 15:19:11

Is that Michelle 'trans women are women, there will be no debate' Brewer? That one?

From Garden Court Chambers website:

Michelle is one of the founding members of the Trans Equality Legal Initiative.  This is the first UK-wide initiative aimed at empowering trans people to access legal protection and to support the learning of legal and other professionals who wish to work with the trans community in an inclusive and informed way.

In the coming year, Michelle will be part of an expert team producing and publishing a legal analysis of the Women and Equalities Committees Transgender Equality Inquiry and the Government’s response to this.

So Michelle co-founded TELI alongside Jess Bradley, if Jess' claim to be a founder is true?

LangCleg Fri 03-Aug-18 15:21:18

Good thread title.

Procrastinator1 Fri 03-Aug-18 15:22:16

And is said to be a government advisor.

LeiaTheSlaya Fri 03-Aug-18 15:22:28

Oh look, this is from the WEP thread, courtesy of the fabulous Rowan

TELI’s founders themselves span a number of spheres, bringing wide experience:

Jess Bradley is the Director of Action for Trans Health, the UK’s largest campaign for democratic trans healthcare.

Michelle Brewer is a Barrister at Garden Court Chambers and advises members of the community on areas such as access to health, inclusion in education and challenging discriminatory practice.

Seems it is the same Michelle Brewer, guest speaker at the WEP conference on the GRA.

R0wantrees Fri 03-Aug-18 15:24:28

So Michelle co-founded TELI alongside Jess Bradley, if Jess' claim to be a founder is true?

See article above which was published prior to TELIs first conference and seems based on information supplied.

BettyDuMonde Fri 03-Aug-18 15:25:36

If JB really did found TELI with Brewer (and isn’t just making grandiose claims, crikey knows JB claims to have founded all manner of minority interest action groups) it would certainly explain why TELI has dropped JB like a hot potato (and might explain why the fancy privacy lawyers got involved).

Brewer wants to be able to continue advising the government without the taint of JB’s alleged behaviour.

Members of the WEP should be asking for an alternative speaker for conference asap.

LangCleg Fri 03-Aug-18 15:32:17

Members of the WEP should be asking for an alternative speaker for conference asap.

Members of the WEP should certainly be advised of this information.

LeiaTheSlaya Fri 03-Aug-18 15:32:21

Actually, her speaking at the WEP, with the connection she has to the high profile TRA campaigner, Jess Bradley - maybe a WEP member will ask her how the GRA & self ID protects women from men self IDing as women, who get a sexual kick from exposing their lady dicks in changing rooms, or offices, or bus stops? Seeing as she has all the knowledge & expertise, she should be best placed to address concerns over the sexual fetishises also now under the trans umbrella having unfettered access to women's spaces where they are vulnerable and/or in a state of undress.

Maybe a lawyer expressly stating that no woman has any right to privacy, dignity or safety from male fetishists might wake up the attendees of the WEP conference?

Procrastinator1 Fri 03-Aug-18 15:37:16

According to the twitter thread about the WEP, Michelle is going to be involved in a question and answer session, not speaking to the motion. An ideal opportunity for any members of the WEP who want to know about Jess Bradley's contribution to put some questions.

Floisme Fri 03-Aug-18 15:39:31

Are any poster going to the WEP conference? I'm sure we could come up with some questions to put to Brewer.

Floisme Fri 03-Aug-18 15:40:04

Ha Procastinator beat me to it!

LeiaTheSlaya Fri 03-Aug-18 15:41:11

Floisme, that's a great idea - maybe a new thread on that very topic would be in order?

Lots of questions for any WEP members to choose from, kind of thing?

Melamin Fri 03-Aug-18 15:41:17

Presumably she has been working closely with JB, knows all about this stuff and has still been taken in with the rhetoric that anyone who describes themselves as trans is not what JB is. So what chance anyone else?

Melamin Fri 03-Aug-18 15:42:11

(Either that or she still thinks JB is a woman, the same as any other woman hmm)

BettyDuMonde Fri 03-Aug-18 15:42:15

There is a WEP branch officer in one of my GC groups. I will send her the link to this thread (she’s already seen the recent WEP specific post).

R0wantrees Fri 03-Aug-18 15:42:50

See TELI Co-founder Tara Hewitt's report for UHSM which records data on 'gender' and 'trans' as 'protected characteristics':

"As part of monitoring access to services and to meet our statutory reporting duty under the Equality Act 2010, the Trust produces reports breaking down patients who have accessed our services by age, ethnicity, gender and religion/belief. We recognise the need to extend this reporting to cover more of the protected characteristics included in the Equality Act and have actions in place to move towards this goal"


BettyDuMonde Fri 03-Aug-18 15:54:59

I wonder why TELI has only had 1 ‘annual conference’? They should’ve had 2 and be advertising dates for the 3rd, surely?

Anyway, here’s the line up from the first one - as published on Michelle Brewer’s chambers website:

Mermaids had a slot, unsurprisingly.

Melamin Fri 03-Aug-18 15:58:06

Yes - it was quite a gathering!

AtreidesFreeWoman Fri 03-Aug-18 15:59:33

Excellent thread title.

LeiaTheSlaya Fri 03-Aug-18 16:17:33

That is an interesting line up.

This section seems intriguing:

Justice, Strategic Litigation and Impact of Exclusionary Provision Plenary
Tara Hewitt
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Lead UHSM NHS Foundation Trust
Jane Ryan
Bhatt Murphy Solicitors
Allan Briddock
One Pump Court Chambers
Michelle Brewer
Garden Court Chambers
Becky Kent
Scottish Transgender Alliance

The impact of Exclusionary Provision? Specifically targeting the sex based exemptions in the EA2010? What other exclusionary provisions could warrant 5 speakers? And interesting that Scottish Trans Alliance are represented by someone other than James Morton. However, more interesting is that they are listed in the 1st link as Becky Kent, and then the 2nd as Becky Kaufmann.

R0wantrees Fri 03-Aug-18 16:22:23

TELI first event.

Does anyone know what the status of TELI is?

Is it a company, charity, lobbying group?

Many of the contributers have played key roles in advising policy and / or media discussions.

R0wantrees Fri 03-Aug-18 16:30:26

link to current TELI team which includes
Peter Dunne :Lecturer in Law at University of Bristol

Co-Convener for Health
Peter is a lecturer in law at the University of Bristol. His research focuses on gender, sexuality and law. His work has been cited by numerous public bodies, including the Equality Authority of Ireland, and the House of Commons Select Committee on Women and Equalities. Prior to entering academia, Peter worked as a human rights advocate in the United States of America and Europe. He is former board member for the Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI)

Blog co-written by Peter Dunne & Tara Hewitt:

littlbrowndog Fri 03-Aug-18 16:30:54

Yeah gads. This lot are all interlinked.


LeiaTheSlaya Fri 03-Aug-18 16:31:23

They describe themselves in a few ways, all very vague & not specific. No address visible on their website either.

a new initiative aiming to provide the ultimate forum for the discussion of trans rights in the United Kingdom

works to build a collective and strategic response to the widespread and entrenched discrimination and inequality experienced by members of the trans community.

TELI launched this project

So an initiative, a project, a forum, a collective. hmm

BettyDuMonde Fri 03-Aug-18 16:31:41

There is no mention of TELI on the companies house site.

BettyDuMonde Fri 03-Aug-18 16:33:01

Nor the charities commission site.

vagender Fri 03-Aug-18 16:35:30

On Facebook, they call themselves "a coalition of trans third sector organisations, human rights lawyers and diversity professionals". No mention of being a company or registered charity.

BettyDuMonde Fri 03-Aug-18 16:36:35

‘Transgender Equality Network Ireland’

StepBackNow Fri 03-Aug-18 16:39:00

Thanks for the new thread.

Still no TRAs here to defend one of their own?

Floisme Fri 03-Aug-18 16:42:46

Leia thanks - Procastinator had much the same idea too! I'm supposed to be working at the moment but very happy for someone else to start a thread. I'm sure there area couple of posters on the WEP thread who were planning to go.

R0wantrees Fri 03-Aug-18 16:43:38

TELI are listed in the Trans Youth in Care Toolkit 'Support & Resources'

" TELI Trans Equality Legal Initiative is a new initiative aiming to provide t h e u l t i m a t e f o r u m f o r t h e discussion of trans rights in the U n i t e d K i n g d o m . C o v e r i n g important legal areas such as healthcare, education, justice and international protection, the initiative will be at the forefront of trans rights, bringing together experts and activists from across the legal and LGBT spheres"

Tara Hewitt is acknowledged as providing guidance & support


OrchidInTheSun Fri 03-Aug-18 16:54:34

I posted a link on the WEP thread from Helen Saxby's twitter about the meeting she attended today. Brewer's position doesn't seem to have changed, despite the fact that Bradley has been exposed as a pervy creep

Melamin Fri 03-Aug-18 17:18:52

Jess seems to think she is a director. and TELI that she is a cofounder

LeiaTheSlaya Fri 03-Aug-18 17:22:01

Jess' own words

"I've given evidence to Parliamentary inquiries, am a guest lecturer on trans health, director of *@UKTELI* & *@act4transhealth* I am an expert

Think that spells out why the alleged behaviour & impact on transactivism is very, very relevant.

BettyDuMonde Fri 03-Aug-18 17:37:43

Screen shots of the links that Melamin has posted above, just in case us flagging them gets them deleted.

Under His Eye

AnyFucker Fri 03-Aug-18 17:40:29


HeresIdea852 Fri 03-Aug-18 17:42:53

TELI have also advised the Home Office

Melamin Fri 03-Aug-18 17:43:03

Good thinking - they seem to be brushing JB under the carpet there.

sausagebap Fri 03-Aug-18 17:49:15

I find the accusations of radfems being in league with the right wing ironic given the ubiquity in trans activism of Conservative anti-abortionist Tara Hewitt.

GenderApostate Fri 03-Aug-18 17:52:20

It’s a huge spider’s web. They’ve been working in the shadows for years - it’s about time this all saw daylight and some very public scrutiny.

Agastache Fri 03-Aug-18 17:59:06

Still no TRAs here to defend one of their own?

They are all busy this week, aren't they? Aren't they?

Waddlelikeapenguin Fri 03-Aug-18 18:17:43

Baking cakes perhaps?

These threads are amazing some investigative reporter is going to get a prize on the back of all the work that's been done here flowers

Popchyk Fri 03-Aug-18 18:22:25

Good work on that TELI thing.

I had half-thought that Bradley was making it up. But nope, TELI has confirmed it with that screenshot.

Inspirational co-founder.

Words to be remembered.

Procrastinator1 Fri 03-Aug-18 19:10:01

I've started a thread

Sarahconnor1 Fri 03-Aug-18 19:22:37

It’s a huge spider’s web

Isn't it just. Trello board we need a trello board. Also just a plea, screenshot Twitter post etc so there is a record even if there are Twitter deletions.

WhereDoWeBeginToCovetClarice Fri 03-Aug-18 19:39:21

How many of the named TELI board have penises (formerly known as male humans)? Is it possible they all do?

Theswaggyotter Fri 03-Aug-18 20:12:42

It’s frustrating that none of the other papers are picking up on this story. This is huge - government advisor on trans issues confirms what us women have been trying to say for years. Self id is a perverts charter. I really hope the Times /spectator give this story the attention it deserves

Turph Fri 03-Aug-18 20:24:54

Anyone any good with mindmapping software? Some programs allow links to be embedded, this would be ideal in building a trello board, you could show the connection and embed the hyperlink to the proof of the connection.

WhereDoWeBeginToCovetClarice Fri 03-Aug-18 20:31:01

I've been advised that would be better to use than trello

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