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Biology of sex differences - journal

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QueenBeet Tue 19-Jun-18 21:39:40

I guess this is why Twitter advertising works... This journal has popped up on my feed: and I went straight to it!

Peer reviewed and Open Access, for those of you that have an academic interest. I don’t recall hearing about it before, but the publisher is a reputable one.

UpstartCrow Tue 19-Jun-18 22:22:51

''The Society for Women’s Health Research... is the thought leader in research on biological differences in disease and is dedicated to transforming women’s health through science, advocacy, and education.''
As a result of SWHR’s work, women and minorities are now included in medical research and clinical trials; scientists are researching the ways in which health conditions and diseases affect men and women differently and why.''

We can support them by following their Twitter.

SonicVersusGynaephobia Tue 19-Jun-18 22:25:26

Followed, thanks.

Ereshkigal Thu 21-Jun-18 03:37:36

Thank you!

womanformallyknownaswoman Thu 21-Jun-18 04:03:29

Followed - thx

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