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TittyGolightly Mon 18-Jun-18 16:28:17

Just completed our staff survey.

UpstartCrow Mon 18-Jun-18 16:29:40

Assigned To Be. What a lovely turn of phrase.

soapboxqueen Mon 18-Jun-18 16:31:33

Tick all of the boxes

UpstartCrow Mon 18-Jun-18 16:34:31

Someone got paid actual money for writing that.

loveyouradvice Mon 18-Jun-18 16:38:18

I find it seriously frightening.... how can so many organisations believe this is a good way to go... believe that sex is assigned rather than just a given (in almost all cases)....

PlectrumElectrum Mon 18-Jun-18 16:51:47

I had similar - 'do you identify as male/female/other' - took the opportunity to rant but doubt it made any difference.

TittyGolightly Mon 18-Jun-18 16:51:49

I have serious rage over it.

This survey has gone to 78,000 people.

glenthebattleostrich Mon 18-Jun-18 16:53:51

I suppose at least they acknowledge that gender and sex are different. But yes, assigned at birth FFS.

CircleSquareCircleSquare Mon 18-Jun-18 17:01:35

Do they also ask questions about your sex as well as your gender? I would email to ask how they will provide sex based provisions across your company (not mentioning toilets) when they only ask about gender.

TittyGolightly Mon 18-Jun-18 17:03:11

No. This is the only question.

BeyondSceptical Mon 18-Jun-18 17:05:27

If it's equality based and they aren't even asking your sex (even under the wishy washy "gender"), then there's a problem - how can they analyse equality stats without knowing?

TittyGolightly Mon 18-Jun-18 17:19:45

Just checked the transgender policy. It’s a few years old, and refers to legal entitlement based on GRC, but the section about changing facilities, showers and toilets is angry.

Talks about the appropriate time for a trans person to use the other sex’s facilities as being the time of “the change of social gender”.

Should anyone object, separate facilities should be made available for the objectors, not the person undergoing gender reassignment.

Ihuntmonsters Mon 18-Jun-18 17:35:29

So they are only collecting information on trans status? Seems a bit odd, but I'd rather be asked that question and be able to tick 'prefer not to say' than be asked about what sex/gender I 'identify with' and have no option I can tick at all even though I would like the data collectors to record me as woman/female as I think accurate information on the sex break down (by which I mean male/female) is important in many circumstances.

TransplantsArePlants Mon 18-Jun-18 17:36:29

I would have crossed out 'assigned to be' and written 'observed to be' or just 'are'

Theinconstantgardener Mon 18-Jun-18 17:40:54

At my work we had training on equality by Equate. It was quite good. However at the end we were asked to fill out an evaluation form which asked if my gender was male or female. I wrote my SEX is female I do not have a gender. Gender is a social construct consisting of oppressive stereotypes. The HR manager sitting next to me was watching me write and asked me what I meant so I told him. Frankly Im surprised I still have a job as I work for a very woke college!

Ihuntmonsters Mon 18-Jun-18 17:52:19

But the 'assigned to be' is only part of the problem, you have to believe in gender identity in order to respond. Plus the answer logically is surely always 'no'. Sex, whether considered to be assigned or observed or anything else (so long as the dictionary definition of sex itself is being used and not some fantasy) is not the same thing as 'gender identity' whatever that actually means.

Many surveys are electronic so you can't change the wording, plus it's a bit futile in big surveys as they won't really be read, just scanned and the data entered into a system (spreadsheet, database etc) with the questions prepopulated, so your tick will be taken for as answering whatever question has been asked. It's probably better with company type surveys just not to complete either that question or the survey as a whole. Low respondent rates compromise the data quality as a whole, although as said previously that's a bit of an own goal if you think it's important that demographic data is collected.

TittyGolightly Mon 18-Jun-18 17:53:13

I’m a senior HR person.

Alas as an online firm couldn’t alter it. sad

Maryzsnewaccount Mon 18-Jun-18 17:53:23

I had to make a new account on mn this morning.

Did you all know they ask for gender? The answers are "male" "female" and "prefer not to say".

I do not have a gender so cannot choose male or female. But I'm sure as hell not choosing "prefer not to say" because I do want to "say" - I want to yell from the rooftops that it's a ridiculous fucking question.

TittyGolightly Mon 18-Jun-18 17:53:33


TittyGolightly Mon 18-Jun-18 17:53:45


R0wantrees Mon 18-Jun-18 18:07:48

Someone at a recent party was saying that they had been given the same question on a form for a club (?) that their pre-school child recently joined.

MsSensibleWay Mon 18-Jun-18 18:11:59

It's not plain English is it. I can imagine a great many people who don't particularly follow current affairs or know anything about the whole trans debate looking at that question and thinking WTF?!
I'd be more than a little cross with that question as I don't have a gender identity.

ErrolTheDragon Mon 18-Jun-18 18:15:46

* I had to make a new account on mn this morning.*
Did you all know they ask for gender? The answers are "male" "female" and "prefer not to say".

Yes, I've mentioned this a few times myself, and commented to the effect that it's ridiculous that a parenting site fgs, which absolutely depends on biology and people DTD for its very existence, is using a mealy-mouthed euphemism. I assume it's meant as a euphemism for sex; if they actually wanted to know people's gender they're 70-odd options short.

NotTerfNorCis Mon 18-Jun-18 18:21:22

After all this time I'm still confused by this.

Do trans people want to be the opposite sex or the opposite gender? (Yes I know gender is a social construct.)

MsSensibleWay Mon 18-Jun-18 18:24:53

I'm wondering though, presumably it's a question to find out whether you're transgender or not rather than a question to determine your sex?

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