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WPUK Hastings

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Agerbilatemycardigan Sun 17-Jun-18 19:39:53

Is anyone else going to the event on Wednesday?

Southfields Sun 17-Jun-18 23:49:11

I already started a thread asking this question, after the bomb threat and the bomb making equipment found there on Friday.

Hardly anybody said they were going, which is a great shame.

Maybe a few more replied since I last looked.

TheClitterati Sun 17-Jun-18 23:53:04

i am going!
I've ducked out of a lot of online discussion etc recently (it all got a bit much) but I am going to the meeting on Wednesday

Picassospaintbrush Sun 17-Jun-18 23:55:49

I have a ticket for the Equality launch in the House of Commons or I would go.

Southfields Mon 18-Jun-18 00:18:19

A woman I know who lives in Brighton is attending.

Terfulike Mon 18-Jun-18 01:38:29

They're actively seeking out the venue.

Agerbilatemycardigan Mon 18-Jun-18 05:22:35

I've been keeping an eye on a couple of the main instigators to see what's happening. I'm still going despite being really nervous.

I realise that there might be people protesting there that I know, but I won't let them bully me out of attending.

It would be lovely to see a few MNers there, but I understand why some people might be reluctant to attend. Especially locals as it's a small town.

HarryLovesDraco Mon 18-Jun-18 05:27:18

There was no bomb equipment found at the venue! The venue is secret and hasn't been released yet.
The organisers will have support from the police to keep people safe. Please don't be put off.

Agerbilatemycardigan Mon 18-Jun-18 06:31:32

The bomb equipment was at a local house.

mancheeze Mon 18-Jun-18 06:35:49

So they found the guy who made the threat AND they found the explosive equipment?

IAMcorbyndallas Mon 18-Jun-18 06:58:04


Prawnofthepatriarchy Mon 18-Jun-18 07:06:29

I would come like a shot if it were at all practical, but it's not. The fact that activists are trying to stop women talking about our rights makes me more determined, not less.

HarryLovesDraco Mon 18-Jun-18 08:06:14

So they found the guy who made the threat AND they found the explosive equipment?

We don't know and we probably won't. A threat was made on Twitter by someone whose bio says they live elsewhere but who claimed to work at the venue (I highly doubt it!) and bomb making equipment was found at a house in Hastings. We don't know whose house or whether it was connected to this threat.

Southfields Mon 18-Jun-18 10:32:37

I am tempted to go just to meet someone who calls herself Clitterati!

Southfields Mon 18-Jun-18 10:39:19


Regarding your screenshot.

Why would Ms Scott need to know the venue a month before the meeting? Nobody local needs to know more than, say, a day before, at most.

What is more, she has stated that she has no intention of attending.

Why, then, is she hell-bent on finding out the venue?

Ms Scott is LGBT rep on the local police committee. I think they should be shown these screen shots.

The second one is from an interview with a Hastings newspaper, about WPUK going to Hastings.

Kettlepotblackagain Mon 18-Jun-18 10:43:27

I've mentioned before that I think Natasha Scott is abusing her position and needs to be reported

NotAnejaculatorOrProstateOwner Mon 18-Jun-18 10:51:57


Agerbilatemycardigan Mon 18-Jun-18 11:07:15

Natasha is Trans and has contacted Eddie Izzard and asked him to attend.

Agerbilatemycardigan Mon 18-Jun-18 11:09:48

And yes, he is totally abusing his position.

HarryLovesDraco Mon 18-Jun-18 11:32:16

It's not a problem if Eddie attends apart from high media attention

Terfulike Mon 18-Jun-18 11:39:47

They obviously want to cause trouble of some kind. They don't seem very well connected though. I raised more than that sponsored walking round the playground when I was 5.

LaSqrrl Mon 18-Jun-18 11:43:46

Natasha Scott is a real peach.
Note in the screenshot, the one call to "just ignore them" was ignored?

Agerbilatemycardigan Mon 18-Jun-18 11:52:09

A friend got involved with the event last year, and her exact words were "That Natasha's right up their own arse" Put them off volunteering.

Southfields Mon 18-Jun-18 12:38:54

Things have escalated now. A friend of Natasha's has privately messaged me with screenshots of Natasha's friends making threats against the attendees :-(

This is truly shocking.

One man (not even a trans, just a bearded man in his 40s) says that if the meeting does go ahead he will end up spending "jail time" for committing "GBH". Another calls us all "heathens" and asks how we are "even allowed to be" and another says we must be "stamped out".

The Home Secretary has been informed, as have the local police.

HarryLovesDraco Mon 18-Jun-18 12:45:06

Let's hope this backfires in their misogynist faces.

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