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Mumsnet feminism.

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Truthwillwin Sat 26-May-18 20:23:47

I noticed that when I Google mumsnet feminism it no longer directs me to mumsnet feminism chat. I had to scroll down Google to get this.
Don't know if this means anything but anyone trying to find this place will be greeted with this

Truthwillwin Sat 26-May-18 20:25:18

NotTerfNorCis Sat 26-May-18 20:53:18

It comes top of the list for me, but that probably reflects the fact that I visit here a lot.

Truthwillwin Sat 26-May-18 20:55:21

OK thanks.

rosylea Sat 26-May-18 21:08:18

Yes, me too Truthwillwin. I've suddenly started getting that feminist trivia thread instead of fem chat. Don't know why, I'm doing it the same way as I have for months. Strange?

thebewilderness Sat 26-May-18 21:22:43

There may have been a google bomb effort to drive us down the page.

Truthwillwin Sat 26-May-18 22:54:45

That's what I was thinking. Also thinking that the version I was greeted with today was pre trans issues. Maybe just me being sceptical.

FermatsTheorem Sat 26-May-18 22:58:15

Still shows up first for me on both google and duck-duck-go.

ErrolTheDragon Sat 26-May-18 23:45:20

I get chat first, then a random thread, then theory and activism, another random thread, support... seems pretty much what I'd expect. Maybe it depends what else you've been looking at?

daddypigsnoexpert Sat 26-May-18 23:54:38

yeah, same. I thought feminism had been trolled, it was like every post was from 2013.

ErrolTheDragon Sun 27-May-18 00:06:36

In fact, my first link in the box under the chat topic link is this thread!

Then one from 2010 'feminism chat thread'... a nice general chat.
And then a link to one of the self-ID petition threads, followed by a thread 'transgender clash' from 2016 which from a quick look isn't one the TRAs would choose to have

Truthwillwin Sun 27-May-18 00:22:42

I think somebody is playing about with it because I got the mumsnet chat first hit back when I searched under mumsnet feminism an hour ago but just now back to it being 4th on the hit. I know this might seem petty but it is strange.

SuitedandBooted Sun 27-May-18 00:29:33

I think someone at Google is playing silly buggers!

The threads I got included the evil of Radical feminists, why do we need feminists now, and feminists insist you must not shave your legs!!

I have spent a lot of time recently on Feminist chat, ( a long time today), and can't even remember when I last looked at Activism or Theory. Yet I got;

1) Feminist Theory,
2) Feminist Theory,
3) Activism,
4) Chat, *random 2010 thread
5) Feminist support
6) AIBU; What exactly is feminism?
7) AIBU: To wonder if feminism fucked us over hmm
8) Relationships: Feminism. Thoughts? ( from 2015, see thread below - biscuit
9) AIBU: To dislike Radical Feminism 2015 (another hmm)
10) AIBU: To be annoyed at this Feminist? hmm with bloody bells on!

Relationships: Feminism. Thoughts?
tyuiobnm Sun 22-Mar-15 15:31:40
I am quite traditional. I don't really understand women who are so keen to 'be equal' to men. I understand that equal pay etc is something that needed to be addressed...but seriously, in today's world, is any of that even an issue anymore?

Without going into huge amounts of analysis, I think the very fact women are feminists, undermines women completely. I have a good job and feel happy with my life, and as a result I'm proud to be a woman...I enjoy organising the home, cooking and cleaning... and although I know it's not the same for everyone, I think generally women are much better and more in tune with these kinds of tasks.

There are also lots of reasons why women and men are, and always will be different. IMO I think people should get over it.

On a recent date - not sure how we got onto this topic - but the guy was very surprised I wasn't a feminist. I found this extremely unattractive.


AIBU: To dislike Radical Feminism
InternetPerson Fri 25-Sep-15 21:15:20
I've got nothing against feminists that fight for womens rights and genuinely want the best the best for everyone and don't hate anyone, but "RadFems" tend to be full of bitterness and hatred. And I'm not just talking about kids, these are high profile, intelligent women with power and influence. Do you think it's unreasonable to dislike something where most people think men are inherantly evil and to be feared? Or do you think their hatred is fair and we should respect them for their good work in trying to make humans hate eath other even more?

Like, I said, I have nothing against Feminism, it's done a lot of great work down the years and still does, but "Rad Fem" and "Feminism" are too completly different things in my opinion. Is this a wrong conclusion?


AIBU To be annoyed at this Feminist?
]PlayOnWurtz Tue 05-Sep-17 08:01:11
I happily call myself a feminist and will enter into discussions about it freely in real life and online. I got into one conversation about appearance and politics and how you rationalise body hair removal with feminism. I said I simply feel unclean, it's nothing to do with politics or being oppressed if I don't remove armpit and leg hair I feel like I need a wash.

Cue me being told that I clearly missed the memo on western socialization and oppression and that me removing body hair to feel clean wouldn't happen if I hadn't been socialised to feel this way hmm erm no love I feel like I need a ruddy good wash if I don't shave I'm not oppressed....

AIBU to be annoyed and more than a bit hmm

rosylea Sun 27-May-18 00:59:10

biscuit to those posts. Someone's taking the mick

LassWiADelicateAir Sun 27-May-18 15:31:24

I have spent a lot of time recently on Feminist chat, ( a long time today), and can't even remember when I last looked at Activism or Theory

No- one remembers that !

I got Chat as the first result but the rest were to defunct theory or support threads.

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