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What a day for Irish women

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WhoGetsHeard Sat 26-May-18 11:43:22

All indications for an overwhelming, resounding YES. The images of people leaving their 'I've Voted' stickers on the wall beside Savita's mural, the footage of people coming #hometovote, the vox pops on the radio of older people telling their stories of why they voted Yes. This isn't just about abortion rights. This is about the Magdalen women, the Tuam babies, the forced adoptions, the cervical cancer scandal... It's about women deserving better. An apology. A vindication. A promise for the future.

I am overwhelmed and so, so proud.


AngryAttackKittens Sat 26-May-18 11:53:28

It's looking like a landslide and a mandate for sweeping change.

Onemorning Sat 26-May-18 11:58:06

Wonderful news.

noeffingidea Sat 26-May-18 11:58:20

Well done, people of Ireland, you should feel proud of yourselves. Firstly voting for equal marriage rights, secondly voting for womens rights as human beings to have automony over their own bodies.
flowers star wine glitterball for all of you.

Ereshkigal Sat 26-May-18 11:58:36

It's a great result for Irish women, and all of us.

NauticalDisaster Sat 26-May-18 11:58:46

I am overwhelmed with emotion today. I know women will still face constraints and likely have to travel in some cases but it is such a victory.

Badgerthebodger Sat 26-May-18 12:00:25

Fantastic news I’m so pleased. Had a little cry last night reading the #hometovote tweets. Just really pleased there will be an end to the horrible journey to England which women and girls have to make in order to obtain an abortion. Brilliant brilliant news.

NoSquirrels Sat 26-May-18 12:02:36

It's the older generation voting who have made me feel like bawling. The women in their 80s and 90s. I am so happy.

I had an abortion in my early 20s. I was in the clinic with a couple of Irish girls who had travelled. I didn't know until then that it was illegal in Ireland, and I was totally shocked. I mean - perhaps I did know? But I just wasn't aware until it was right in my face, on the next bed to me. And then once I was aware I've never been able to forget it. I am really proud of all the Irish people who spoke up for women's rights.

RogerAllamsFangirl Sat 26-May-18 12:02:38

Such an important milestone for women's rights. I'm overjoyed.

NoseringGirl Sat 26-May-18 12:03:41

The home to vote footage I've seen made me very emotional. Looking like brilliant news today.

shoofly Sat 26-May-18 12:12:29

I am delighted and emotional and hope that change will come to Northern Ireland now. Please don't forget that we've had prosecutions for taking abortion pills and also for procuring abortion pills.

DarthArts Sat 26-May-18 12:27:09

Utterly thrilled for the women of Eire.

Now....Northern Ireland....

HughLauriesStubble Sat 26-May-18 12:28:25

So proud of the people of my country today! A change is coming grin

CopONNotLinkedIn Sat 26-May-18 12:30:18

I'm so blown away with gratitude for all the young people who came home to vote. Feeling a bit tearful. In such a good way.

Anyonewhoknows Sat 26-May-18 12:31:27

I am in tears about this vote. Well done to everyone who voted Yes!
I have aborted, relinquished a baby and raised 4 children on mine. But even if I had done none of that I still would not and could not make a decision what any other woman does with their body.

auntycartmanslargertesticle Sat 26-May-18 12:31:44

Good news for all women! Hurray for Irish women- a grand victory!

gendercritter Sat 26-May-18 12:32:40


Well done Ireland

NotTerfNorCis Sat 26-May-18 12:33:12

Congratulations to Ireland!

Merchfach Sat 26-May-18 12:38:21

Great news. Now just the benighted Northern Ireland to go...

DoctorTwo Sat 26-May-18 12:42:36

A fantastic day for womens' rights in Ireland. Like others, I hope Northern Ireland follows suit.

IndominusRex Sat 26-May-18 13:09:58

I squealed when I saw the poll last night, after 3 days of solid crying following #hometovote
It's just the best.

LaSqrrl Sat 26-May-18 13:14:32

Excellent result

AnnieAnoniMouser Sat 26-May-18 13:23:58

It’s very, very, good news. A long, long time overdue, but wonderful that it’s finally happened 💐

I’m proud of everyone who voted, impressed at how many ‘went home’ to vote and very proud of & touched by the men who voted, for women.

Theinconstantgardener Sat 26-May-18 13:27:53

Great news

NeverLovedElvis Sat 26-May-18 13:28:46

Fantastic news.

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