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I used to be a gender critical feminist, now I'm a TRA...

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NotMeOhNo Wed 23-May-18 00:30:52

...said no one ever.

Apart from now! I have been completely swayed by this brrrrrilliant article in Medium about how women should have no say about whether transwomen participate in women's sports. Hooray for Amanda Batty!
Highly persuasive reason 1: it's good for capitalism, it broadens markets!
Highly persuasive reason 2: science says they're women! Of course!(how did I not realise that? Must get the AFL to explain why no women with man brains ever have happened to participate in the league...)
By the way I've name changed today for no particular reason other than that I'm not in the UK and may be identifiable by my various posts over the last couple of years. I would lose my job if I was outed as a GC feminist.

JustAnotherSpartacus Wed 23-May-18 01:49:14

I am finding it more and more difficult to distinguish between satire and reality these days. This is a brilliant example of a handmaiden.

MistressDeeCee Wed 23-May-18 01:59:39

I'm scrolling on my phone...I was skimming to see when "people of color" would be mentioned. &, lo and behold..

I am sick of PoC bring mentioned re Self-ID trans etc issues. Just fuck off - privilege that's clearly never spoken to a black person, seems to think black women are a sub-set of women so you know, 'other' us as when you're talking of women well..we don't count, do we?

Only when you want 'minority points'🙄

Who is this person talking about if anyone has a problem come find me etc? They sound like a wannabe gangsta spotty teen with a strong belief in some kind of 'dont mess with me' hype. Laughable.

100% if I spoke to them how they speak to others they'd switch on the tears to get sympathy re aggressive black woman in sight

Hypocrites who dont give a shiny shit about PoC issues, specifically black women issues, need to miss us with their bullshit.

thebewilderness Wed 23-May-18 02:05:38

All people and ideas are tools in the hands of narcissists provided for them to promote their interests because they are the center of the universe.

LaSqrrl Wed 23-May-18 02:44:22

Was almost not going to view this thread, thinking it goady!
But good point. The TRAs are losing numbers to the GC, not the other way around.

I think just spending time with TRAs would do it for most. grin

NotMeOhNo Wed 23-May-18 03:01:13

Ha Lasqrrl!
Poor Amanda Batty, she's trying so hard to be supportive. But she'll use a word wrong at some point and they'll turn on her savagely, accusing her of this that and the other.
I can't wait for a TRA to come on this thread and support the capitalism argument grin

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